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Chapter 5 The Aura of the Palace

Lin Mingshu’s eyelids trembled slightly, and he couldn’t believe it: “You…what did you say?”

Fu Nanli saw Wen Qiao at the door, raised his hand, and said in a dark voice: “Come here.”

Wen Qiao walked over and sat down by the hospital bed. Fu Nanli grabbed her hand, clasped her fingers, and looked up at Lin Mingshu: “This is my girlfriend.”

Wen Qiao laughed out of Zhenggong’s posture: “Yes, I am Nan Li’s girlfriend. May I ask you who is?”

Lin Mingshu was in a mess, his face was red and white, and he revealed himself in the chaos: “That…that, in fact, I am pursuing Fu Shao, I…”

Lin Zhenliang was rounded up: “Yes, we all think that Shao Fu is a good match for our family, Ming Shu.”

Fu Nanli rubbed Wen Qiao’s soft fingers, a bit addicted, and seemed to be coated with a layer of coldness: “Without my nodding, I can claim myself as my girlfriend? So it’s a fool to think that I have amnesia, yes. ?”

The unangry and prestigious voice not only made Lin’s father and daughter panic, but also made Wen Qiao’s scalp numb and frightened.

She was forced to do nothing, she didn’t plan anything, if one day Master Fu recovers her memory, she must be clear.

“That’s not the case, Mr. Fu, you have misunderstood. My family Mingshu heard that you were in a car accident and you were seriously injured. He wanted to take care of you, but was afraid of not taking a stand, so this was a moment of confusion…”

Fu Nanli made a deep face, “Since I know that I am seriously injured, I should know that I need to rest and those who are irrelevant can go out.”

In short, it’s’you two can get out of here! ‘

Fu Nanli made an order to chase away the guests. After Lin’s father and daughter apologized, they left the hospital in embarrassment.

The rain continued unabated, and Lin Mingshu sat in the car, filled with outrage and threw the bag in his hand.

Lin Zhenliang looked suspicious: “Fu Nanli actually has a girlfriend. Who is that girl and where does it come from? Why have we never heard of it.”

Lin Mingshu was indignant: “He looks like a fox-like face. Looks like he looks like a nurse in the hospital? Fu Nanli actually fell in love with a young nurse. He left so many celebrities and aristocrats. He fell in love with a nurse who only looked are you crazy?”

“No matter how rich a man is, no matter how well-bred, he can’t escape the temptation of hue, but I’ll check the details of this little nurse first.”

Fu Nanli’s housekeeper, Uncle Li, transferred him to the VIP ward. His wound was painful. The doctor gave him a painkiller and fell asleep shortly after.

It was very windy and rainy outside. In the middle of the night, Wen Qiao lay nervously next to the hospital bed, looking at the man’s stern face, entangled in his heart, not sure whether he had taken this step right or not.

After rebirth, I don’t know why, very inexplicably, she and Fu Nanli were forcibly tied together.

This is probably the arrangement of fate.

The next day, the rain stopped. At half past six in the morning, the sky was still light, and the man in the hospital bed was not awake, so Wen Qiao slipped away quietly.

Fu Nanli had lost her memory anyway, and she only remembered her who saved him before the car accident. This place should be stable.

Reborn, she has a lot of things to do, and the trajectory of her destiny can no longer be the same as in her previous life.

When the typhoon passed, the yard was covered with camphor and sycamore leaves. Her mother cleaned the yard, put down the broom, and saw Wen Qiao: “Last night Wen Chi and Wen Mo ate the sandwiches and milk. There is something in the pot. Millet porridge and egg pancakes, I went to work in the supermarket.”

Wen Chi and Wen Mo are her twin brothers. Wen Chi has autism, and Wen Chi has recessive mania. Both of them are genetic mental illnesses. Later, Wen Chi’s mania became more and more uncontrollable. After committing a crime, the already difficult life has been made worse.

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