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Chapter 6 Seeing Son as a Stain

And their father Wen Jianmin, when he learned that his two sons were ill, immediately abandoned his wife and abandon his sons, let her mother go out of the house, took their three siblings, and left the Wen’s villa.

Never hesitate, as if life only needs to stop losses in time, without too much personal emotion.

There is always a thin line between genius and lunatic. Wen Qiao knows that her two younger brothers are geniuses. In this life, she will work hard to cultivate both Wen Chi and Wen Mo into super bosses.

Let their scumbags regret it!

Wen Qiao sent a message to Lu Youyou while eating breakfast and asked her to bring a business card of their lawyer.

Lu Youyou rushed in half an hour and threw the big and small bags on the sofa: “Jojo, these are all clothes that I don’t really wear. I’ll wear them for you.”

Wen Qiao knew that the clothes and shoes given by her rich second-generation best friend, Lu Youyou, were actually new. She was afraid that she would have a psychological burden, so she always lied that she did not wear the old clothes that were eliminated.

Lu Youyou said, “It doesn’t matter if your wolf-hearted father doesn’t recognize it, I’ll be your father, and I’ll raise your family.”

“Yoyou, thank you.” Wen Qiao hugged Lu Youyou.

“If the family doesn’t say anything, Dad is willing to dedicate everything for you.”

Lu Youyou swiped his phone, his face suddenly changed: “Xu Lu sent a circle of friends.”

Xu Lu is the daughter brought to the Wen family by her stepmother Zhong Hui. She is her unrelated elder sister. Now she lives with her mother in the Wen family villa.

Xu Lu: Thank you Uncle Wen for the grand piano[/Love].

The picture is a very expensive piano at a glance.

After a while, a message popped out below [Xu Lu: unified reply, not expensive, only 200,000].

Lu Youyou: “Oh, I really feel like I’m going to throw up, and I reply in a unified way. In the circle of friends only three minutes ago, are there so many people asking her the price? Xu Lu is really a bitch, a fighter, your dad It’s really the most scumbag I’ve ever seen. Raising someone else’s daughter is quite willing to spend money. After your parents divorced, your scumbag never spent a cent on your three brothers and sisters. It’s not cheap. It’s too cheap.”

Wen Qiao raised his eyebrows: “Where is the lawyer’s business card?”

Lu Youyou quickly took out her business card from her bag: “What do you want a lawyer’s card for?”

Wen Qiao smiled slightly: “Debt collection.”

Even though she has many ways to make money, this is what Wen Jianmin owes them, and she must get it back.

At the end of June, the hot and humid weather was taken away by a typhoon. The weather was cool and comfortable. Wen Qiao took a bus and went to the Wen family villa where she had lived for nine years.

Aunt Rong, the servant, has always treated her kindly. When she saw her coming, she opened the carved and hollow iron gate and said enthusiastically: “Miss is here.”

Wen Qiao smiled: “Is he at home?”

“Yes, your father is at home, Madam, Young Master and Miss Lu are all at home.”

Walking through the garden and along the swimming pool, I walked to the door of Wen’s villa. After opening the door, Wen Qiao stood at the entrance and saw her half-brother Wen Xuan, who was 11 years old, playing the piano.

Aunt Rong was about to speak, Wen Qiao pulled her: “It’s okay, wait until he finishes playing.”

The family of four, Wen Jianmin and Zhong Hui sitting on the sofa, Wen Xuan playing the piano, Xu Lu standing aside and pointing, it was really fun, her uninvited guest looked superfluous and abrupt.

Wen Xuan didn’t have the talent to play the piano at all, and the posture of shaking his head and shaking his head was quite full. After the last note was pressed, he raised his chin, and his face read “Pray for praise”.

Wen Jianmin took the lead in applauding, his eyes full of pride and glory: “It’s our Xuanxuan. The two children, Wenchi and Wenmo, are really the biggest stain in my life.”

Wen Qiao lowered his head and smiled, slightly mocking.

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