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Category: Chinese Intro

Chapter 1331 Give a hug

Yunjian Water Village. Because of receiving too much information at a time, Lin Yan was exhausted physically and mentally, especially the result of the paternity test, which almost subverted her […]

Chapter 1328 My Mother Is Not My Mother

Lin Yan put down the game console and sat back on the sofa. “Sister, what’s the matter with you, your expression is so serious…” Wang Jingyang stared at Lin Yan, […]

Chapter 5 Dad and Brother Are Strange (2)

“Don’t be fooled, Oscar. Her eyesight hasn’t developed fully yet. She’s not looking at you.” His confidence soared through the roof, shocking me even. I was speechless. ‘You once said […]

Chapter 4 Dad and Brother Are Strange (1)

A single cry was heard from the other side, surprised at the door suddenly opening. “Oscar.” Esteban’s low toned voice caused Oscar to turn his head and avoid eye contact. […]

Chapter 3 Born a Princess (3)

The man was so young that I found it difficult to believe that he was my father. Father? Isn’t he more like my older brother? Yes, it was proper to […]

Chapter 2 Born a Princess (2)

Our apartment was on the rooftop and the place I happened to stop at, not by choice, was at the edge of the roof. Whoosh…! My long hair swung violently […]

Chapter 1 Born a Princess (1)

A week had passed since our gas bills was shut off… and today, our electricity suffered the same fate. My toes were frozen. Gone was the feeling of warmth. The […]

Chapter 4 Reminiscence is not a thing

“Do you need a reason to kill?” “Need a reason?” “do you need?” “No need?” Wrapped in semi-dry clothes, Feng Zhiwei walked along the snowy road early in the morning […]

Chapter 1 The Death of Prologue

The night is dark, stratus clouds are flying, silver snake-like lightning, and the bright and dark gold edge of the cloud, plowing out a hundred thousand miles of deserted sky, […]

Chapter 15 It Is Too Hard to Suppress

“Brother…” Pei Nanxu pushed the door and addressed Pei Yucheng as he strode in. He was wearing a set of comfortable loungewear, and there was a warm, gentle smile on […]

Chapter 10 Help him wear a swimming cap

“So if Captain Fu wants to go around in the future, the Aviation Administration will do some checks here to determine if you are eligible for a go around.” “you […]