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Chapter 4 is marked

“I… I am not a nurse. You were in a car accident. When you rescued you, the clothes were wet. The clothes the nurse gave us. We are lovers. And… I haven’t gotten married yet, because I’m not of legal marriage age, but our relationship It’s not a husband and wife, it’s better than a husband and wife. The relationship is very deep. Your family and friends don’t know my existence. We are secretly dating.”

At the end, Wen Qiao wanted to bite her tongue. What was she talking nonsense?

Fu Nanli said, “Well, I have the impression of a car accident. It seems that you pulled me out.”

Wen Qiao’s pupils vibrated, he…he remembered?

Are you going to be slapped on the spot?

The door was suddenly opened, and Wen Qiao felt that her mood was so ups and downs that her heart was about to stop suddenly.

“Family come out.”

Wen Qiao immediately fled.

Outside the door, the doctor in charge said with a solemn face: “The patient is diagnosed with dissociative amnesia, that is, his memory of the relationship between the characters is vague, but he remembers very clearly what happened to him and all his knowledge reserves. .”

Wen Qiao slowly stroked the doctor’s words in his mind.

“In other words, he forgets people he knows, but he still remembers how to fly a plane. That’s probably it.”

Wen Qiao applauded instinctively, and said earlier, so scared that she almost stopped jumping.

Uncle Li and the doctor stared at her inexplicably, Wen Qiao supported the wall with sadness: “What happened and the knowledge reserves are still there. Isn’t this a blessing in misfortune? Isn’t it a joy?”

Uncle Li nodded: “That’s right, but, girl, who are you?”

Wen Qiao smiled: “I am Fu Nanli’s girlfriend.”

Uncle Li leaned back slightly, his eyes a little suspicious: “Why don’t I know when our young master talked about a girlfriend.”

Wen Qiao smiled calmly: “Your young master will definitely not report everything to you, sorry, I want to make a call.”

After speaking, I hurried to the stairway of the safety exit with my mobile phone, and first called my good friend Lu Youyou: “I will not go home tonight. I told my mother that I was with you. If my mother calls you, Cover for me.”

Lu Youyou’s voice almost pierced her eardrums: “Wen Qiao, what are you going to do? You just graduated from high school, and you are going to do bad things? Dad is not allowed! You are still young, you give me home!”

“Don’t do bad things, it’s too late to explain, I’m hung up and want to call my mother.”

Wen Qiao called her mother again, knowing that she was at Lu Youyou, Su Yun didn’t say much.

I hung up the phone and was about to go out when I heard someone talking outside the security exit.

“I heard that Fu Nanli has amnesia.” The middle-aged man’s voice.

“Exactly?” the young woman’s voice.

“Well, sure, when you enter the ward for a while, you will say you are his girlfriend, but he doesn’t remember it anyway.”

Wenjo 😕 ??

“Dad, can it work? If he finds out, will our family suffer?”

“I can only take the risk. If our company doesn’t attract capital, I don’t know how long it will last, it will be empty. Ming Shu, anyway, you like Fu Nanli. Isn’t it just killing two birds with one stone?”

“Okay, let’s go to the ward to see the situation first.”

As the footsteps faded away, Wen Qiao wiped away her sweat. Fortunately, she had settled Fu Nanli earlier, otherwise people with ulterior motives would really take the lead.

When she returned to the ward, the atmosphere inside was a little subtle. Fu Nanli leaned on the bedside, with an indifferent expression, and looked at the father and daughter standing side by side with a smile.

Wen Qiao only saw the father and daughter who just wanted to covet the property of the Fu family. They were dressed in glamorous clothes and looked like high-class people. The man named Ming Shu was wearing a brand-name suit with a limited edition handbag on his hand, and his makeup was exquisite. , Staring nervously at the man on the hospital bed.

“Oh? You said you are my girlfriend, but I already have a girlfriend.”

Fu Nanli’s voice was lazy, and she looked at Lin Mingshu with cool eyes.

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