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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 25

Chi Xinhe and Qiang are in the process of preparing for the company. They are indeed human, but they don’t have so much money to hire people. I didn’t expect the members of the team to resign and come to them together. Chixin and Yongzheng naturally can’t ask for it. He Mingzhu has no intention. I saw that Yongzheng was carrying a big box into the elevator, and she rushed to follow. He Mingzhu suddenly knocked on the door, letting Yongzheng out clearly, he did not dare to face He Mingzhu, he wanted to hide, and he was late to persuade him to apologize with He Mingzhu. He Mingzhu directly took Yongzheng away. Qi Ling was very surprised to see them on the cat’s eyes. They all gambled that this is a fierce battle.

Ding slightly weakened and South sough been waiting He pearl news, Ding slightly weakened and nervous, South sough analysis is nothing more than three results, HE Zhen Pearl and being a big fight broke up, they might as well regard the Cold War, the last one is to buy a positive Zhen Big diamond ring, two people on the spot and good, Nanxun also vowed to ensure that they will not exceed these three possibilities, otherwise she will change the name of Ding, did not expect that Yongzheng and He Mingzhu actually received the marriage.

Yongzheng bought the sugar gourd and gave it to He Mingzhu and the team members. He also sent a message to the circle of friends. Later, I was informed that they were happy to receive the news of their marriage. Yongzheng returned to the office and attacked him with a special welcoming ceremony. He congratulated them on their receipt of the card. He was giving the candied fruit to everyone. Lately, I vowed to make the company bigger and stronger. Everyone brainstormed and expressed their opinions and discussed the next plan together.

Nanxun and Ding Xiaorou called to congratulate He Mingzhu, and He Mingzhu urged them to find their true sons as soon as possible. On the night of the night, Ding Xiao and soft Nan Yan could not sleep, they are also seriously thinking about their feelings.

Ding Xiaorou was awakened by a nightmare. She clearly remembered that she was late to the playground to meet him. She also sent him a piece of ginkgo leaves. He asked him to marry him on the spot with a paper cup. He did not expect to be categorically rejected, and Jiang Yuan renewed his forefront. Ding Xiaorou sat in bed and dazed, knowing that everything was a dream, but still very upset, she desperately comforted her dreams are counter-productive. At this time, Yongzheng sent a message to Ding Xiaorou to meet him. He also made a appointment with Nanxun. He was pleased to ask the two of them to help. He wanted to give He Mingzhu a special wedding and let them keep it secret. He wanted to give He Mingzhu a surprise. Ding Xiaorou asked about the late letter of entrepreneurship, and he was just saying that the late letter was for Ding Xiaorou, Ding Xiaolu was dumbfounded, and Yongzheng also said that Yan Liang used photos to threaten to be late.

Ding Xiaorou went to find Liang Liang and asked him to apologize for the delay. Ding Xiao soft, but pick up the bottle to be bright. Yan Liang pushed Ding Xiaorou away, Ding Xiaorou hit the shelf, and the things on it fell down. Fortunately, the late letter came over and helped her block. Late letter with Ding Xiaorou left, Zheng Ze rushed over but only saw their back. Ding Xiaorou was accused all the way, and kept apologizing to the late letter, and lately complained that she should not go to find Liang Liang, Ding Xiaorou gambled and left without returning. Ding Xiaorou was waiting for the bus at the station. She cried and ate ice cream, and she complained.
Zheng Ze met with Nanzhao and celebrated his failure to confess. He sincerely wished Ding Xiaorou to be happy, and Nan Yan and him had a drink.

Tomorrow is the birthday of He Mingzhu. Yongzheng wants to arrange the coffee shop as a dream wedding scene. He specially bought fruit for Ding Xiaorou. I didn’t expect Nanxun to report to them suddenly. Ding Xiaorou disappeared.

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