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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 26

Zheng Ze see Ding Xiaorou disappeared, suddenly panic. In the circle of friends, Nanxun saw photos of Ding Ma’s Sun Ding Xiaorou’s dinner, only to know that Xiaorou’s return to his hometown was silent. Nanxun invited Zheng Ze to go to Xiaorou, and Zheng Ze euphemistically refused. He said that the person whom Xiaorou wants to see is not him, but he is late.

Ding Xiaorou helped her mother to work, and both the mother and the daughter were very happy to talk and laugh. Ding Xiaorou brought the red umbrella back, which is the sentimental token of Yongzheng and He Mingzhu . It turns out that Yongzheng and Mingzhu were neighbors. The two people have a good relationship. They also said that they are getting married when they grow up. Later they moved away, leaving only the red umbrella. When Yongzheng saw Pearl with this umbrella, she knew that she was the one she had to wait for. In order to open the Pearl, Yongzheng reported her a tour group around, but now Ding Xiaorou is gone, and Yongzheng is very anxious.

Zheng Ze and Nan Yan came together to persuade Chi Xin to pick up Ding Xiaorou, but he was still angry. He felt that Ding Xiaorou had a mistake. Zheng Ze wanted to compete with Chi Xin. He drove the car far away and then went straight. However, the late letter did not dodge, Zheng Ze said about the incident, they lost their way in the mountains, late letter high fever, Ding Xiaorou ran a dozen miles of mountain roads, only to find the road, she is standing in the middle of the mainland to intercept the roaring The car, in order to save the late letter, she was at risk of disregard, but she could not let her be late, but after listening to Zheng Ze’s words, she immediately drove to find Ding Xiaorou, who praised Zheng Ze’s performance.

Ding Xiaorou accompanied her mother to buy things. On the road, I saw a few aunts who danced square dance with Ms. Ding. One of the aunts wanted to introduce Ding Xiaorou to the object, saying that she did not make any achievements outside. It is better to go home and marry a good man. . Ms. Ding suddenly became angry and took out the winning works of Ding Xiaorou for them. They also said that they were not able to understand the dumplings. Ding Xiaorou quickly stopped and pulled her mother back. Ding Mama has a jade bracelet, which is intended to give her when Ding Xiaorou is married. Ding Xiaorou looked at the bracelet and worried that if she could not bring it, the mother would be very sad.

Late letter came to Ding Xiaorou, Ding Xiaorou heard that he was, and quickly hid in the room. The late letter said that he was apologizing, and Ding’s mother saw that Ding Xiaorou was very concerned about him. Ding Xiaorou said that he wants to be a dreamer in a big city. Ding Mama does not want to have a dream without a home. This family doesn’t have to be very big. It is enough to have someone who loves her very much. Ding Mama and Chi Xin talked about her heart. Ding Dad walked early, and she grew up with Xiaorou. She hopes to have a Ding Xiaorou good person, so that she can give Ding Xiaorou to him with confidence. If this person does not appear, then she would rather take care of Ding Xiaorou herself, at least she loves her. These words made Chi Xin very moved, Ding Xiaorou in the room heard tears in his face.

After the late arrival of driving back, Ding Xiaorou excitedly embraced the mother. When the mother saw that the umbrella had not been repaired, she encouraged Ding Xiaorou to repair it herself. Ding Xiaorou carefully examined the structure and malfunction of the umbrella.

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