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Shenhao Life Renewal System

Shenhao Life Renewal System (Novel)
Other Name: 神豪续命系统

Genre: novel, Science, Fiction
Author: little house
Year: 2019
Chapter: N/A
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The main story is that if someone told him three years ago that he could not only become the richest man in the world, but also be free from illness, he would not only not believe it, but would also give that person some money and introduce him to other businesses. This kind of fantasy No one would believe the words, but now Qin Bing is painful and happy. When money becomes no longer a problem, health becomes the first place. After all, although he bought it with money He is healthy, but how he spends it is sad to death.

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“Brother Bing, you will be wronged during this time!”

At the door of the hotel room, Lu Wan’er hugged Qin Bing’s neck and said apologetically.

Their current studio is similar to Hengdian, and it is also a city specially formed for filming movies. Naturally, the environment here cannot be compared with that of the city.

The hotel that Quanxi Company has set for investors is already the best hotel here. It is known as a five-star hotel, but it is not much better than the three-star hotel in the city.

“Okay, I’m not such a squeamish person!”

Qin Bing smiled and patted her little face, and said indifferently.

Not to mention three-star hotels, he often lived in small hotels when he was a salesman.

“Well, then I’m leaving!”

Lu Wan’er reluctantly said that at the beginning of the filming, her work and rest time would be completely disrupted. There was no way to accompany Qin Bing more, she felt a lot of reluctance in her heart.


Lu Wan’er left after reluctantly making out, Qin Bing couldn’t help shaking his head and exclaiming, “What a clingy fairy!”

This was the only time he had been with a girlfriend of Shen Rong, and he had never taken the last step from the beginning to the end. Of course, he didn’t understand how nostalgic women are for men.

“Let’s watch the live broadcast first!”

Huang Cheng has already begun preparations for recruiting people. He can’t decide it all at once. He can only go to various live broadcast platforms to check it out. If there is a suitable anchor, he can sign it first.

On Lychee TV, Qin Bing first downloaded the largest live broadcast platform on his mobile phone, and was also the first live broadcast platform opened in the country. It has the greatest influence in the live broadcast industry.

“Welcome to Tutu’s live broadcast room…”

“Hit her… brothers, help the baby get a little bit faster…”

“The writer’s name is regret…”

Qin Bing watched the live broadcasts one by one, a dozen minutes slower, a few minutes or even a few seconds faster.


He didn’t expect that watching the live broadcast would be so time-consuming. Before he knew it, he watched it for a long time, and his stomach was a little hungry.

“It’s a pity that most of them are internet celebrities!”

Turning off the live broadcast platform, Qin Bing shook his head and sighed while putting on his clothes.

He didn’t have much contact with the live broadcast platform before. He just heard some news about PS, some internet celebrities, and he really went to the platform today and found big eyes, pointed chins, high noses, almost all of them. A mold is carved out, it’s really meaningless to see too much.

In it, he also saw some good anchors, but these anchors either already had a little influence or already had a consortium behind him.

His task is to popularize an anchor, and he has no interest in supporting anchors who are already influential or consortiums.

“Do you really want to cultivate one again?”

Qin Bing thought hesitantly.

Re-training an anchor is not easy. From Lu Wan’er’s experience, it can be seen that starmaking is not easy. If it weren’t fortunate for Lu Wan’er to graduate from theater, it would be troublesome to find a suitable candidate.

Therefore, for Qin Bing, the best way is to find anchors who have just been engaged as anchors or who are not very popular after broadcasting for a while.

“Forget it, let’s go out and eat something first!”

Patting his head with a headache, Qin Bing decided to solve the belly problem first.

Originally, he could order food directly in the hotel, but there is nothing to eat from the food produced by this kind of hotel assembly line. For him, eating these things is better than eating street stalls.

Of course, with his current status, he will not really go to the street stalls to eat, at least find some local places with local characteristics to taste.

“Qianqian, don’t drink it!”

In a nightclub bar, two girls are sitting together, one of them pouring himself bottle after bottle.

“These people are too much, and they treat us inappropriately!”

The drinking woman said with a cry.


The woman’s friend gently patted her shoulder and said, “You have been an anchor for three months, why are you still so indifferent.”

“You know I can’t afford to play,” Mo Qianqian said angrily, “but I just can’t stand the faces of those rich men. What do you think of us, pheasant!”

“Qianqian, it’s not as unbearable as you said,” the woman shook her head and said, “People naturally want to experience the feeling of an uncle after they have spent money.”


Mo Qianqian said with a sneer, “Can you touch a girl’s chest in the public?”

“Actually, Qianqian,” the girl glanced to the side, saw no one noticed them, and continued: “You said that Hua Ge promised to keep you in the top eight each year, so why would you have to drop more than 3 million inside! “

“Three million!” She paused, “For these three million, what’s wrong with the breast? We can’t help but pass.”

“Say it!” The girl lowered her voice, “Let’s come out to be the anchor and eat youth rice. It’s better to sell than to broadcast. This is something everyone in the circle knows!”


Hearing what her friends said, Mo Qianqian was a little bit speechless. She knew that her friend was right. In the live broadcast circle, no matter how good you broadcast, no matter how many tourists there are, it is useless. The most important thing is to have The rich man eldest brother.

After all, tourists don’t have much money. A visitor may not get a hundred in the live broadcast room a month, and they are highly mobile. Who will stare at an anchor all the time.

Especially female anchors, there are a lot of younger and more beautiful female anchors influx every year. These tourists don’t look at this one and see that, who will stick to one.

Speaking of the big brothers, they will not stick to one, but even if it is not long, these big brothers use tens of thousands of brushes every day, or even hundreds of thousands of millions of brushes. This is how many tourists can brush it out.

For example, this year, Mo Qianqian and Yue’er came out to run Big Brother.

Big Brother Running is a sentence often said by the female anchors in the circle. To put it nicely is to connect with the big brother, and to put it badly, it is to send away a thousand miles.

Moqianqian University is supported by broadcasting. Now the live broadcast of the radio is very sluggish, so after graduating from university, she did not go to the radio to find a job, and finally joined the live broadcast industry directly.

In terms of appearance, Mo Qianqian is definitely a natural and beautiful girl. She doesn’t need to set up an avatar to modify her live broadcast, and she is like a star when she sits down.

And Mo Qianqian is really talented, whether it’s singing, shouting or even talk show is very good, although the live broadcast is only three months, but it has already accumulated a lot of popularity, usually in the live broadcast room There are also some big brothers who are willing to spend money.

But without exception, after adding WeChat, these big brothers directly asked how much money it would cost to support her.

Nurturing female anchors is different from nurturing other women. Female anchors often don’t need them to pay directly, but they want these big brothers to bring rhythm to the live broadcast room, increase the popularity of the live broadcast room, and cultivate iron fans for the live broadcast room.

Of course, if you want to cultivate a live broadcast room, money is not a small number. If you want to sleep a slightly decent female anchor, at least invest millions in the live broadcast room. Those high-quality female anchors are not millions or even thousands. Millions, people don’t even bother you at all.

Many people might think that it would be okay to spend millions to raise a female anchor, isn’t it possible to raise a mistress in the millions?

This is not a concept. Most female anchors will not be raised at home and wait for you like mistresses. If you spend hundreds or even tens of millions, you can only let them accompany you for a short period of time, maybe even only a few days, your money Once the brush is finished, they may not accompany you again.

This is also the reason why they don’t directly ask for money. The money invested in the live broadcast room will increase the popularity of the live broadcast room and cultivate a large number of iron fans. With these fixed fans, their income will be more secure in the future. Worried about one day being dumped by the big money.

This is also the reason why they feel superior to their mistresses. After all, once the mistresses are dumped by a large sum of money, they may directly lose their source of income. The big-handed mistresses tend to have more and more financial constraints.

Therefore, in daily life, we often see women who have been mistresses getting worse and worse.

When Mo Qianqian first became the anchor, she was also arrogant and wanted to use her own ability to build the anchor room, so she never ran away with her eldest brother.

Those elder brothers who had brushed money for him found that there was no chance in Mo Qianqian’s body. Naturally, they would not stay longer in her live broadcast room. Over time, the big brothers on the platform knew about it. In the end, there was no big brother in the live broadcast room at all.

Without the eldest brother in, every time I went out to fight, I lost. As time passed, even the tourists felt that the anchor was unwilling to watch her live broadcast. Some persistent tourists had limited financial resources and felt uncomfortable seeing her lose too much Without the ability to help, these people can’t bear to enter the live broadcast room because they feel ashamed.

In this way, Mo Qianqian’s live broadcast room is about to broadcast pornography.

In no way, Mo Qianqian bit her scalp and ran out of her eldest brother under the persuasion of her friends.

She also made a lot of determination. Although she studied art, Mo Qianqian has always been relatively clean and self-conscious. She is still a virgin. If it were not for the annual, she would never have done such a thing.

The reason why I am willing to dedicate my life to the year is that if you can get a good ranking during the year, you can increase the card surface of the live broadcast room, and after the annual exposure, it will quickly increase the number of fans.

She wants to seize the opportunity to build the live broadcast room. If the number of fans can reach a certain scale, she will get a relatively high winning rate by relying on the advantage of the number of people to match.

“Only this time!”

This is Mo Qianqian’s determination to come out this time, but she didn’t expect that the so-called big brother would directly embrace him as soon as he saw him. Angrily ran out to drink with friends here.

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