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My Girlfriend (2019) Episode 24

In the evening, Ding Xiaorou’s stomach was eating noodles at home. At this time , she received a call from Zheng Ze and prepared to meet her. Ding Xiaorou came to the date of the date and found that it was the window designed by Ding Xiaorou, and there was a letter and twenty-five gifts. It turned out that Zheng Ze carefully prepared all this to prepare for Ding Xiaorou’s confession, Xiaorou refused, let Zheng Ze die early, and also to terminate the confidentiality agreement between the two.

Nanxun learned that Ding Xiaorou refused Zheng Ze and was very surprised. Zheng Ze was humorous and handsome, and she was considerate to her. She did not know why she did not agree. However, there is no way to reconcile the feelings. Zheng Ze is no better than Ding Xiaorou. I remembered the test question and took it out and did it again. The next day Ding slightly weakened remember test questions, pick up the trash, is to look at when suddenly a gust of wind blew the test questions late letters on the windows of the house.

Ding Xiaorou quickly went to kneel and stepped on the chair to reach. Ding Xiaorou almost fell down, but fortunately, he helped her. Ding Xiaorou picked up the test questions and hurried back. In the early morning, Mao was late in the gym to meet and decided to invest in Chixin. But the late letter only wants only, so euphemistically rejects Mao’s kindness. At this time, Zheng Ze also came to the gym to admit that he had confessed to Ding Xiaorou yesterday. He was late to test whether he successfully pursued Ding Xiaorou. Zheng Ze did not tell him directly, just said that he would run with the late letter, and if he lost, he would tell him the result.

In the hospital, Nanxun was absent-minded, and she always thought about Zheng Ze. She had an accident during the operation. The director asked her to suspend her work for half a month. He Mingzhu took Yongzheng to pick the wedding ring, and Yongzheng complained in his heart. He gave all the savings to the late letter. He Mingzhu selected several rings, and Yongzheng opposed it for various reasons. He Mingzhu was not confused. Solution, he was forced to ask him, and he lied that he had forgotten to bring his bank card. He Mingzhu paid his own bill and bought his favorite wedding ring, so that Yongzheng would use his life to return. Yongzheng accompanied He Mingzhu to buy underwear, and suddenly received a phone call from Chi Xin. He was rushing back.

He Mingzhu felt that something was wrong. He came to the company to find Yongzheng, only to know that he had resigned and started his business. He Mingzhu was sad and immediately took Ding. Xiaomo Nanzhao called to cry, and felt that there was no her in her heart. Ding Xiaoshen Nan Yan advised her well and tried to say good things to her. He could not let go of it, but he wanted to find a clear question, Ding Xiaowen Nanxun desperately stopped, worried that the two of them met and quarreled, He Mingzhu had to give up.

Ding Xiaorou remembered that the last time he went to Chixin’s home, he found that his family’s layout had changed. He guessed that he was working at home. I was late to buy a treadmill back. He lost the last time he was running. He must practice well. Now there are only two people who are not enough. If you are late, you are planning to recruit people. First, please take a part-time job or an intern. Qi Ling, they were stunned in the company again. They resigned in anger and came to the late letter. They want to make some achievements with the late letter, and it doesn’t matter if there is no salary. Late letter was very moved and left them.

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