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What is the finale of Sword Snow Stride the characters in the novel

Sword Snow Stride – 雪中悍刀行 – Knife in the Snow

The TV series “Knife in the Snow” is a large-scale costume drama, the protagonist is Xu Fengnian, there are more than 30 important characters in this drama, Jianghu and martial arts in this drama are very enjoyable, each role is very brilliant. So what is the finale of the characters in the novel “A Fight in the Snow”?

1. End of Xu Fengnian

Xu Fengnian, played by Zhang Ruoyun, is the son of the prince of Northern Liang, his father Xu Xiao, and his mother Wu Su. Known all over the world for the image of dude, in fact, he hides a gully in his chest and has a good plan in his belly. Equipped with two swords, a rhubarb court was awarded by the current head of Wu, Wang Chonglou. He studied under Li Yishan, a scholar of the state, and was half a teacher and half friend with Li Chungang, one of the four great masters of the former Jianghu in Jiazi, and a senior in kendo.

After Xu Fengnian ended the Liang Mang War, he unloaded the burden of the King of Northern Liang, changed Jubei City to Luoyang City, and then indulged in the rivers and lakes. Xu Fengnian’s martial arts practice has achieved his goal, avenging his mother, but also defeating his father’s dying wish. Although Beiliang’s 300,000 iron knights died in the battle, they died for the people of the Central Plains. They died well enough. As for Xu Fengnian’s return to the rivers and lakes, and he did not want to be emperor, that should be Xu Fengnian’s best choice!

After all, he was not interested in the temple, and finally Xu Fengnian married Jiang Ni, and the two had a daughter.

2. Jiang Nai (Jiang Si) ending

Jiang Ni, played by Li Gengxi, is the former Princess Taiping of Western Chu, who entered Beiliang Prince’s Mansion at the age of twelve after the subjugation of the country. There is a “rune” dagger in the sleeve. Follow Xu Fengnian to Wudang, travel out of Beiliang, and travel around the world. Once to help Xu Fengnian “set up” Wang Xianzhi.

Xu Fengnian rescued Xu Fengnian when he fell into the dead in the battle with Tuoba Chunfalcon, and was selected for the new round of rouge leader list. Jiang Ni’s ending was the same as that of Baihuer’s face and Nangongpu shot, abandoning the hatred of the country and the family that she shouldn’t bear, and finally married Xu Fengnian, the ending of Little Mudren’s should be considered very happy.

3. Xu Xiao ending

The only remaining king of the different surname from the Liyang Dynasty-the King of Beiliang. Dominate the three northwestern states. When he was ten years old, he killed the Huns from Jinzhou in the northeast, killed more than seventy cities in the south of six kingdoms, and then suppressed the sixteen tribes in the southwest. When he fought in the West Chu, he struck a arrow in his left leg and suffered a slight crippling sequelae. He led the Dragon Cavalry, the largest snow camp in combat power, and defended the enemy’s Beimang army with 350,000.

Xu Xiao died peacefully on the bed shortly after “privately” handing over his throne to Xu Fengnian in Beiliang.

4. Chen Zhibao ending

Xiaorentu, a soldier in white clothes, formerly known as Chen Zhibao, the head of the six sons of the Northern Liang King (“Tiger”). The son of Beiliang General Chen Qiong. The prestige of Beiliang’s 300,000 iron cavalry is second only to Xu Xiao’s Xiaorentu. His spear skills are cold and cold, and he is always going to fight for battle, and he will not leave a way for the enemy to retreat. Under the tutelage of the gun fairy king embroidery, with the weapon “plum wine”, he admires Xu Weixiong.

Empress Chen Zhibao rebelled from Beiliang and dominated Xishu. The first emperor named Shu king, the Ministry of War was a book, and the founding emperor of Dafeng was reincarnated.

5. Nangong Pushe (White Fox Face) ending

In the novel, Nangong Pushe is also married to Xu Fengnian.

Nangong Pushe is the number one beauty in the world, the daughter of Xie Guanying, Xu Fengnian’s confidante, and a martial arts wizard. He met Xu Fengnian during his three-year and six-thousand-mile journey and was given the opportunity to listen to the Chao Pavilion. The master of Double Knife Embroidery Dongchunlei. The face is peerless, and the rouge list ranks it as the first in the world. Bringing Wang Sheng into Beimang, vowing to become the number one in the world. Rescued Xu Fengnian on the battlefield of Liangmang and resorted to Shiba Stop, but he no longer had the mood of resorting to Shiba Stop for the rest of his life, and finally became Xu Fengnian’s wife.

Although it is difficult to advance the sword technique in this life, he finally recovered his identity as a woman and married Xu Fengnian. This life is accompanied by Xu Fengnian, which can be regarded as a very good home.

6, Zhao Kai ending

Zhao Kai is Zhao Chun’s illegitimate son. He is ambitious, but in fact he has great ambition and talent. Master Han Diaosi, second master Yang Taisui. Possess the Five Talisman Armor of Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. He studied in Shangyin Academy and played against Xu Weixiong, 5 wins and 5 losses, and was named by Huang Sanjia as “bearing Zhao’s air luck, the world’s air luck is second only to Jiang Ni.

In the end, Zhao Kai was intercepted by Xu Fengnian in the Western Regions and then killed himself.

7, Wu Su ending

Wu Su is the princess of Beiliang, she comes from the sword tomb of the Wu family, the sword crown of the previous generation of the Wu family. Zhao Yutai is his sword maid. His father is Qi Lianhua, who has both the title of Sword Armor and Book Sage II. For Xu Xiao resolutely broke with Wu Jiajian Tomb. Buried sword Qingcheng Mountain. Xi Lei Bi, dressed in white clothes, personally sounded the battle drum, ichthyosaur drum, and the sound of the drum was like thunder, without breaking the Xichu drum, and the world was moved.

The white jade Guanyin offered to the Buddha by Wang Linquan from the old part of Beiliang Mountain is based on the appearance of the princess. Two dead men were left for Xu Fengnian, and sweet potato was one of them.

8. Li Yishan ending

Li Yishan was one of the first military divisions in Beiliang to put under Xu Xiao’s account. Born in Hanwei, he was called a yin talent by the world, and he was good at poisonous tricks. Xu Fengnian worshipped him as a teacher when he was young, and was one of Xu Fengnian’s most respected figures. Before he died, Xu Fengnian left a series of 13 strategies.

Li Yishan and Nalan Youci jointly planned a plan for the scholar to run to Beimang undercover. After his death, his ashes were scattered on the border, hoping to see Beimang being attacked by Beiliang after his death.

9. Xuanyuan Qingfeng ending

Xuanyuan Qingfeng is one of Xu Fengnian’s confidantes, the top five in the new rouge review, she is rare, she never knows what she regrets in her life, she has extreme demeanor: paranoid, crazy, ruthless, the lord of Huishan Daxueping, now away Leader of Yang Wulin. Wearing a purple dress, he went through the rivers and lakes and met Xu Fengnian during his 3,000-mile journey.

Cultivation is mixed, soft on the outside and strong on the inside, not losing to a man, and is called the Liyang Double Bi with Feng Nian. Resist the North Mang army at Jubei Pass.

She used her own life and blood to practice Han Shengxuan’s unique skills. In the Battle of Jubei City, she desperately killed Deng Mao and became famous all over the world, but she herself was also very injured. She died under Beimang’s iron hoof. She has always loved Xu Fengnian in her heart, but her personality is arrogant, as long as she likes others, she doesn’t care whether they like her or not, and Xu Fengnian also said that only Xuanyuan Qingfeng is the most like him among men and women in the world.

After this battle, Xuanyuan Qingfeng became a land god. Instead of dying on the battlefield, he retreated in Daxueping and agreed to fight Xu Fengnian for ten years.

10. Li Chungang ending

Sword armor, the first of the thirteen armors, the old sword god in Qingshan. Jiaziqian was the head of the four great masters. Fifty years ago, he fought with Wang Xianzhi. Because of regret, he did not use his sword to open the heaven. Asking for a life-long pill, he went up the mountain and Qi Xuanjian talked about the Tao, and the Taoist heart was upset, and his realm fell to Zhixuan.

Before he died, Li Chungang borrowed the sword from Deng Tai’a for thousands of miles to help him break through the land sword wonderland and draw with Tuoba Bodhisattva.

11. Wei Shuyang

Jiudoumi is the old way, Reed Dang used the mahogany sword array to break the wooden armor in the first battle.

12. Xu Zhihu ending

Long princess in Beiliang, eldest sister Xu Fengnian. Deep affection with Xu Fengnian’s sister and brother. Married to Jiangnan Lu’s family, but because of the so-called Kef, he was called a slut, and was referred to by a thousand men. When Xu Fengnian came out of Beiliang and went to the south of the Yangtze River, he had slaughtered her, and the scholars were chilling. At the age of 14, went to Wudang Mountain to enter the incense to meet Hong Xixiang. She was the reincarnation of the red dress that Lu Zu loved. Lu Zu gave up becoming a fairy and waited for the red dress for 700 years.

Hong Xixiang, who was reincarnated by Lu Zu, rode a crane down the south of the Yangtze River for her, cut off the luck of Zhao’s family, Dongyue and Xishu, and took her to travel around the world.

13, Xu Weixiong ending

The second sister of Xu Fengnian, the top of the vice critic on the rouge list, is a well-known talented woman. The nineteen hands talk about the world is unparalleled, and he was taught in the Shangyin Academy, and his swordsmanship and strategy are far superior to others. The true identity is the first dead soldier, the daughter of Ye Baikui.

Chen Zhibao admired her privately. After being severely injured in the Battle of Tiemenguan, Chen Zhibao had both legs crippled. Now he is in charge of the Qingliangshan Wutongyuan and presides over the military and political affairs of Beiliang.

14, Zhao Xun

The prince of Jing’an, a feminine city, is exactly the same as his father Zhao Heng. Feeling unruly towards stepmother Pei Nanwei.

15. Sweet potato ending

Wutongyuan big girl, formerly known as red musk. He was born with a plump body, fair and beautiful skin, coupled with innate body fragrance and elegant manners, the fragrance of the body has always been the most favored by His Highness. One of the two dead men left by the princess to Xu Shizi, the current lord of Dunhuang City in Beimang, Jinmu, one of the top ten killers. Has given birth to a daughter, Xiao Dagua (Xu Nianliang) for Xu Fengnian.

When the second Liangmang war was about to rise, Tuoba Bodhisattva led troops to break through the city of Dunhuang, and was imprisoned by the compassionate Empress Beimang.

16, Wang Xianzhi ending

A well-deserved martial arts genius, who has the qualifications to be the best in the world, but is the second in the world, just to commemorate the cherishment of talents that year, the half-armed trojan ox and the prestigious Li Chungang. Without a weapon, fight with people, only with one hand. Victory sword nine yellows, all the famous swords in the box stay in Emperor Wu; Victory Li Chungang, two fingers break the trojan bull.

The first in the Xinwu Review was that Baidi came to the world, and his soul was divided into three after he was defeated in a battle with Xu Fengnian.

17, Pei Nanwei ending

The wife of King Jing’an and the stepmother of Zhao Xun. But he was watched by Zhao Xun in secret. The famous beauties on the rouge review list this year became the victim of King Jing’an’s assassination of Xu Fengnian outside of Xiangfan, and then followed Xu Fengnian around. The two fell in love, and were placed in Jinwu Cangjiao, Rouge County, as a wife. Once asked Xu Fengnian, the number one in the world, to walk out with his waist.

In the end Xu Fengnian took her out of Xiangfan, but it should have been a very good ending for Pei Nanwei. She should also marry Xu Fengnian in the end, and the ending should be considered very happy!

18, Hong Xixiang ending

The head teacher of Wudang Mountain, the younger brother of Wang Chonglou, the youngest ancestor in the thousand-year history of Wudang Taoism, was taken up the mountain by the previous generation of Wudang head teacher at the age of five, and he became a retreat disciple. Become a brother. He likes to ride the green cow backwards. If he doesn’t become the number one in the world, he can’t go down the mountain. What he cultivates is the Supreme Way. Riding a bull and reading for twenty years, once I realized that, he stepped on the crane, and went straight to the sky.

With a single step, Zeng directly snatched Qi Xianxia from the hands of Taoist sword master Qi Xianxia.

19, shame ending

Xu Fengnian rebels by his side, is born in southern Xinjiang, has many crooked ways, and has good internal strength. With amazing palm strength, he entered Beiliang in order to obtain “Bai Di Bao Pu Jue”, and became a dead soldier after being captured. In the Jing’an Palace, Yi Rong disguised himself as Princess Jing’an and became a spy next to Zhao Xun, but he really fell in love with him.

20. Han Diao Temple ending

A giant eunuch in the inner dynasty, who has ruled over 100,000 eunuchs for more than 20 years, is known as a cat, and his reputation in the dynasty is only worse than that of Xu Xiao. Three thousand red silk was wound with his left hand. The emperor’s illegitimate son Zhao Kai’s teacher. Together with Xu Xiao and Huang Longshi, they are known as the three major demon of the world. He is called a demon because he likes to toss and kill first-ranking masters. He is good at killing celestial phenomena with Zhixuan, and Zhixuan is second, second only to Peach Flower Sword God Deng Tai’a.

Han Diao Temple was one of the main conspirators in the Beijing White Clothes case that murdered Princess Wu, and was later killed by Xu Fengnian.

21, the blue bird ending

Wutongyuan maidservant, one of the four great masters in the past, is the daughter of Qian Wang Xiu. She has a strange personality and a natural cold face. C of the four dead men trained by Xu Xiao is respectful and close to Xu Fengnian, but does not follow blindly.

Jade Bird is also one of Xu Fengnian’s confidantes.

22, Ning Emei ending

One of the four teeth of Beiliang, a military commander from the sixth rank. Holding a 75-jin bu character iron halberd. There are only a few generals in Liyang who use Euphorbia. Lead the guard Xu Fengnian of the first three phoenix battalions in the northern Liang army to travel through the rivers and lakes. The war king Mingyin was defeated but not down.

Ning Emei was finally the lieutenant of Tiefutu.

23, Chu Lushan ending

The eagle dog among the three dogs of Liuyizi is nicknamed Luqiuer. The body is bloated as a ball, holding a three-thousand elite tiger amulet from the third rank Qianniu Longwu general. Li Yishan was called “Chu Bacha” because he could form palace rhyme with eight-pointed hands. Back then, he followed his adoptive father Xu Xiao to fight in the north and south, and blocked eleven swords for his adoptive father.

Queen Xu Xiaofeng promised that he would commit eleven deaths without dying. The first civil and military man in the Northern Liang Army, the chief of Northern Liang’s spy, served as the guardian of Northern Liang, and insisted on guarding Huaiyang Pass.

24. Lao Kui at the bottom of the lake (Chu Kuang Slave)

Lao Kui at the bottom of the lake, with extremely high martial arts, has been trapped at the bottom of the lake outside the Tingchao Pavilion all the year round. There are two iron chains on the pipa bone and two big swords on the head of the chain. After holding his breath at the bottom of the lake for decades, he rescued Xu Fengnian when he was a child, and then taught Xu Fengnian the sword technique.

25. Princess Sui Zhu (Zhao Fengya)

Princess Sui Zhu. Xu Fengnian called his little sparrow and had a marriage contract with Xu Fengnian. Later, Xu Fengnian resisted marriage. Later, the emperor deliberately married Chen Zhibao, but was rescued from Chang’an by Xu Fengnian, and the court died fraudulently.

26, Wen Hua ending

Xu Fengnian’s life and death brother. Hanwei Ranger, mentioning a wooden sword, meets Xu Fengnian on his 3,000-mile journey. Valued by Huang Sanjia, he teaches the two swords of the weird Sui Xiegu. Draw with Tangxi sword fairy Lu Baijie and become famous in one fell swoop. Huang Sanjia threatened him to kill Xu Fengnian with his beloved woman Li Baishi and the kindness of Jiaojian.

After Wen Hua knew Xu Fengnian’s true identity, he broke one arm and one leg, abandoning his beloved woman and the sword that is expected to become a land god, and fold the sword out of the arena.

27, Chen Xiliang ending

Originally a scholar from Jiangnan, he was called Confucianism and Taoism on the surface by Cao Changqing, but he was actually domineering by the Legalists. Xu Fengnian brought back to Beiliang with wisdom eyes and pearls. Li Yishan spoke highly of him, and he was good at strategizing behind the scenes.

After Chen Xiliang became the longest-serving manager of Beiliang Road.

28. Yu Youwei (Yu Xuanji)

Also known as Yu Xuanji, after failing to assassinate his son Xu Fengnian, he gradually fell in love with him and finally returned to Beiliang.

29. Yellow array map (old yellow, sword nine yellow)

The horseman of the Northern Liang Palace, the old servant who lacks front teeth and carries the sword box. He was born as a blacksmith and traveled three years and six thousand miles with Xu Fengnian. It is called Sword Nine Yellow because of the creation of the nine styles of swordsmanship from Sword One to Sword Nine. In his early years, he cherishly defeated Wang Xianzhi and Chu Kuang slave. Leaving the Nine Swords Swordsmanuscript as a gift to Xu Fengnian, he named Sword Nine Six Thousand Miles to commemorate the three-year travel.

Huang Zhentu went to Wudi City to challenge Wang Xianzhi, defeated and died, and all the famous swords in the box remained in Wudi City. He was one of the people who had the greatest influence on Xu Fengnian.

30, Zhao Heng ending

King Jing’an, the six kings of Liyang, sits in the ghost city of Xiangfan and has both civil and military skills. When the first emperor violently killed him, he was the most vigorous, and the queen mother respected this filial son the most. After failing to seize the concubine, he was given the title of King Jingan. His wife Pei Nanwei and his son Zhao Xun. Assassinated Xu Fengnian outside the city of Xiangfan, but failed to transfer half of the Trojan Horse Niu and a peerless book of swords.

In order for his son to inherit the throne, Zhao Xun chose to commit suicide when he was in the capital. The emperor gave Zhao Xun hereditary replacement under the grief.

31, Lu Qiantang ending

A swordsman in the Southern Tang Dynasty, carrying a Chixia epee on his back, practiced swords on the banks of the Guangling River for several years after the country’s death, and became a second-tier epee. In order to steal “Wollongong Sword Control”, he ventured into the Tingchao Pavilion of the Northern Liang Palace, but Xu Xiao spared his life for blocking the four swords of the Sword Nine Yellows. Before Xu Fengnian left Beiliang, Lu Qiantang, Shu Xiu, and Yang Qingfeng were each rewarded with a favorite secret book, and they were asked to protect Xu Fengnian to their deaths and became Xu Fengnian’s obedience.

Lu Qiantang dies against Zhao Kai’s Fu general, Hong Jia.

32. Hehe girl (Jia Jiajia) ending

One of Xu Fengnian’s confidantes, a distant relative of the owner of Beiliang Sauce Beef Shop. The female killer riding a panda and carrying a sunflower, coming and going like wind, once assassinated Xu Fengnian. When she sold her body to bury her mother in her childhood, she was bullied by passers-by and was rescued by Xu Fengnian as a jade hairpin. Later she met Huang Longshi and was taken as a righteous daughter. A hand knife killed Wang Mingyin, and then intercepted Wang Xianzhi to go to Liang and was dying due to unwillingness to give in. Xu Fengnian was able to survive for ten years as a tall tree, and rescued Xuanyuan Qingfeng at Jubei Pass, as well as the corpses of seven masters.

33, Xu Longxiang ending

Xu Fengnian’s younger brother was born in the Vajra Realm, and his roots are extremely undeveloped. When the celestial master Zhao Xituan came to Beiliang, he accepted him as a disciple, and brought him back to Longhu Mountain to teach the Spring and Autumn Dreams. After subduing the black tiger under the seat of Qi Xuan frame, he came out of Longhu Mountain, wearing a newly-forged rune armor.

Xu Longxiang became the leader of the Longxiang Army in the First Battle of Beimang, winning the hearts of the army, and now the commanding army guards Liuzhou. The sword god Li Chungang once commented that he “may become the second Wang Xianzhi.”

34, Zhao Xuansu ending

Zhao Xuansu and Zhao Huangchao bet that whoever soars first will lose a seal. Incarnate as a child, intending to kill Xu Fengnian and blame Wang Xianzhi in Wudi City, but was killed by Deng Tai’a. Before he died, he stole a secret opportunity and transferred the tragedy of Dragon and Tiger Mountain to Xu Fengnian, but was led away by the girl Hehe.

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