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Day: November 9, 2019

The Galloped Era Episode 10

Although the report won a round of applause, Chang Hanqing did not throw away the “foreign sticks” that the era rejected in his own opinion, but instead advocated the use […]

The Galloped Era Episode 9

Feng Shigao made a small report to Director Li. He said that Chang Hanqing had a problem and refused to implement the second phase of the Pentium experiment. The director […]

The Galloped Era Episode 8

Bai Manning heard Wu Changchang let Jin Xuan and Chang Hanqing go to apologize to her. Wu said that Bai Manning had not talked about love for several years. Now […]

The Galloped Era Episode 7

Feng Shigao called Jin Jinshui to the office and asked her to pay close attention to Chang Hanqing . Don’t always help him to do things, otherwise there would be […]

No Secrets Episode 30

On the Internet, netizens accused Gu Yankang of doing things, because Gu Yankang’s poor pool led to the entire office being compromised. Ren Jun threatened Gu Yankang to handle the […]

No Secrets Episode 29

Zhang Xiaoyang met Gu Yankang at the victimized place, Gu Yankang did not change his face, and directly sneered at Zhang Xiaoyang. For Gu Yankang, life is worthless, as long […]

No Secrets Episode 28

Jiang Xia came to the countrysidewith Lin Xingran to visit Chen Deshan. He was grateful to the other side for theirhelpin thedifficult situationin Jiangxia , and they came to the […]

No Secrets Episode 27

Zhang Xiaoyang took the initiative to findthe case file of Li Junwei who was killed in the deadten years ago. He simulated the scene at the court and was extremely […]

No Secrets Episode 26

Lin Xingran used Zhang Xiaoyang to help Li Junwei’s defense strategy exactly the same. At the beginning, Lin Xing could not understand Zhang Xiaoyang’s method, but now he feels the […]

No Secrets Episode 25

After Jiang Xia’s amnesia,he was uncertainabout Lin Xingran ’s identity. I don’t know how to describe it, I can only claim that they know each other. Jiang Xia thinks that […]

Lu Shao’s warm wedding new wife (Manga)

Lu Shao’s warm wedding new wifeOther Name: 陆少的暖婚新妻 Genres: love, romanceAuthors: Qian painted animationChapter: 100+Year: 20XXRelated Show: Summary:The cartoon of “Lu Shao’s Warm Wedding and New Wife” has been serially […]

Blossom in Heart Episode 28 Recap

After the trade fair began, the major rouge merchants and socialites came to watch. Lang Yueming introduced the goose powder to foreign friends. However, they knew that the goose powder […]

Blossom in Heart Episode 27 Recap

Yuet Hin for packaging rouge come Yuet-ming , told him rouge rouge packaging and quality as important, it will affect the quality of Lang in the spring, there have been […]

Blossom in Heart Episode 26 Recap

Mrs. Zhai saw Long Mozhen come over and was ready to tell her about her pregnancy. She was stopped by Long Deshui. Mo Zhen thought that he was going to […]

Blossom in Heart Episode 25 Recap

Shi Jizhou found Arvin. He had a good temper and asked him about his relationship with Long Mozhen . Awen felt that Mo Zhen was a swan and couldn’t climb […]

Blossom in Heart Episode 24 Recap

Long Mozhen helped Lang Yueming pursue Gu Haiyu Lang Yueming invited Gu Haizhen to do flower fairy Haicang returned to the house with his luggage and told Gu Xia that […]