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Month: October 2019

All I Want for Love is You Episode 12

Chi Yao La and Zhan Yue spit each other. Sun Anning confessed to the left bank and refused Shen Chenyang came to the school hospital to visit Gu Xiaoman, told […]

All I Want for Love is You Episode 11

Shen Chenyang returned to school with Gu Xiaoman. Gu Xiaoman and the coach gambled on the military posture. Shen Chenyang came to his place with Gu Xiaoman. Gu Xiaoman saw […]

The Love by Hypnotic Episode 25 Plot

Li Qian’s misunderstanding of Li Ming’s heart Li Xun told the emperor that the Qingzhou disaster had been robbed. The emperor was very angry and was looking for Li Qian […]

The Love by Hypnotic Episode 23 Plot

Li Qian blames her mother for her death. Mingyue was killed in the course of raising grain. Li Qian and Li Mingyue went to the palace to find the father-in-law […]

The Love by Hypnotic Episode 22 Plot

In Li Mingyue’s hypnosis, Li Qian recalled that when he was eight or nine years old, he was frustrated at Chongwenguan. When he returned home, his mother gave him a […]

Awakening of Insects Episode 16 Recap

Chen Shan threatens Fei Zhengpeng’s life. Chen Shan Zhang is a superficial couple. When Chen Shan and Zhu Shilong just escaped from the water tank, they pretended to be soldiers […]

Awakening of Insects Episode 15 Recap

Yu Xiaoyue designed Zhou Haichao Zhou Haichao’s crime was revealed Fei Zhengpeng painstakingly persuaded Guan Yongshan to let go of a small night, and he had no choice but to […]

Awakening of Insects Episode 14 Recap

Late at night, Jiang Yuanbao’s family was preparing to leave the country. At this time, Zhou Haichao was sneaking in with a gun. On the other hand, Zhang was particularly […]

Awakening of Insects Episode 13 Recap

Jiang Yuanbao pointed out that Chen Shan is not Xiao Zhengguo. Chen Shan accidentally discovered that Zhou Haichao slammed Xiao Zhengguo. Chen Shan heard that Zhu Shilong came to the […]

Awakening of Insects Episode 12 Recap

In the evening, Zhou Haichao’s men, Huang Bin, came to arrest Chen Shan, and Chen Shan waited for an opportunity to threaten Huang Bin’s safety. Then Chen Shan informed Fei […]

Awakening of Insects Episode 11 Recap

Guan Yongshan decided to take the drug to the contact of Yu Xiaoyue and Zhang Li, and Fei Zhengpeng raised questions and suspected that the cherry blossoms had the next […]

Awakening of Insects Episode 10 Recap

In the New Year, Araki only brought Chen Shan to the lake. Because Chen Shan was behind the ghosts, he would no longer let their brothers and sisters meet. Chen […]

Awakening of Insects Episode 9 Recap

In the interrogation room, Chen Shan put a powerful nerve anesthetic on the whip of execution, but only for a period of time, I hope Zhang can help. Zhang Li […]

Awakening of Insects Episode 8 Recap

Chen Shan and Araki only met, and Araki only talked about Zhou Haichao being squeezed into the CCP. Chen Shan realized that he was not the only Japanese spy in […]

Awakening of Insects Episode 7 Recap

Zhang Li and his witness Xiaofeng arrived in time. Xiaofeng said that Li Bojun saw that she was bullied at night and bought all the flowers, but did not directly […]