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Day: November 2, 2019

Park Solomon (Actor)

Park Solomon (Actor)Other Name: 박솔로몬 / 朴所罗门 / Bak Sol Lo Mon / Pu Suo Luo Men / Park Solomon (Bak Sol Lo Mon) Nationality: South KoreanGender: MaleBorn: November 11, […]

Lookism Episode 38 End

Chris told Tao Qiao that she had come here to make her a wish. It’s a wish to get fat and handsome. Fat Wenshuai has always regretted that she didn’t […]

Lookism Episode 37 Recap

Chris escapes from the magic cave Tao Qiao knows the truth Chen Hubin was sanctioned by the law because of Wen Shuai, and the acting career was completely ruined. He […]

Lookism Episode 36

Mark has doubts about Chris’s transformation. Wen Wenshuai thinks that President Lu has another plan. President Lu is now Chris. After he woke up, he came to the studio on […]

Lookism Episode 35

After returning to Chris and saying goodbye to her grandmother , Fat Wenshuai went outside the ward and bid farewell to Li Zhencheng, Vasco and Gu Qiguang . Fat Wenshuai […]

Lookism Episode 34

On the way, Chris ran on the motorcycle with a fat man, and the car went on for a long time, finally came to the fat grandfather’s grandmother’s house to […]

Lookism Episode 33

Chris sees the buyer fat Wenshuai desperately rescue Chris When Chris wakes up, he sees himself tied up on the diagnostic table and asks what the stranger in front of […]

Lookism Episode 32

Chris finds the nurse, Mary, because of abnormal surgery Chris remembers that he used to live in a nearby welfare home. His real name is actually Li Minhao. Chris went […]

Lookism Episode 31

Tuowu Shuai tells his friend Chris to find the bakery in the photo Li Zhencheng and Vasco asked Fat Wenshuai what happened. Fat Wenshuai explained to them that they have […]

Lookism Episode 30

Tao Qiao and Tuo Wenshuai ‘s emotions heated up sharply. Tao Qiao wanted to make a few sets of clothes for Tuowu Shuai, so the next morning, she came to […]

Lookism Episode 29

Tuowu Shuai introduced Tao Qiao to make makeup artist Tao Qiao asked Wen Shuai why her attitude towards her is cold and hot Two people each to sign a lease […]

Lookism Episode 28

Chris found his passport Tuo Wenshuai and Chris signed the lease agreement The car quickly came to the studio. Chris found a passport from his backpack. His passport was attached […]

Lookism Episode 27

Chen Hubin came to the studio early. He liked Jiang’s director. He thought that Tuowu Shuai would not come. He could easily replace Tuowen Shuai. I didn’t expect Tuowen Shuai […]

Lookism Episode 26

Since Gu Qiguang was confined and confined, he has never seen Tuowen Shuai . He worried that he called the coach, and the fat handsome told him that something was […]

Lookism Episode 25

Fat Wenshuai came to Grandma’s bed and said goodbye to the sleeping grandmother’s tears. The next day, Fat Wenshuai called Peng Hu, saying that he was fed up with Tuowu […]

Lookism Episode 24

Tuowian Shuai went to the barwith Gu Qiguang , and Gu Qiguang entered the box with the identity of VIP. Tuowue Shuai saw that Tao Qiao was pressed by Peng […]