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Day: November 5, 2019

The Magic Princess is Untamable Chapter 5

Ye Xiangyun secretly paid attention to Ye Chuyun while acting coquettishly, as if waiting for Ye Chuyun to lose his temper. Although the original owner is naive and stupid, she […]

The Magic Princess is Untamable

The Magic Princess is Untamable (Novel)Other Name: 废柴大小姐:魔妃难驯 Genre: novel, fantasy Author: Jiu QianjinYear: 2019Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:Ye Chuyun Mo Li, she is the witch of the fairyland repair fairyland, […]

Evil King of the Mad Doctor Chapter 5

I don’t know if it ’s because of too much psychological stimulation or physical cooling. The boy ’s reddish skin gradually returned to the white color, and his body temperature […]

Evil King of the Mad Doctor Chapter 4

Ye Qingyu’s head felt very heavy, and there seemed to be something wandering on her skin, and her body gradually became hot. This feeling of being manipulated is very bad. […]

Evil King of the Mad Doctor Chapter 3

Ye Qingyu coughed lightly, and didn’t open her eyes and glanced at the little fox hurrying around her feet, and sighed, “It really came for help.” So, save or not? […]

Evil King of the Mad Doctor Chapter 2

Ye Qingyu woke up in a violent cough. I wonder if it was because of the choking water. She recovered consciousness very quickly this time. She woke up after a […]

Evil King of the Mad Doctor Chapter 1

In the evening of twilight, the sky was originally covered with a thin and gorgeous red glow, but because of a mysterious aura suddenly fell like a thunder, causing a […]

Evil King of the Mad Doctor

Evil King of the Mad Doctor (Novel)Other Name: 神医狂妃之邪王撩上身 Genre: novel, fantasy Author: Mu XiaobeiYear: 2019Chapter: 20+Related story: Summary:Ye Qingyu Ye Shaochen, she was a king of a special agent, […]

Pure Bird Husband is not Reliable

Pure bird husband is not reliable (Novel)Other Name: 纯禽老公不靠谱 Genre: novelAuthor: embarrassed embarrassed demonYear: 2019Chapter: 244Related story: Summary:Provide the latest chapters of pure bird husband unreliable. Pure bird husband unreliable […]