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Flavour It’s Yours 看见味道的你 (2019)

Flavour It’s Yours (2019)
Other Title: 看见味道的你 / 看见味道的你 / Kan Jian Wei Dao De Ni / Instead of Tipsy Why Not Get Drunk / Yu Qi Qei Xun He Bu Zui / 与其微醺何不醉

Genres: Food, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
China Mainland
Lin Yi (林毅)
Release Date:
Nov 7, 2019 – Apr 16, 2020
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  • Song Yi Ren as He Buzui
  • Gong Jun as Lu Weixun
  • Dai Chao as Yi Beidao
  • Zhang Wan Qing as Mia
  • Yang Ze
  • Jin Yu Bo
  • Jin Jia

An accidental kiss sparks an unexpected romance when a wine critic with perfect taste and a girl with no sense of taste find that their senses have switched. Lu Wei Xun is a genius wine critic who is cold and unapproachable. In his field, he is regarded as a tyrant because of his strict expectations and well-respected for having the perfect sense of taste. For some reason, Lu Wei Xun crosses paths with the upbeat He Bu Zui, a young woman who lost her sense of taste since she was young.
What kind of chemical reaction will take place with the meeting of two polar opposites? Source:

The story of your story telling the story of the “absolute taste” of the wine critics genius Lu Wei (Gong Jun ornaments) and the girl who lost her taste from childhood, why not drunk (Song Yiren) because of an accidental kiss exchanged taste Touched a wonderful love. What kind of wonderful chemical reaction will this ice and fire encounter?

Episode Lists:Flavour It’s Yours Episode 1

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