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Flavour It’s Yours Episode 6

Xia Fan found that someone deliberately targeted Lu Wei, why not drunk with the Lu Wei gradually gradually out of the haze. Why not drunk to see Lu Weizhi look weak and constantly encourage him, although Lu Weizhi constantly rushed her away, but she knew that Lu Wei sought her and resolutely refused to leave.

Mu Chunfeng called Lu Wei’s father to ask about the last mixed wine at the time, but Lu’s father said that he did not do anything. Lu Wei’s loss was his own strength, according to the contract rose wine. Zhuangdu transferred to Mu Chunfeng management. This winery was managed by her mother when she was looking for a child. This was a big blow to Lu Wei. But at this time, Mu Chunfeng is like his name, and the spring breeze is proud. Mia came out from the bar and met her brother who gave her money outside the door. After Mia gave the money, his brother wanted to grab her card. The Yibei knife who saw the matterwent to teach her brother and sent her behind her. Safe to get home.

Why don’t he be so drunk that Lu Wei’s drunk driving is dangerous? He personally drove with Lu Wei to come to his mother’s tombstone to worship. In order to be the pride of his mother, he worked very hard since he was a child. He felt that he lost this time and he did not Then the mother’s pride, so it became a loss. On the way back, why didn’t I get drunk and said that I had lost my mother since I was a child. I don’t remember my mother’s appearance. Both of them were suffering from the same illness. This gave Lu Wei a small comfort.

Hao used the covenant not to get drunk, saying that he found some embarrassment, and some people would be unfavorable to her and Lu Wei. Why didn’t he get drunk and came to the appointed place to see Xi Fan, the number one fan of Lu Weixun? He counted all the media and reports from the media. It is obvious that some people deliberately want to push Lu Weizhi to the cusp. Why not drunk decided to bring Xia Fan and Hao with the back to the land to find the home, Lu Wei looked after the data was not surprised, all because of their own conceit and lost the game, and the two out.

Mia came to the bar of Yi Beidao. Yi Beidao changed her wine into a non-alcoholic beverage after a few drinks, and sent her back home at night. The relationship between the two became a little subtle. Why don’t you want to let Lu Wei find to continue drinking at home, take him out for mountain camping, why not drunk when he fell into the tank in the winery when he was a child, and lost his taste after coming out, this trip made Lu Wei search a great deal Moved, the mood is getting better. When I came back to my home, Lu Wei was looking for a beef stew that was not drunk. I remembered that my father had let him drink the wine in his beef. He couldn’t answer it because his father was not suitable for a taster because his taste was only Sensitive to a single variety of wine, but as soon as the mixed wine becomes the same as ordinary people, the last round of the original game was deliberately designed by his father for his weaknesses, but he has not been for many years. Break through this bottleneck.

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