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Flavour It’s Yours Episode 8

Why not drunk in order not to waste good wine and almost drunk, Lu Wei sought to teach her to see the taste of the wine from the color of the wine, how much to drink the wine’s origin and winemaking climate, the atmosphere of the two was very embarrassing, land Micro-seeking feels so drunk, very cute and laughs. Mia ‘s younger brother took people to the Yibei knife bar to make trouble, and was beaten by Yi Beidao. When Mia arrived, she advised Yi Beidao to let her brother go. Mia was very reluctant to mention this younger brother.

The knife is very gentle and does not force her. After training, why didn’t I get drunk, the results were very good. Lu Wei looked and smiled at her. She was tired and tired. She even took the initiative to let her take a day off. Why didn’t she get drunk and go upstairs halfway and smiled and said to Lu Wei to feel that he had been with him for a long time. When he found out that he was very good at speaking, Lu Wei’s face was so strange that she would not laugh so much later, and she said it was ugly.

In the evening, I was not drunk and received a call from Yi Beidao. She was going to meet tomorrow. Why didn’t she think that Lu Weixu didn’t like her to meet the seniors, but she thought that the seniors had something to give her, and she comforted herself to say that she was so wrong with her friends. The next morning, why not drunk and pack up to see Yi Beidao, Yi Beidao took her to the amusement park to celebrate the birthday, why not drunk and moved the schoolmaster to remember her birthday. Lu Wei looked for Hao to help buy a gift for why not drunk, Lu Wei looking for why not drunk out the door and secretly preparing for her birthday, Hao bought a pile of decorative items and Lu Weizhi to decorate the house, at this time Yi Beidao and why not drunk in the amusement park to have fun, the two played in the evening sitting on the ladder to see the night scene, Yi Beidao said that he was always drunk and said that she always knew her heart.

Lu Wei-chao is very careful about why he is not drunk to make a birthday meal. When he goes to take the cake, he brings the bag that is not drunk on the table to the ground, and the bottle of ebony placed on the bag falls to the ground. Broken, Hao used to see that he has been finished. Yi Beidao took out a gift and said that she had prepared a gift for her seven years ago. She was very sad when she was drunk with a gift. She liked the schoolmaster for so many years, and he obviously knew that he liked him. I don’t know if I’m pretending, why don’t I think about it for a while, I’m talking about Yi Beidao’s trading with Lu Weizhi, Lu Wei’s help to help her to pay the loan, but to keep the taste for him, but must pass the kiss when necessary. Returning the taste to her, so I can’t accept the thought of Yi Beidao. After listening to Yi Beidao, I don’t believe the story of this miracle. Let me not be so drunk and consider being his girlfriend.

When I was not drunk, I was absent-minded. The door that I opened didn’t notice the birthday decoration of the room. Lu Wei-shun because she was late to lose her temper, seeing why she was not drunk, and the surprise response did not ask her why she came back late, why not get drunk I quickly apologized and expressed my gratitude. When I went to the kitchen to wash my hands, I found the ebony bottle that was shattered in the trash. Why didn’t I get drunk and took the trash can and asked Lu Wei to find out what happened? Lu Wei’s attitude was cold and irritated. I regret that he knows that he will pick up his clothes and leave.

Yi Beidao returned to the bar and couldn’t figure out why he would refuse to be his girlfriend. He obviously likes Yi Beidao in his school days. Why don’t you get drunk and go home in the alley to meet Wan Hao, Wan Hao came to accompany his father to drink, why not drunk to think that his father stopped drinking, why not drunk when he got a strange disease, in order to cure the disease, Dad sold the winery from now on Drinking again, why not drunk is very happy and pleased that Uncle Wan can come and accompany her father to drink from time to time.

Lu Wei couldn’t sleep for a night and climbed up to stick the broken bottle back. When Hao came over in the morning, he looked at Lu Wei and didn’t sleep for a night. He encouraged him to go after chasing him. Lu Wei looked for him yesterday. Bei Kn and He did not get drunk together in the amusement park to play photos, Hao used to think that Yi Beidao is a man with a bad heart, let Lu Weiran want to get back to drunk, Lu Weiran said that he only cares about his taste, was used repeatedly by Hao Stimulating Lu Wei can’t sit still, and went straight to the bar of Yi Beidao to find out why he was not drunk. He even saw a picture of the investigation of the surrounding people in the room of Yi Beidao.

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