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Flavour It’s Yours 看见味道的你 Episode 1 Recap

Lu Wei Xun is a professional wine critics in China. It is well-known for its strict pricing and strict pricing. Unfortunately, the shortcomings of the United States are temper tantrums and cleanliness, which makes it difficult to get close. Why not drunk is a girl with a superb weight and a strange personality. This time she went to the wine market to participate in the drinking competition, and as always, won the prize, but when she went out, she was asked to go to a debt by De Ge, who warned her to pay off the money before the 10th of next month. Otherwise, Her days with her old lady will be over. Why don’t he give him the money when he is drunk and weak, but fortunately she has a part of her pocket in her pocket to be able to survive this month.

Why not drunk is very headache for her loss of taste. She has a person in her heart, that is his senior, but unfortunately he did not know where he went. Fortunately, there are the bottles that the seniors sent her, she has been carrying with her. In the evening, why not continue to win the prize in the wine market, ready to rush to the next party. On the way to go, Lu Wei’s car passed by on the road, the bottle was hung on his rear mirror, why not drunk in order to recover his bottle, in a hurry to use his mobile phone to ruin his After the car mirror, Lu Wei looked very angry.

Lu Wei sought to park the car aside, why not drunk to compensate himself, why not drunk from his hand to grab his own bottle, just as he was proud to go, a large truck headed open, seeing it will hit her, Lu Wei Immediately grabbed her, and the two of them vacated and kissed together, and fell to the ground together in the next second. Lu Weixu was very disgusted. He drove away from the drunkenness and ran to the car to take a sip of water. Why didn’t he get drunk and grabbed the water in his hand and slammed his mouth, and he accidentally spit on him. Lu Weixu felt that she was unreasonable, why not be drunk and a little sorry, and dropped a few hundred pieces to rush.

Lu Wei-chao came to the magic dinner, the fans around the scene were leaking, and Yi Beidao was also his super fan, holding a mobile phone to live on the scene for fans. And the other side is not drunk and also participate in drinking competitions. Lu Weixu was invited by the magic host to let him go, so that he could find out the three wines from the many wines in 60 seconds. Then the host described the characteristics of the three wines to the audience. The lower eye mask began to look. The other model jumped into the closed tank, and Lu Wei searched for the correct answer within 60 seconds, and she was saved.

Lu Weiwei strangely found that he had no taste, could not taste any taste, he wondered, searching for a variety of alcohol knowledge in his mind, seeing the time is coming, the female model began to struggle in the water, everyone nervously hold After breathing, finally the last second, Lu Wei found the answer, rescued the female model, and cheered at the scene.
After the reception was dispersed, Lu Wei rushed to the background to taste wine. He found that he had lost his taste and it was very painful to sit on the ground. And why not drunk here also lost three games, the first time she found the taste, she began to eat the sea, ordered a large table of food, stand up and eat, she is afraid of tomorrow Will lose the taste, and his good brother Yi Beidao heard her taste, and happy to accompany her to eat.

Lu Weixu could not deliver the manuscript because of the loss of taste. Mia was urged by the editor, but she could not contact Lu Wei. Lu Wei sought to eat a variety of heavy foods at home, but still can not taste any taste, and why not drunk here have a precise view of the food, all kinds of Hu eat sea drink. So they all went to the doctors. As a result, the two met in the hospital. Lu Wei found that he was not drunk and consulted the doctor about the taste problem. She pulled her out and took out the water she imported to taste the taste. Speaking of the percentage of water, Lu Wei was surprised.

Lu Weixu wants to be drunk and give it to himself. This is the most important thing in his life. Why don’t he think that he is talking about the first kiss, saying that he is also the first kiss and wants to escape, and then he wants to escape, Lu Wei finds that day is two After the person kissed, he changed his taste, so he didn’t get drunk and kissed him.

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