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Flavour It’s Yours Episode 5

Mia saw the Yibei knife in the bar again. She discovered that the Yibei knife was a bartender and the technique of bartending was very good. The two met each other. She returned to the magazine, and the man who gave her gave her a manuscript with only a partial search for her. She asked for another article about Lu Wei’s defeat. She knew that Mu Chunfeng did not So simple. Lu Wei looked at his family’s heart at night and thought of his father who hated him, but his own taste talent was also given by his father, so he frowned.

The next day, Lu Wei and He did not get drunk as scheduled to come to the scene. Mu Chunfeng also had a phone conversation with Lu’s father before entering the scene. Lu’s father hoped that Mu Chunfeng could defeat him this time. Why not drunk in the scene of the game met her father’s old friend Wan Zong, the original Wan is the owner of the hotel, the two chilled a few words and left. The two kissed and exchanged the taste again. Since the exchange of taste was time-sensitive, Lu Weixu could only do it at the beginning of the game. The rules of the game are that the two people taste a variety of wines and then write the year of origin, who wins first and the winner is won.

After the start of the game, the speed of the land search was slightly faster than that of the Mu Chunfeng, but the accuracy of the spring breeze was not inconsistent with him, but the time left in the taste exchange was only three minutes left, and the speed of the land search was slowed down. The spring breeze has already caught up. When the two men tasted the last wine, Lu Wei sought to drink two different flavors in the wine. After drinking the wine in the cup, he couldn’t think of any wine, but at this time The spring breeze has already got the answer, and finally Lu Weizhi lost, and left the scene in the roar of everyone. At this time, the father of Lu Wei, who knows the result, has arranged the magazine, and the magazine will do it according to what they have already discussed.

Lu Wei went home and lost his game. He was in a bad mood, which reminded him of his mother’s departure when she was a child. He drunk himself at home, why not drunk and saw drunken sobbing on the floor, she was soft on the spot and decided not to leave. The next day, Dr. Wine magazine has already notified that it will cancel all the cooperation relationship with Lu Weixun. Mia also submitted his resignation report. The reason is that he is the docking editor of Lu Weizhi, and he is responsible for the failure of Lu Weizhi. However, the editor did not answer, only gave her a one-month leave.

Lu Weixun saw the report in the morning and saw the news of the magazine and his own dismissal. Lu Wei looked for his mother’s departure because of his childhood, and he could not tolerate one of his own failures. He was just a self-destructive look.

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