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Flavour It’s Yours Episode 3

Lu micro seeking truthfully tell Mia Meng Nasi winery wine to be completely emptied of problems, and the manuscript will be clearly written, Mia would not agree, because it means that their original push will be a never Wine that appears on the market. Mia was therefore reprimanded by the editor, and even the position was not guaranteed, but she still thought of a remedy, that is, write a third-party comment behind the manuscript, and by the way, give Lu Wei a positive propaganda, which is also It is also equivalent to propaganda for his own company. After the editor-in-chief, he turned to be angry and praised the idea.

Lu Wei looked for why he was not drunk . He analyzed the time of kissing and exchanging the taste of the couple in detail, but why not drunk but wondered why he was so rich and he was absent-minded. Lu Wei looked at her, he felt that the touch of the lips was only part of the exchange of taste, but also had to find out the rest, so he decided the details of the encounter. The two came to the place where they first met, repeated the details at the time, kissed on the spot, and soon the two changed their taste. Lu Wei found that they first exchanged the taste for 60 minutes, the second was 50 minutes. Three times is 40 minutes, and it is concluded that each time they exchange taste, they will decrement for ten minutes, and there are three chances to actually change back. Why not be drunk and listen to him and kiss him three more times.

Mu Chunfeng sent Lu Wei to send an envelope and asked him to challenge himself. Why didn’t I get drunk on TV and saw the show with the taste of “Gourmet Guess Guess”, so I went to participate in the winning prize, and I lost the game because I tasted too little. Then he used to eat barbecue in the food stalls, and even met Mia who stayed up late at night. At this time, why not take a look at the time and find that it was already more than ten o’clock. She suddenly remembered to meet with Lu Wei for ten o’clock. So hurriedly rushed to the book coffee, the result of Lu Wei has long since left.
In the evening, why don’t you get drunk and worry about Lu Wei’s own anger, send him a smile and apologize but did not receive a reply, so he called to ask why he did not return, Lu Weizhi decided to add another one in the contract. The next morning, I went to the home in the early morning. Why did I forget the enthusiasm and invite Lu Wei to watch TV? It was why I was not drunk to participate in the “Gourmet Guess Guess” program. Lu Wei found that he was not drunk with his taste. The outside is very angry, why not take him to talk outside.

Lu Weixu wants to re-sign two agreements with He Buzhong. The first is that he can get his consent after using any taste. He thinks this is the duty of the victim who lost his taste. Why not drunk Promised him. The second agreement is that she has been in security, so she has to protect his taste, and the working hours are extended by eight hours until the next morning at 4 am, and must follow him all the time, but also to live in his home, immediately wages It will also rise to 10,000. Why don’t you get drunk and don’t want to agree, but when you think of the loan shark, you have to swallow it.

Yi Beidao opened a bar and named it “The Bar”. He opened the QQ chat record, why not drunk in the various information sent to him in the past seven years, but he never replied. Lu Weixu came to his home with no drunk, and told him why he was not drunk and told a series of things to pay attention to. After he went out, why not be so tired and lying in bed, his heart was not so sad.

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