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Flavour It’s Yours Episode 7

Lu Wei was determined to take back the Rose Manor, saying that his illusion of money as a child was never what he wanted, and what he wanted was going to get it back. Lu Linong told him that the winery would be disposed of in a loss, and Lu Wei sought to use his own strength to bring the rose manor left by his mother. Yi Beidao called and did not drunk about her meeting at the school, why not drunk very happy, the schoolmaster actually asked her. Lu Wei looked up in the morning and found out why he was not drunk on the wall of his room. Why not drunk and Yi Beidao returned to the campus to recall the beautiful campus time. Lu Wei’s anger was always connected.

The two returned to the classroom where they had studied in the same year to relive the guessing game played by the two before, and went to Yibei to save her alley for the first time. Lu Weiqi was very upset with the phone and kept going back and forth in the room. It wasn’t long before Lu Wei searched for a call from Mu Chunfeng. The two met with Lu Wei to propose a match between the two, in order to lure Mu Chunfeng to promise Lu Wei. Looking for the Mona Winery as a bet, Mu Chunfeng agreed.

Yi Beidao bought the popsicles for why he was not drunk, but the face of Yi Beidao was not very right. Before the two people guessed the sentence on the desk, the sentence of Yi Beidao actually wanted to kill. Lu Wei’s fans followed him all the way back home, and at the door just right, he sent the Yi Beidao, who was not drunk, and Lu Wei looked up and sank down and said hello to Yi Beidao. He asked him not to follow him. Why don’t he drunk and pour juice into Lu Wei, but Lu Wei blames her for being so eager to take time off when she is so busy. Lu Wei seeks to tell me why he is not drunk with the challenges of Mu Chunfeng, but if the challenge is over, he will lose the wine. Commenting on the identity and status of the person, why not drunk know that he is a bit surprised by everyone in the Mona Winery, but it is also a good thing so that they end the contract at the end of the challenge.

The next morning, why not drunk on the land, the micro-search will let her Kash a series of taste test, why not drunk and smell all the taste, then Lu Wei looked for Xia Fan to let him supervise why not drunk to see the previous game information and find out After the training method, Lu Wei found himself going out to hire new employees. Yi Beidao’s bar came in a group of girls. After a while, Lu Wei also came in and went straight to Mia . He wanted to recruit Mia to work for him. Mia refused his proposal without money. Mia suggested that he only give up. The tasting wine of the wine can win the game, but Lu Weixu only wants a perfect match, just next to the group of people celebrating the spring breeze to win the game, Lu Wei is the downfall, Lu Wei is very angry after listening The wine on the table below leaves the bar.

Lu Wei was looking home, why not drunk and Xia Fan was still studying the video of the game. Lu Wei was inexplicably asked why he was not drunk. Her schoolmaster and Mia were very familiar. He was so annoying. Xia Fan knew that he was being swearing. To help him theory is pulled. Xia Fan told them the background of the study of Mu Chunfeng, and concluded that Lu Wei’s wine tasting relies on talent and Mu Chunfeng’s method. Why not drunk is the beginning of the tasting test of wine, but why not drunk completely do not understand wine tasting, Lu Wei searched her to give her a bunch of professional notes to let her master as soon as possible, but also lost money is not a drunk is not a drunk and confident in a Learn in the month.

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