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Flavour It’s Yours Episode 4

Elbe knife to why not drunk a text message that he came back drunk to know why after a very happy, my heart even a little excited, she had remembered the scene that he was easily bullied when North knife to protect her, happy sleep, . When Lu Wei woke up, he found that the family was in a mess. It turned out that he was not drunk and returned to the wild cat. He came up to give him a drunk lesson, let her quickly dispose of the snacks she bought, and they quarreled. Go, but Lu Weizhi is his own boss after all, so he has to clean up.

In the news, Mu Chunfeng wants to challenge Lu Wei. The people in the Wine Doctor magazine have a lot of opinions. Most people think that Mu Chunfeng is only for the heat. Lu Wei is not necessary to fight, although Lu Wei seeks to win. The game, the magazine can also bring benefits to the exclusive contract, but everyone still has no bottom. However, the leaders of the magazine wanted to let Mia go to persuade Lu Wei to accept the challenge, because winning is just a icing on the cake, but if it is lost, it is a failure, but the magazine needs urgent icing on the cake, Mia has to promise, try to convince the land. Micro search.

Lu Weixu and He is not drunk at home to do the taste of the exercise, Lu Wei sought her to remember the taste of various sugars first, but why not drunk feeling too difficult, can not remember all the taste in a day, but Lu Wei She asked her to remember all the flavors before she can go out, but in the end, because Mia’s wants to ask Lu Wei to go out and let him go.
Lu Wei-chao came to Mia’s dinner. The two men talked about the challenges of Mu Chunfeng. Lu Wei-shun said that he would not participate, but Mia’s attitude is also very tough. It happened that why didn’t you get drunk and Yi Beidao also came to the same restaurant, why didn’t you get drunk and asked why Yi Beidao didn’t appear when he was birthday, and it just disappeared.

Yi Beidao said that he was out. In the car accident, his mother was also ill after he was discharged from the hospital, so she has not been contacted. Yi Beidao asked about why he didn’t drunk the boss. She said that her boss couldn’t stop talking. The words were all read by Lu Wei and Mia next door. Lu Wei looked for it. And let not be drunk during the contract period is not allowed to fall in love. The two returned home together, why not drunk into the door and was scared to hug Lu Wei, Lu Wei looked to laugh at her is a paper tiger.

Mia returned home, and Zhuzhu called and heard some news about Mu Chunfeng. The next day, she came to Mu Chunfeng. Mu Chunfeng showed her strength when she met, and Mia’s words turned and talked. In the case of Mu Chunfeng, she found that the sponsor behind Mu Chunfeng was the father of Lu Wei. Lu Weixu and He Bu drunk came to the convenience store and saw the reporter interviewing Lu Wei’s father. He said that he is very optimistic about Mu Chunfeng. If Mu Chunfeng can win, he will hand over his own winery to Mu Chunfeng to manage. After looking for it, I was very angry. I went straight to the magazine and accepted the challenge of Mu Chunfeng.

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