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Day: June 20, 2019

Fighting for Love 单恋大作战 (2018)

Fighting for LoveAlso known as: 单恋大作战 / Dan Lian Da Zuo Zhan Genres: Chinese Drama, Romance, Idol, FantasyEpisodes: 34Country: China MainlandDirector: Shen QinyuanWriter:Network: YoukuRelease Date: Feb 26, 2018 – Mar 19, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Herman Li as […]

First Love 初恋爱 (2019)

First LoveAlso known as: 初恋爱 / Chu Lian Ai Genres: Chinese Drama, Romance, IdolEpisodes: 20Country: China MainlandDirector: Huang LeiWriter:Network: LeTV Release Date: 2019Related Show: Chu Lian Ai (初恋爱) by Jiu Ye Hui (九夜茴) Cast: Zhu Xu Dan as […]

Flipped in My Youth 我的青春遇见你 (2018)

Flipped in My YouthAlso known as:  我的青春遇见你 / Wo De Qing Chun Yu Jian Ni Genres: Chinese Drama, Romance, FamilyEpisodes: 55Country: China MainlandDirector: Li MugeWriter:Network: Hunan TVRelease Date: Jan 2, 2018 – Feb 3, 2018Related Show:  Cast: […]

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 九州·天空城 (2016)

Novoland: The Castle in the SkyAlso known as:  九州·天空城 / Jiu Zhou· Tian Kong Cheng / วิหคนครา / ตำนานอาณาจักรเหนือเวหา Genre: FantasyEpisodes: 20Country: China MainlandDirector: Yang Lei 杨磊, Yang Jia Lin 陈家霖Writer: Zhang Tan 张炭, Li Yu Jie […]

Forty Years We Walked 我们的四十年 (2018)

Forty Years We WalkedAlso known as:  我们的四十年 / Wo Men De Si Shi Nian Genres: Chinese Drama, Drama, RomanceEpisodes: 60Country: China MainlandDirector: Wang ZiWriter:Network: JSTV, iQiyi, iQiyiRelease Date: Nov 11, 2018 – Dec 13, 2018Related Show:  Cast: […]

Fusulina of Remember 紡綞蟲的記憶 (2018)

Fusulina of RememberAlso known as:  紡綞蟲的記憶 / Fang Chui Chong De Ji Yi / The memory of the spinning locust Genres: Taiwanese Drama, Drama, RomanceEpisodes: 12Country: TaiwanDirector: Yang ShunqingWriter: Wen Cai , Gao MiaohuiNetwork: Release Date: February […]

Lose My Heart to You 心爱的 (2019)

Lose My Heart to YouAlso known as:  心爱的 / Xin Ai De / xingaide / Lose my heart to you Genres: Chinese Drama, Drama, Romance, IdolEpisodes: 26Country: China Mainland Director: Hu MingkaiWriter:Network: Release Date: Dec 31, […]

Facebook Café 非私不可咖啡館 (2018)

Facebook CaféAlso known as: 非私不可咖啡館 / Private Cafeteria / Non-private cafe Genres: Taiwanese Drama,  Idol drama , online drama , science fiction dramaEpisodes: 10 EpisodesCountry: TaiwanDirector: Writer: Chapelle , Ukrainian slaveNetwork: myVideoRelease Date: Jan 28, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Liang Danny […]

Love Has No Limits 爱情没有暂住证 (2018)

Love Has No LimitsAlso known as: 爱情没有暂住证 / Ai Qing Mei You Zan Zhu Zheng / Swan Dive for Love 3 Genres: Chinese Drama, Romance, IdolEpisodes: 41Country: China MainlandDirector: Jian ChuanheWriter:Network:  iQiyi , Tencent Release […]

Love In Han Yuan 小楼又东风 (2018)

Love In Han Yuan (2018)Also known as:  小楼又东风 / Xiao Lou You Dong Feng Genres: Chinese Drama, Romance, IdolEpisodes: 46Country: China MainlandDirector: Wu JiataiWriter:Network: Anhui TV, iQiyi, Sohu TV, iQiyiRelease Date: Jan 4, 2018 – Jan 29, […]

Love Me Don’t Think Too Much (2020) 爱我就别想太多

Love Me Don’t Think Too Much (2018)Also known as:  爱我就别想太多 / Ai Wo Jiu Bie Xing Tai Duo / Brave to Love Genres: Chinese Drama, RomanceEpisodes: 41 episodesCountry: China MainlandDirector: Cao HuishengWriter:Network: platform iQiyi, Sohu […]

Love’s Border 爱情的边疆 (2018)

Love’s Border (2018)Also known as: 爱情的边疆 / Ai Qing De Bian Jiang / Xue Xiang Jue Lian / Frontier of Love Genres: Chinese Drama, RomanceEpisodes: 54Country: China MainlandDirector: Mao WeiningWriter:Network: […]

God of Lost Fantasy 太古神王 (2019)

God of Lost FantasyAlso known as: 太古神王 / Tai Gu Shen Wang / Swire God / อัศจรรย์ศึกชิงบัลลังก์น้ำแข็ง Genre:  fantasy, romanceEpisodes: 48Country: ChinaDirector:  Hu Chu Xi (胡储玺), Chen Wei Xiang (陈伟祥)Writer: Tai Gu Shen Wang (太古神王) by […]

Martial Universe: Season 1 (2018) 武动乾坤

Martial UniverseAlso known as: 武动乾坤 / Wu Dong Qian Kun / ศึกสะท้านฟ้า มหายุทธ์สะท้านภพ (มหายุทธหยุดพิภพ) Genre: Mythology, martial arts, romanceEpisodes: 60Country: ChinaDirector: Zhang LiWriter:  武动乾坤 Wu Dong Qian Kun by Tianchan Tudou (天蚕土豆)Network: Release Date: 2018Related Show: 武动乾坤 Wu […]