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Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 8

Ning Xi felt like she was dreaming as she stared at the cold, expressionless face on the man before her. She held her forehead weakly, “Doctor wheres the doctor? I think I might have hit my head so hard that my brain is not working properly. Im hallucinating”

On the side, Lu Jinglis expression was guileless. “I didnt hit my head, did my brain break down too?”

At this very moment, Ning Xi simply could not accept the reality before her.

She had saved Little Treasure, so now his father wanted to repay her with his body?

If this was anyone else, that would have been fine. If it was someone just a bit handsome, then it could be considered a lucky romantic encounter.

But this person was Lu Tingxiao, Lu Tingxiao!

When it came to looks, she was not bad, but Lu Tingxiao was the kind of beauty even the most gorgeous of women might have never seen before.

If he just fancied her, she wouldnt be so surprised. If Lu Tingxiao only took her looks into consideration and wanted to play around with her, that was understandable. But he had said: “Marry me,” which was the most frightening of all.

Most importantly

“Dont you like men?” Ning Xi blurted out.

“Bahahaha” Lu Jingli was laughing so hard, he fell over.

Lu Tingxiaos face became black like the bottom of a pot, instantly filling the whole ward with a dark atmosphere.

After a long time, Lu Jingli finally stopped laughing. “If my brother likes men, where did Little Treasure come from?”

“Hm, surrogate pregnancy and artificial insemination?”

“If my brother likes men, why would he offer you his body?”

“To cover up his true sexual orientation?”

“Hahahahaha brother, I really cant help you anymore”

“I also heard heard that the two of you are together” Ning Xis meek gaze shifted between the two brothers.

“Cough cough cough” Lu Jingli was so startled, he choked. “Bullshit, those tastes are too heavy for me! Though, this young master is indeed very handsome, I could be both a lady-killer and a man-killer”

At this time, a stormy person slowly rose from his chair, his long legs striding over towards Ning Xi. “Jingli, take Little Treasure out.”

“Ah? Brother, what are you going to do?”

Lu Tingxiao fixed his sleeves languidly. “To prove my true sexual orientation to Miss Ning.”

Seeing his expression darken, with a gaze which looked as though he wanted to devour her whole, Ning Xi was so scared, she fell off the bed. She hid behind Little Treasure, and almost wanted to hide under the bed.

“Mister Lu, it has nothing to do with me, its what other people are saying, Im just repeating it! Also, you really, really dont have to thank me, but if you really, really want me to request something from you, then my request is that you dont ask me for a request again Ah, Im sorry, I have a really important audition right now, so Ill be leaving first! If fate shall have it, let us meet again then !”

Ning Xi hastily finished speaking and was about to escape.

But after having only taken a few steps, Lu Tingxiao said in a cold voice behind her, “Did I allow you to leave?”

Ning Xi was so scared, her legs began to tremble.

My life is over!

A few seconds later, under Ning Xis ready-for-death gaze, Lu Tingxiao handed her a sheet of paper and a pen. “Could I trouble Miss Ning to write a note for Little Treasure, to prevent him worrying when he wakes up?”

That thats it?

She had survived a disaster!

“Of course, of course, no problem at all! I can even write ten thousand words and that wouldnt be a problem!” Ning Xi breathed heavily with relief and picked up the pen to begin writing.

After she was done writing, she immediately ran off in a frenzy.

Watching her back as she left, the mans gaze turned contemplative, as though watching prey that had already been collared.

After Ning Xi left, Lu Jingli sidled over to his brother and bounced up and down. “Brother, am I dreaming? Do you really like Ning Xi? After all these years, even a dull piece of metal like you can be carved into a fine needle. Youve never once fancied a girl. Even I, your own brother, was beginning to wonder if you were bent”

The moment the word “bent” came out, his older brother cut him off. “Shut up.”

“En,” Lu Jingli choked.

His belly was filled with gossip, and not being able to ask for the truth was really killing him!

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