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Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 12

Ning Xi smiled genuinely and lightly clanked her beer against his cup. “Thanks!”

The moment she smiled, Lu Tingxiao felt blinded.

After Ning Xi said her thanks, she looked at Little Treasure. “This is also thanks to Little Treasure. If it wasnt for him, I wouldnt have been able to rush over for my audition. Come darling, lets have a drink too!”

Little Treasure looked at his glass of milk and then looked at Ning Xi and his fathers beers. He felt unwilling, but ultimately, he clinked his cup against Ning Xis beer and chugged all his milk.

Ning Xi found his serious demeanor amusing. Did he know about drinking away his sorrows like adults?

Halfway through dinner, Lu Tingxiao went to the patio to receive an incoming call.

Ning Xi nudged Little Treasure and handed her beer to him. “Hehe, are you curious about the taste? Quick, while your father isnt here, have a little bit! But only one sip!”

Little Treasures eyes lit up like stars in the sky, and he lowered his head to drink a bit.

Although the taste wasnt good, he was extremely happy nonetheless.

After Lu Tingxiao finished his call and came back, Ning Xi was sitting properly and pretending nothing had happened.

Little Treasure was even more professional, slowly drinking his milk. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Lu Tingxiao looked as though he hadnt notice anything, but a brief warmth flickered in his eyes.

The three of them had pretty good appetites. Ning Xi had bought a lot of groceries, but they still managed to finish everything.

Ning Xi saw the time and realized it was getting pretty late. Just as she thought about whether or not they should head back soon, lightning flashed outside the window, followed by loud booming sounds of thunder. It looked like the onset of a heavy storm.

“I watched the weather channel today, and they announced that tonight there was going to be a storm followed by a typhoon”

Ning Xi felt a headache coming on as she looked at the rain outside her window. Little Treasure looked at Ning Xi, as did Lu Tingxiao

Finally, after being stared at by the father and son pair for a while, she said, “Its late. The weather isnt looking good, so if Mister Lu were to bring Little Treasure home, it might be dangerous. How about you two stay the night here with me?”

She had said this out of courtesy, and she felt that Lu Tingxiao would definitely not agree to it.

In the end

Lu Tingxiao: “Alright.”

Little Treasure nodded his little head repeatedly.

What, he agreed again

Lu Tingxiao is too unreserved!

Why did she feel as though they both had been waiting for her to make the offer?

She was about to go crazy!

In the end, Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasure would stay the night.

The residence her company had given her was not big: it only had a bedroom and a living room. Deciding where the three of them would sleep was going to be a problem.

“Tonight, Ill sleep in the living room. Mister Lu, you and Little Treasure can sleep in my bedroom. Im going to go change the bedsheets first”

“No need, Ill sleep in the living room. You can sleep with Little Treasure in the bedroom.” Lu Tingxiaos tone allowed no further discussion.

Ning Xi felt that she had sinned; not only did she let the big CEO eat a cheap hot pot, she was making him sleep in the living room.

If it had only been Lu Tingxiao without his son tonight even if it was hailing she wouldnt have allowed him to stay, since a single man and a single woman under one roof would only be trouble, especially after what Lu Tingxiao had said to her during the day. But she had no choice, and there was also Little Treasure.

For Lu Tingxiao to bring his son home in such bad weather would be really dangerous. With Little Treasure here, the situation couldnt be so bad, right?

Ning Xi could only accept her fate. “Ill go see if I can find some clothes for you both so that you can wash and change”

After rummaging through her closet, she really did find some.

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