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Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 9

It was currently rush hour, so there was a traffic jam. Although Ning Xi had rushed over, by the time she reached the building hosting the auditions, she was already late.

Chang Li walked out of the building with a very happy Ning Xueluo, who was surrounded by people congratulating her.

From a distance, seeing Ning Xi drenched in sweat as she came running, Ning Xueluo looked at her with the exact same expression from five years ago.

She looked at her as though she was looking at an ant.

Ning Xi watched Ning Xueluo get into her van and immediately depart. However, Ning Xi did not leave, and instead rushed into the building.

It was still not too late!

About halfway to her intended destination, she ran into a group of people who were chatting happily. They were the casting judges for the drama .

“Im sorry Im late!” Ning Xi bowed deeply.

Noticing Ning Xi unexpectedly blocking their path, a few of the judges began to frown, expressing their displeasure.

Was there anyone who liked tardy people?

The assistant director grimaced. “The auditions are already over. Whats the point in rushing over now? Youngsters are getting worse and worse these days!”

“Im not here to audition for the female lead!” Ning Xi replied.

“Eh? If youre not here to audition for the female lead, then what did you come here to audition for?” the screenwriter asked curiously.

“I want to audition for the second female lead, Meng Changge! From what I know, the last time there were auditions for the second female lead, you still werent able to find someone suitable!” After she finished speaking, she lifted her head.

The moment Ning Xi lifted her head, there was a five-second silence, and the unpleasant expressions cleared.

They could only notice the girls red lips and white teeth, her black hair falling down to her waist. She wore a red, collared dress that was very showy; however, it did not overshadow her beauty, but instead complimented her.

She stood there quietly with an aura as deep as a forest, like she was a thousand-year-old fox spirit, with bewitching eyes that could cause people to drown unwittingly in desire. She exuded a mature and seductive aura, yet seemed so innocent. Her eyes had a crystal clear depth to them.

“Whats your name?” It wasnt until Director Guo Qisheng spoke that all the casting judges came back to their senses, as if from a beguiling dream.

“Ning Xi.”

Director Guo shared glances with his assistant director, the producer, and the screenwriter before saying, “That sounds familiar. Youre an artiste with Starlight Entertainment, correct? Go back and prepare, the role is yours! When we start filming, well contact you.”

“Thank you, director! I will work hard to prepare!” Ning Xi bowed her thanks.

From the start, Ning Xis goal had been to become the second female lead.

For this role, she had practised for three months, working hard to understand Meng Changges feelings and the impression she gave, in order to impress the judges with just one glance.

Although she had endured a lot of hardships, it had been worth it. She had succeeded.

After Ning Xi left, Director Guo couldnt help but feel admiration. “We tried so hard to find an actress, but she found us instead! Even though this girl is signed with Starlight, she doesnt have enough work experience, and with such poor qualifications, I never once thought of her for the second female lead. Who knew in real life she would be so much more beautiful than in her photos!”

The screenwriter, Ye Ling Long, couldnt resist saying, “Her most admirable qualities were her temperament and manners. Her gaze was absolutely perfect. Meng Changge was a domineering female general before she became the disastrous beauty that she is, and this girl perfectly captured this. She can be seductive without being vulgar and can even maintain a sense of purity and detached intelligence. In the previous auditions for the role, all the actresses acted as though they were playing the queen of a brothel. I almost died of anger!”

“Hahaha, dont be angry. Havent you finally found your long-awaited Changge?”

At the same time, in the First Peoples Republic Hospital in B City.

The VIP patient room which Little Treasure was staying in was in chaos.

The kid was crouched atop the windowsill, his emotions extremely volatile. No matter what the doctors or nurses said, he wouldnt come down.

Below Little Treasure, Lu JingLi tried to coax and calm him down, but the one being pleaded with didnt give in to his uncle’s cajoling.

Left with no choice, Lu Jingli could only make a call to the company to ask Lu Tingxiao to come back.

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