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Month: July 2019

See You Again 时间都知道 Episode 22

Shi Jian knows that Ye Kacheng can not win when the mother successfully completed the operation. Gao Yanfei asked Ye Caicheng dissatisfiedly, how did he just swallow the customer so […]

Return the world to you Episode 19

An Jinghui decided to cooperate with lazy, Lu Zhunzuan wants to acquire Shien. Lu Zhun brought Shen Yien to a rooftop and advised her not to put too much pressure […]

Return the world to you Episode 18

Shen Yien plans to acquire Shien, Lu Zhunyi En attended the fashion night together. Mr. Huo came to Shen Yien ‘s office and praised her for the perfect implementation of […]

Return the world to you Episode 17

Sun Peter Le is very sorrowful poetry brand scenery is no longer. I didn’t see the video and I went to Qin, but Qin also didn’t hang up on the […]

Return the world to you Episode 16

Yi En accepts Chen Boqian’s design Qin also confessed rejected. At the staff meeting, Chen Boqian elaborated his point of view. He wanted to use the theme of “the brightest […]

Return the world to you Episode 15

I have not sent someone to secretly track the ink, the poetry bellflower conference was held smoothly. Bi Dong followed Mo Xu to a shopping mall. He found that Mo […]

Return the world to you Episode 14

Moxu launches the bellflower design, Qin also wants to buy the bellflower LOGO. In the poem En company, Sun Zhen fashion know Peter is reported to ink many arrangements being […]

Return the world to you Episode 13

Qin also tracked Lu Jun was discovered, Shen Yien and Lu Zhun into a candlelight dinner. In a coffee shop, I did not come up with a report to Shen […]

Return the world to you Episode 12

Qin was also disqualified from the selection, Shen Yien clarified the truth of plagiarism. Qin also came Cen not in office, he is not being heard and Mr. Cen fashion […]

Return the world to you Episode 11

Qin is also plagiarized, Shen Yien’s ring is recovered. At the meeting of Koris, because Shi En went to the low-cost fast-moving route, Qin and Shen Yien unanimously decided to […]

Return the world to you Episode 10

Lu Zhu asked Shen Yien past, Mo Xu admitted to frame the Koris. I didn’t look at myself in the mirror and remembered the past. At that time, she was […]

Return the world to you Episode 9

Shen Yien to check the truth of the distress, not before the boyfriend seeking compound. Lu Zhun looked at Qin with a lively look. Shen Yien , who was on […]