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Handsome Ceo’s Darling Wife Chapter 514

“I did. Not only me but all the employees and the maids and cook were awake. They constantly served food. There was no way we would be hungry.” Mu Lan smiled remembering last night. “It felt like we were doing science festival in school. That’s what everyone was saying. They were really having fun.” Then she lightly touched his shoulder. “Does it heart?” Mu Liang smiled and said, “It won’t if you kiss there.” He was half joking. What he didn’t know that Mu Lan leaned over and kiss his shoulder over the wound. “You should kiss here too.”

He pointed out his lips. Mu Lan smiled and kissed him on the lips. Mu Liang hugged her tighter, not caring about the wound and said, “I’m sorry for being a bad husband. I won’t do it again.” Mu Lan replied, “It’s alright. I think we are even, since you took a shot for me, I will forgive you this time.” “…..You knew?” Mu Liang asked. “I know your capabilities. Since you already knew that someone was tailing you, knowing that, you didn’t let the security team do anything. Isn’t that right? It’s pretty obvious.” Mu Lan said. She scratched his nose that said, “No matter how angry I am with you in future, you can’t hurt yourself like this again. That’s an order from Madam Mu. Understood?”

Mu Liang asked is despair, “You will get mad at me in future!” “It depends on your performance.” Mu Lan scoffed. Mu Liang eyes shone. “Do you doubt my performance? Don’t you know how good my performance is?” His right hand moved under her dress and touched her thigh. Mu Lan almost jumped. “What are you doing?” “Showing you my performance.” Mu Liang answered innocently but his hand was being naughty. Mu Lan threw herself out of the bed and said, “That’s not what I meant.” Her face was flushed. “But you were enjoying it.” Mu Liang said with a smirk. “I-I wasn’t. Anyway, I’m hungry. I’m going to the dining room to have lunch.

You should take a nap. Don’t tire yourself.” Mu Lan was leaving. She just opened the door and at that time, a maid tried to knock but halted. “Madam Mu, your lunch is here.” Mu Lan glanced at the trey full of food and said, “I didn’t order for anything.” She could smell delicious smell. “Ms. Jing Sheng cooked specially for you, Madam Mu.” The maid politely answered. After divorce, everyone called Mu brothers’ mother ‘Ms. Jing Sheng’ as she requested herself.

“Oh, I can recognize the smell. Put the trey over there.” Mu Lan pointed out the tea table. Without a word, she sat of the sofa, rubbing her hands excitedly. The maid served the foods and Mu Lan just jumped on the food, forgetting someone wanted her attention. Mu Liang was speechless. He never thought that he would lose to his mother’s food. After the maid left, Mu Liang let out a cough. “Cough!” Mu Lan became stiff before looking at the man on the bed. “Want some?” She asked. Mu Liang looked deeply in her eyes. “I do want something, but that’s not the food. I want you.” His voice was husky. Hearing his tone, Mu Lan’s heart jumped.

“Why don’t you recover first? Then we will think of that.” She didn’t wait another second and finished the last drop of chicken soup. She took a fried shrimp and put it on her mouth. After chewing for a while she asked, “Are you sure you don’t want some?” Mu Liang gulped down a mouthful saliva. Of course he wanted to taste his mother’s cooking. However, it seemed that his mother only liked to cook for her daughter-in-law, not for her sons. Mu Lan felt sorry for him. She took the bowl and walked towards him. She sat on the bed and feed him a fried shrimp. Mu Liang swallowed the shrimp. “So, how are you going to deal with Romano Corporation?” Mu Lan asked. “Don’t worry about it. Everything in under control.” Mu Liang calmly said and the opened his mouth wide. He wanted another shrimp. “I’m looking forward to it.” Mu Lan said. The next day, Mu Corporation took action.

The PR Department of Mu Corporation held a conference right after financial department added seven billion dollars in the Island Project and the Law Department sued Romano Corporation for backing down in the middle of the project was going on. The PR Department showed that Romano Corporation was a traitor company and could not be a business partner with Mu Corporation. For the illegal act of Romano Corporation, they lost all the projects which were together with Mu Corporation. Since Mu Lan had lots of money to spend, she became the next partner instead of Romano Corporation and she expend her money there. While war was going on in between Mu Corporation and Romano Corporation, Mu Lan was playing with Oscar. Oscar was sent back to Italy before Mu Lan came here. He was having fun with his wife Lucy and twins.

Lucy was pregnant once again. Mu Lan and Oscar were beside lake as they played fetch. Mu Feng was laying down on the grass and enjoying the nature. He smiled as he glanced at the pair of master and pet. Suddenly Mu Lan asked, “bro, you were saying something about a trap. I thought that you planned on taking Romano Corporation down today, but it was nothing. They were just losing shares. It’s not close to what Liang Liang lost.”

She was simply unsatisfied. When The PR Department of Mu Corporation announced Romano Corporation’s betrayal, they lost lots of share as other companies began to lose their trusts. However, if Romano Corporation got a big project in the meantime, they could overcome the obstacles. Mu Feng smiled and said in a relaxed tone, “What are you worried about? Everything is under control.” Mu Lan said, “I heard someone was supposed to come today. Where is-” “Oh sh*t!” “Darling you are here!” “Oh no-mpf” “Chu!” Crash! “Holy cr*p!”

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