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Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 5

Meanwhile, inside the guest room of the Eden Wine Bar, the atmosphere was very tense.

The bar owner, manager, security, and all related staff trembled together in a huddle, as if they were all about to face imminent disaster.

This was all because the Lu Corporations young heir, Lu Tingxiaos precious son, had gone missing in their bar.

Sitting on the sofa, Lu Tingxiaos expression was very cold. He was like an ice sculpture, without the slightest trace of emotion, but he exuded such tremendous pressure that everyone standing before him felt their legs shake, and their sweat fall like rain. No one dared to make a sound.

At his feet, a young man cried while wiping his snot and tears. “Brother, Im sorry, this is all my fault! I shouldnt have brought Little Treasure to a bar! If anything happens to him, I wouldnt be able to live with myself anymore!”

After he stopped talking, a kick flew at his chest.

The sound of bone crunching caused goosebumps. Everyone who was present trembled a bit.

Lu Jingli clutched his chest and coughed, before climbing back up to resume grovelling.

Right now, his parents were on vacation outside the country, and did not know that Little Treasure was missing. If they knew, they wouldnt do something so simple as a kick like his brother they would carve him alive.

Lu Jingli was feeling hopeless and pathetic, when suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

Standing the closest to the door, the bar owner opened it, and found it odd when he saw no one. But then he lowered his head, and was stunned. “Young Young Master!!!”

“Little Treasure? My god! Little Treasure! My darling! Where have you been?” Lu Jingli rolled himself up and hugged him tightly. He was so emotional; he cried bitterly while his snot ran freely.

Everyone in the room was relieved and felt as though theyd survived a disaster.

Lu Tingxiao walked a few steps towards the door. He grabbed Lu Jingli by the collar and threw him aside. He then knelt down to speak to his son. “What is it?”

Finally having escaped his second uncles monstrous grip, Little Treasure seized Lu Tingxiaos hand and hurriedly pulled him forward.

Lu Tingxiao drew closer to his son and could smell not only the scent of wine, but also a faint fragrance; it wasnt heavy like perfume, but more like flowers growing out of a glacier, emitting a light and cool scent. It gave him a sense of vague familiarity, but also a small dose of fear.

Noticing that Lu Tingxiao was not moving, Little Treasure pointed in a direction with his small finger with an extremely worried expression.Lu Tingxiao picked his son up in his arms and started in the direction his son wanted him to go.

Behind him, the remaining people looked at each other helplessly before following.

Five minutes later, the group was standing before the door to the bars storeroom on the top floor.

Little Treasure twisted his body to get down from his fathers arms and started banging anxiously on the storeroom door.

“What is it, Little Treasure? Whats in there?” Lu Jinglis forehead was covered in sweat.

Without expression, Lu Tingxiao ordered, “Open the door.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” The bar owner repeatedly nodded his head, then turned around to look at the female manager beside him. “Manager Ye, why are you still just standing around? Open the door quickly! Where are the keys?”

“Ah open open the door?” The female manager went rigid.

What bad luck! That woman Ning Xi was still in there! She had promised Chang Li that she would lock her up in there at least until the audition was over!

However, with the Lu familys two masters and her boss waiting, she couldnt say no. She could only tremble as she took out the keys to open the door.

Once the door was opened, everyone saw a woman lying on the floor unconscious.

“What is this? Why is there a woman in here?” The owner flew into a rage.

“I I dont know! I checked this area earlier and there wasnt anybody here!” The female manager hid her guilt as she defended herself.

“Quick! Lets just save her first and then discuss it!”

Just then, someone ran over to Ning Xi. Little Treasure threw himself onto Ning Xi, his expression fierce, not letting anyone approach her.

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