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Day: June 17, 2019

Hi! My Ex 嗨!前任 (2018)

Hi! My Ex 嗨!前任 (2018) Also known as: 嗨!前任 / Hai! Qian Ren Genres: Romance, ComedyEpisodes: 12Country: China MainlandDirector: Su XiaochenWriter:Network: Release Date: Jan 5, 2018 – Feb 11, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Yao Yuan Zeng Mengxue […]

Hunting Gold Storm 猎金风暴 (2018)

Hunting Gold StormAlso known as:  猎金风暴 / Lie Jin Feng Bao Genres: Chinese Drama, Drama, RomanceEpisodes: 40Country: China MainlandDirector: Zhou JiawenWriter:Network: Release Date: 2018Related Show:  Cast: Huang Ming Ye Qing Swan Wen Sun Jialin Yang Zijiang […]

Godless (2017)

GodlessAlso known as:  ซึ่งไม่นับถือพระเจ้า / Impío / 无神 Genres: drama, Western, TV Mini-Series, Western TV shows, Western Drama SeriesEpisodes: 7Country: USADirector: Writer:Network: Release Date: 22 Nov, 2017Related Show:  Cast: Jack O’Connell as Roy Goode Michelle Dockery as Alice Fletcher Scoot […]

Ice Fantasy Season 1 幻城 Season 1 (2017)

Ice Fantasy Season 1Also known as: 幻城 1 / Huan Cheng Season 1 Genre: Fantasy, romanceEpisodes: 62Country: China MainlandDirector:  Ju Jue Liang (鞠觉亮)Writer: Shen Zhi Ning (沈芷凝)Network: Hunan TVRelease Date: Jul 24, 2017Related Show: Novel Huan Cheng (幻城) by Guo […]

Legend of Fu Yao 扶摇皇后 (Novel)

Legend of Fu YaoOther Name: 扶摇皇后 / Empress Fu Yao / The Rising Empress / Empress Fuyao / Phù diêu hoàng hậu / The Rising Empress Genre: Chinese Novel, Action Adventure Fantasy Romance WuxiaCountry: ChinaWriter: Tian Xia […]

I Am Not a Legend 哥不是传说 (2018)

I Am Not a Legend Also known as: 哥不是传说 / Ge Bu Shi Chuan Shuo / I AM NOT A LEGEND Genres: Drama, Romance, IdolEpisodes: 54Country: China MainlandDirector: Zhao ChenyangWriter:Network: […]

Judo High 熱血高校 (2018)

Judo High (2018)Also known as:  熱血高校 / Re Xue Gao Xiao Genres: Drama, Romance, Action, Idol,  Friendship, School, SportsEpisodes: 24Country: TaiwanDirector: Xu ZhaorenWriter:Network:  iQiyiRelease Date: Jul 2, 2018Related Show:  Cast: Jiang Xue Ming as Yuan Fei Chen Ting […]

This is not destined พรหมไม่ได้ลิขิต (2018)

Prom Mai Dai Likit addAlso known as:  พรหมไม่ได้ลิขิต / Phrom Mai Dai Likhit Genres: Thai Drama, Romance, DramaEpisodes: 20Country: ThailandDirector: Writer: PranpramoonNetwork: Release Date: 2018Related Show: Prom Mai Dai Likit (Parent Story) Cast: Wisetkaew Sukrit as Orachun Esther Supreeleela as […]

Letting You Float Like A Dream 许你浮生若梦 (2018)

Xu Ni Fu Sheng Ruo MengAlso known as:  许你浮生若梦 / Letting You Float Like A Dream / Granting You a Dreamlike Life Genres: drama, Republican, romanceEpisodes: 45Country: ChinaDirector: Gao Han (高寒)Writer: Ma Chun Tao, Fu […]

A Step into the Past 寻秦记 (2018)

Xun Qin JiAlso known as: 寻秦记 / A Step into the Past / Xun Qin Ji , A Legend of a Modern Man Gets Back to Qin Dynasty Genres: Historical, WuxiaEpisodes: 50Country: ChinaDirector: Writer:Network: Release […]

Secret Love 橘生淮南·暗恋 (Novel)

Unrequited Love 橘生淮南·暗恋Other Name: Secret Love, Orange, Huainan Genre: novel, fictionCountry: China MainlandAuthor: August Chang Year: 2014-7-25 Chapter: 99Related story: Unrequited Love 橘生淮南·暗恋 (Chinese 2019) Summary: This is a story […]

Unrequited Love 橘生淮南·暗恋 (Chinese 2019)

Unrequited Love 橘生淮南·暗恋 (Chinese 2019)Also known as: Ju Sheng Huai Nan – An Lian / 暗恋·橘生淮南 Genres: Romance, Life, School, YouthEpisodes: 24Country: China MainlandDirector: Writer: Network: YoukuRelease Date: Jun 10, […]

Aibou Season 16 相棒 (2017)

Aibou Season 16Also known as:  相棒 / Partners / The Only Two Special Mission Officers Genres: Action, mystery, drama, Japanese Drama Episodes: 12Country: JapanDirector: Hashimoto Hajime (橋本一), Uchikata AkiraWriter: Koshimizu Yasuhiro (輿水泰弘), Ota Ai (太田愛), […]