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Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 13

Ning Xi had some props from one of her part-time jobs, one of which was a pair of Pikachu costume pajamas for children. She had casually packed it away, but now it was perfect for Little Treasure to wear.

Finding clothes for Lu Tingxiao was even easier since her younger brother had left some of his clothes at her place.

After reuniting with her birth parents, Ning Xi had felt guilty towards her adoptive parents. She couldn’t bring herself to face them properly, and so she slowly lost touch with them, only keeping in touch with her brother, Tang Luo.

After finding all the clothes, Ning Xi also found a blanket and pillow for Lu Tingxiao.

The sofa in the living room wasn’t big enough, and could not accommodate Lu Tingxiaos long legs, so she could only add a chair to extend the length.

Little Treasure was really good at not letting others worry about him, as he had already showered by himself, put on the pajamas, and climbed into bed.

After Ning Xi finished showering, she put on some conservative sleepwear and confirmed she wasn’t revealing any inappropriate parts of her body.

“Then Mister Lu, I’m going to bed now. If you need anything, just call for me.”

“Alright.” Seeing a Ning Xi who had just showered, Lu Tingxiao was disoriented for a moment. Soon after, his gaze became focused, and his vision was filled with only her.

Her hair was tied into a simple bun and she was wearing the most basic design for two-piece pajamas. She wasnt wearing any makeup, but her jade-like skin had a natural flush from the steam of her hot shower.

Seeing that Ning Xi had purposely dressed conservatively, there should be nothing inappropriate about her appearance.

In Lu Tingxiao’s heart, however, there was a problem, because he noticed that a certain part of his lower body was slowly rousing itself.

Ning Xi went into her bedroom, and suddenly noticing the little creature on her bed, she felt intrigued.

Since last night, a lot of unexpected things had happened that were beyond her control.

“Quickly go to sleep.” She knelt next to Little Treasure after turning off all the lights except for the small one by the side of the bed.

Little Treasure kept his eyes open, indicating his intention to stay awake.

Ning Xi started to have a headache.

A bedtime story was required to lull a child like this to sleep.

Ning Xi helplessly threw up her hands. “I don’t know how to tell stories, so how about I sing you a song?”

Little Treasure nodded his head, his face expectant.

And so, Ning Xi lightly patted Little Treasure’s back and began to sing softly:

“On a somewhat cold and warm autumn day

Tranquilly by your side

Quietly watching the flickering light dance

The wind carries a few red leaves

Stirred up hearts go on and on

Between being half drunk and half awake

I laugh uncontrollably

Let me float like the snowflakes amongst the clouds

Using my frigid coldness to kiss others lightly

Bringing out waves of their emotions

Leaving behind who knows how much love in the world

While welcoming fleeting life and its many changes

Ning Xi stopped singing here because the next line was: “Doing joyous matters with your lover”

How was this lyric appropriate for such a young child?

“Cough, Auntie won’t sing the rest of this song so I’ll sing a different one for you!”

Little Treasure was very cooperative and nodded his head in agreement.

Ning Xi searched her brain for the safest, most appropriate song for a child: “In a happy pond, there was a little frog. It jumped and danced like a prince had possessed its body. With its handsome gaze, no other frog was more beautiful. Then one day, it was awakened by a princess. I believe in miracles, I believe I will one day be your partner lalalalala”

After singing the frog song three times, she finally heard the sweet sounds of breathing by her side.

Having a child is really not easy!

She suddenly felt great admiration towards Lu Tingxiao as a single father.

She didn’t know who Little Treasure’s mother was, but why did she give birth to him and not stay with Lu Tingxiao?

Was it because her status was too low and the Lu family wouldn’t accept her?

Or had she and Lu Tingxiao quarreled over some unknown matter?

While thinking of all these possibilities, Ning Xi gradually succumbed to the dream realm.

Halfway through the night, Ning Xi was scared awake by a sound from the living room.

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