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Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 7

Lu Tingxiao carefully sized up the woman on the hospital bed, scrutinizing her expression to see if it was real or fake.

After a long time, he finally believed that she had not known about Little Treasures identity and circumstances. He calmly said, “State your request.”

“Ah, what request?” Ning Xi did not understand at all what he meant by those three words.

“My brother means to thank you for saving Little Treasure, so hes asking if you have any requests!” Lu Jingli looked at her as though to say, youve hit the jackpot.

Ning Xis brain started to turn, and she said seriously, “Actually, you dont have to thank me. I saved Little Treasure, and in turn he also saved me. If it wasnt for Little Treasure going out to find someone, I would have still been trapped inside, so were even.”

Although she had indeed saved the young master, how could she dare ask for a reward? The more money one had, the more likely they would become deluded into thinking others were out to get them, especially since this was the Lu family, one of the wealthiest and most prominent families around. It would be good enough they didnt think she had planned all this. Look at how wary Lu Tingxiao was when he watched her.

To avoid potential problems, it was best to end all relations with them here.

Ning Xi thought her reply was faultless, but Lu Tingxiao still looked dissatisfied. Seeing this, she felt fearful.

Did she say something wrong? Why was his face so scary?

“Brother, your expression is so scary, if I didnt know you were trying to repay her kindness, I would have thought you were here for revenge!” Lu Jingli couldnt help saying, as he couldnt bear to see a beauty so frightened. He then turned to Ning Xi to say, “My brother doesnt like to owe favors, so please just ask for something! Dont be so courteous!”

Were there people who would actually force requests out of others?

Ning Xi curled her lips. “Im not being courteous, but really, theres no need. Ive only said the truth, if you dont believe me, you can check”

“No need,” Lu Tingxiao said succinctly; his expression became impatient.

Lu Jingli opened his mouth. “Weve already checked the security camera in the bar storeroom. Little Treasure ran in there himself, and as for you, the manager has already admitted to locking you in there, so dont worry. We dont suspect you of anything, and you did save Little Treasure, so just request something!”

Amazing, now were back to where we started!

Finally, Ning Xi ran out of ideas, and under Lu Tingxiaos chilling gaze, she gave in and said, “How about you give me money?”

Dont all rich people like to solve problems immediately with money?

Lu Tingxiao should also be the type to think the same way!

If she didnt ask for money, they might think she wanted one of the young masters instead.

Right when she believed she had made the right request, Lu Tingxiaos expression turned even uglier.

Ning Xi was about to cry. Why did he have to be so taciturn? Cant you just say what you want to say? Would a few words kill you?

Lu Jingli rubbed his nose as he translated, “My brother believes that giving money insults the other person.”

Ning Xis heart was howling: No problem, just insult me!!!

The Lu family was too unique, she really couldnt think of a reasonable request at the moment. It was at this point in their stalemate that Lu Tingxiao opened his mouth

“Marry me.”

Ning Xi froze for a second, then began coughing heavily, almost choking herself to death on her own saliva. “Cough cough cough what did you say?”

After finally succeeding in stopping her coughs, she immediately looked at Lu Jingli.

Second Master, please translate!!!

But this time, it was not just Ning Xi who was stumped; even Lu Jingli was also dazed. “Brother, what did you mean? This time, I really cannot translate!”

Ning Xi suddenly had a lightbulb moment. She asked in a haltering tone, “Is it because I saved your son that youve decided to repay me with your body?”

Lu Tingxiao inclined his head slightly and thought about it before he nodded. “You could say that.”

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