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Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 14

Little Treasure slept heavily as Ning Xi lightly got off the bed to find out what had happened.

Opening her bedroom door, she saw Lu Tingxiao pouring himself a glass of water, one hand clutching his stomach and his face ghastly pale.

Ning Xi rushed over. “Mister Lu, are you alright?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Do you have a stomachache?”

Lu Tingxiao was silent.

Ning Xi knew she had guessed right.

Lu Tingxiao couldn’t handle spicy food. But if he couldn’t handle it, why had he still eaten it?

“Wait a second, I’ll get you some medicine.”

Luckily, her house was well-stocked with medical supplies.

Ning Xi hurriedly brought over the stomach medication. “You have to eat both pills.”

“Thanks.” Lu Tingxiao took the caplets from her palm, the coolness of his skin lightly grazing hers and giving her a shock which engraved itself into her heart.

It was currently very late into the night, and with a beauty standing before her, in such a difficult, dangerous situation, it was very easy to light a fire!

Ning Xi silently recited math equations in her head to calm her heart. As she watched Lu Tingxiao take his medicine, she felt it wouldn’t be appropriate to just leave, and decided to accompany him for a while.

“Is it better now? Do we need to go to the hospital? I’m sorry, I didn’t know you couldn’t eat spicy food”

Originally, she was worried about Little Treasure eating too much spicy food, but in the end, Little Treasure was fine but Lu Tingxiao was not. What kind of situation was this

“It’s no big deal.”

Both of them didn’t say anything for a while before Lu Tingxiao finally opened his mouth: “Tonight we came to bother you because Little Treasure wanted to see you.”

Ning Xi felt surprised. “Little Treasure wanted to see me?”

“Since you saved him after the scare he received in the bar storeroom, Little Treasure is now very reliant on you,” Lu Tingxiao explained.

Ning Xi realized that if Little Treasure was nearby or whenever the topic of Little Treasure came up, Lu Tingxiao’s unfathomable cold demeanor would soften; he was not as frightening as he had been at the hospital during the day.

“So it was like this” Ning Xi nodded her head.

The atmosphere created from being up this late at night tended to make people lower their guards and confess their worries, so Ning Xi asked a question she’d been thinking about a lot. “That, if I may boldly ask, does Little Treasure not know how to speak?”

She had never heard Little Treasure utter a single word. The little guy only knew how to nod or shake his head.

“It’s not that he doesn’t know how, he just doesn’t want to speak,” Lu Tingxiao replied.

“So it’s a psychological issue?” Ning Xi furrowed her brow.

“Yes.” Lu Tingxiao didn’t intend to hide anything.

“This” It was almost as she had guessed.

As for the issue of what had happened to trigger the childs trauma like this, Ning Xi dared not ask further about such a secret.

“Miss Ning.” Lu Tingxiao suddenly fixed his attention on her. His gaze was cold, yet it gave her a scorching hot feeling which excited and exhausted her.

“Yes?” Ning Xi froze under his gaze.

“Have we met somewhere before?” Lu Tingxiao asked.

If anyone else had asked this question, Ning Xi would assume that the other person was hitting on her using a completely worn out pick-up line. But the person speaking was Lu Tingxiao. Also, there was an entirely serious and honest expression in his eyes.

“I dont think we have. If I had seen a person like you before, Mister Lu, its impossible that I would have no recollection of it whatsoever that, is there a problem?” Ning Xis tone was firm. Even if she was the eldest miss of the Ning family, there was absolutely no possibility of having met Lu Tingxiao, who was of a higher and different class.

“Its nothing.” Lu Tingxiao directed his gaze, dark as the night outside, towards the window. He seemed forlorn.

If this kind of tte–tte continued, the atmosphere would not be good!

“Mister Lu, if youre alright now, Im going to head back to bed,” Ning Xi said carefully.

Lu Tingxiao saw through her and waved his hand. “No rush. Sit.”

No rush! She was really rushed, okay!

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