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Frog Short Story

In addition, a small mistake made the section chief dislike it. It doesn’t mean that the business partners have been affected, nor has it caused any damage, but it’s neat, […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 14

Little Treasure slept heavily as Ning Xi lightly got off the bed to find out what had happened. Opening her bedroom door, she saw Lu Tingxiao pouring himself a glass […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 12

Ning Xi smiled genuinely and lightly clanked her beer against his cup. “Thanks!” The moment she smiled, Lu Tingxiao felt blinded. After Ning Xi said her thanks, she looked at […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 11

After Ning Xi returned from the audition, she freshened up before heading out to the supermarket to buy hot pot ingredients, some dishes, and beer. After experiencing such an ordeal, […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 10

“Brother, you came back. Your Little Treasure suddenly threw a tantrum!” “What happened?” Lu Tingxiao asked in a low voice. “I dont know what happened. When he woke up, he […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 9

It was currently rush hour, so there was a traffic jam. Although Ning Xi had rushed over, by the time she reached the building hosting the auditions, she was already […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 8

Ning Xi felt like she was dreaming as she stared at the cold, expressionless face on the man before her. She held her forehead weakly, “Doctor wheres the doctor? I […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 7

Lu Tingxiao carefully sized up the woman on the hospital bed, scrutinizing her expression to see if it was real or fake. After a long time, he finally believed that […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 6

“President Lu, this” The bar owner felt helpless; he didnt understand at all how this situation had come about. Lu Tingxiao glanced coldly at the female managers guilty expression, then […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 5

Meanwhile, inside the guest room of the Eden Wine Bar, the atmosphere was very tense. The bar owner, manager, security, and all related staff trembled together in a huddle, as […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 4

The little bun was so scared of Ning Xi, his entire face went pale with fright. Meanwhile, she sat down next to the little bun and didn’t do anything except […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 3

5 years later. In Eden Wine Bar, in a corridor on the top floor. Ning Xi had accompanied the investors in drinking all night. She was experiencing a splitting headache, […]

Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 2

“I’ll tell you the truth right now! That night you drank wine which I spiked. You were so lustful and unsatisfied that I found two good men for you. Who […]

The Eternal Love 双世宠妃 (Novel)

The Eternal Love 双世宠妃原著:爷我等你休妻 (Novel)Other Name: The two worlds are the original: I will wait for you to divorce your wife / 双世宠妃原著:爷我等你休妻 / Bao Xiao Chong Fei / 爆笑宠妃:爷我等你休妻 […]