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Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 4

The little bun was so scared of Ning Xi, his entire face went pale with fright.

Meanwhile, she sat down next to the little bun and didn’t do anything except close her eyes to sleep.

All night, Chang Li had dragged her around to drink with people; it would’ve been even more surprising if her head wasn’t hurting.

After waking up from a short nap, Ning Xi felt that her leg was warm. She looked down to see the little bun clinging to her, clutching the hem of what she was wearing.

Ning Xi couldn’t help but laugh.

When she had still been living in the countryside, she had raised a cat. It had been especially cowardly and was deeply afraid of people. The moment it saw anyone, the cat would run. However, if you didn’t pay the cat any attention, it would slowly lower its guard after understanding you didnt mean it any harm, and the cat would then start to cling to you, and even climb onto your knee to sleep.

The little bun noticed her gaze and his small face went red with embarrassment, but he no longer showed any fear like before, and instead was filled with curiosity.

He really resembled that cat, so much so that even his facial expression was the same.

Ning Xi curled her lips and felt her hand itching until she couldn’t restrain herself, and tousled the little boy’s hair.

When she touched him, she frowned.

Why was his forehead so hot?

“Do you have a fever?”

Chang Li was going to lock her up in here at least until tomorrow, after the audition was over, and maybe even longer after that.

If this child were to continue burning with fever, it could prove to be quite fatal.

In her moment of panic, she realized something wasn’t right. The light in the storeroom had obviously died earlier, so why was there still light inside this place?

Lifting her head, she realized there was a very small skylight overhead which was letting light in. Searching the storeroom, Ning Xi found a ladder, which she placed beneath the window.

“Little Bun, come here! I’ll help you escape!”

The little guy showed a reaction for the first time. He shook his little head, and seemed determined not to leave.

Looking at him, Ning Xi understood what he meant, and smiled while pinching his cheeks.

“Why do you speak of loyalty? Do you want to stay and suffer with me? Go up, the window’s too small for me, so I can’t leave with you. But you can head out and find someone to come save me.”

Seeing the kids hesitation, Ning Xi picked him up directly and put him on the ladder.

“Quick, be a man. Don’t waver. I’ll be down here guarding you!”

After finally delivering the child safely outside, Ning Xi went down the ladder, but started to feel dizzy. In that moment of sudden lightheadedness, she slipped and fell.

Outside the window, the little bun’s originally expressionless face contorted in terror as he witnessed the scene.

Ning Xi forced a word out. “Leave”

Under the starlight, her face was pale and fragile, but it did not overshadow her ethereal beauty. Her eyes, especially, held a sparkling and spirited elegance that mirrored an ocean brimming with a constellation of stars.

She was no longer the same country bumpkin and ugly duckling from the past.

However, what use was that?

Ning Xi smiled bitterly. She hadnt gotten her revenge yet, and here she was, about to die from a fall.

At least before dying, she had accomplished a good deed; she had saved the little bun.

If her child had not died that year, he would probably have been the same age.

Five years ago after that car accident, the Ning family, ashamed of her, had sent her to M country, to a miscellaneous university for profligate, second-generation rich kids. They had left her to fend for herself.

She had withdrawn from that school to apply for Nanjia University, where she went crazy learning whatever she could.

Because she wanted to defeat Ning Xueluo, to reclaim all of what should have been hers!

Most importantly, acting was her ultimate dream.

After returning to the country, she had used her looks and talent to gain Chang Lis attention. She then successfully entered one of the biggest entertainment companies, Starlight Entertainment.

Originally, the path under Starlight should have been vast with possibilities. But then Ning Xueluo also entered the company, and then bribed Chang Li to constantly suppress Ning Xi.

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