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Full Marks Hidden Marriage Chapter 3

5 years later. In Eden Wine Bar, in a corridor on the top floor.

Ning Xi had accompanied the investors in drinking all night. She was experiencing a splitting headache, and was trying to find a quiet place to refresh herself. She didn’t think that Chang Li would follow her out, and she could only prepare herself mentally to deal with her.

“Sister Chang, do you have something to say?”

“Ning Xi, let me ask you: did you apply to audition for the female lead in ?”

“Yes, and?”

You cannot go tomorrow!” Even though Chang Li was Ning Xi’s manager, here she was advising her not to go to an audition for such a huge role in the entertainment industry.

Ning Xi was unsurprised at her words and merely raised an eyebrow as she asked, “Reason?”

“First of all, you kept quiet about this and did not tell me, yet you still dare to ask me for a reason? Not to mention, don’t you know the company has already arranged for Ning Xueluo to audition for the role?”

“If I audition for the role, that doesn’t clash with the company’s arrangements.” Ning Xi smiled at her. “Did Ning Xueluo ask you to speak to me about this? Is she scared a little unknown rookie like me might actually steal her role?”

“Do you even have the talent to compete with her for roles? You’re insane to even talk about such an impossible dream! Let me tell you now, don’t waste your effort. The Ning family invested 30 million yuan into this drama, so the role will definitely go to Ning Xueluo!”

“Is that so? Then why do you need to be so nervous?”

“You’re my artiste! You have to listen to my arrangements for you!” Chang Li said as a matter of course.

“Oh, so Sister Chang, you do know I am an artiste under you.”

“Ning Xi, I don’t have time to waste with you. Since you don’t accept my kindness and want things the hard way, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

As soon as she said the words, Ning Xi felt a force hit her, and caught off guard, she was pushed into the bars storeroom, her cellphone also stolen away.

BANG! The door slammed shut.

The footsteps outside the door gradually became quieter as they went further away.

Knowing that shouting would be useless, Ning Xi leaned against the door and slid down to sit on the floor without a word.

When Ning Xi had just joined the company, Ning Xueluo still knew how to restrain herself, and had ordered Chang Li to arrange various villain roles for her; lately, it was becoming too much that even such underhanded tricks like locking her in a storeroom were being used.

If she couldnt get the role she auditioned for this time, she definitely needed to find a way to leave Starlight Entertainment.

As she pondered this, she suddenly heard a small sound.

Dont tell me theres a rat?

Ning Xi glanced in the direction the sound had come from, and was shocked.

Behind a stack of boxes, she could see a little boy.

The kid appeared to be around four to five years old, with features like finely carved jade, and white and soft like a small bun. He was hiding in the corner shivering, his black eyes full of wariness and alarm.

Huh, why is there a kid in this bars storeroom?

No way some customer could be preposterous enough to bring a child to a bar, right?

“Hey, Little Bun, who are you? How did you get in here?”

“Did you sneak in?”

“Did someone lock you in here?”

“Do you eat candy?”

After asking for what felt like half a day, the child still did not speak, and his trembling only became worse, like frightened prey.

Ning Xi stopped talking. This didnt have anything to do with her anyway.

Thus, an adult and a child each took a corner of their own as they continued to coexist idly.

At this time, the ceiling light started to flicker, and then went out.

In the darkness, Ning Xi could hear a chattering sound. After carefully analyzing the sound, she realized it was a noise made by the chattering of teeth.

Ning Xi couldnt help but laugh, and faced the little bun. “Are you afraid of the dark?”

The chattering stopped for a second, and then began even louder than before.

Oh, how could he be such a coward?

Ning Xi patted her butt as she got up, and walked towards the kid.

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