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Summary of every episode of “The Scholars”

“The Scholars (儒林外史)”

“The Scholars” represents the peak of ancient Chinese satirical novels, and it created a paradigm for directly evaluating real life with novels. The fifty-six chapters of the book use realism to describe the different expressions of various people’s “fame, fame, wealth and honor”. On the one hand, it truly reveals the process and reasons for the corruption of human nature, so as to deal with the corruption of the government at that time, the malpractice of the imperial examination, the hypocrisy of etiquette, etc. It is a profound criticism and ridicule; on the one hand, it enthusiastically praises the protection of human nature made by a few characters in a self-persistent way, thus embodying the author’s ideals. The following is a summary of each time:

1. Wang Mian was from a poor family and was good at painting lotus. Beijing official Wei Su wanted to see him, but because he didn’t want to make friends with officials and gentry, and feared of being victimized, he went to Shandong. After the flood in Shandong, he returned to his hometown. The foster mother was sent off, at the end of the Ming Dynasty uprising, Zhu Yuanzhang took the world, and in order to avoid becoming an official, he returned to Huiji Mountain.

2. The squire on Xuejiaji discussed about holding the Dragon Lantern Festival during the Spring Festival. In the meantime, I mentioned that I would hire a teacher for the children. President Xia recommends Zhou Jin, who is more than 60 years old. Mei Jiu was invited to accompany Zhou Jin at the banquet, but Mei Jiu, who had been hit by a talented talent, played tricks on Zhou Jin during the feast, and said that he dreamed of a talented talent who had a good omen.

3. Zhou Jin’s brother-in-law and others felt sorry for Zhou Jin, so they pooled money to donate him a supervising student, and were able to pass the examination directly, pass the examination, and later pass the examination of Jinshi, and serve as the Cantonese scholarship. Yu Fan was admitted to the exam because he was pitying for him. Afterwards, he passed the exam again. The squire Zhang came to make friends and donated silver and a house. This article embodies the perverted psychology of literati in pursuit of official careers and prospering.

4. Fan Jin’s mother suddenly received a generous house and furnishings, and died of excessive excitement. Three years after Fan Jin served in the funeral, Zhang Jingzhai went with him to visit Tangzhi County, Gaoyao County, because the court ordered the ban on cattle slaughter and beef consumption.

5. After Tang Zhixian handled the case of the Hui people, two people came to sue Yan Gongsheng, one told Yan Gongsheng to snatch other people’s pigs, and the other was Yan Gongsheng demanding other people’s profit. Yan Gong fled in fear of crime. His elder brother Yan Jiansheng handled the lawsuit for him, and he paid for the compensation, and took care of it.

6. Strictly supervise the death of illness. Zhao and his elder brother Wang De and Wang Ren discussed how to send it. Yan Gongsheng’s eldest brother, Yan Gongsheng, returned from the imperial examination. Zhao’s son later died of illness, and Wang De wrote to Yan Gongsheng to ask him to come back to discuss the matter of establishing an heir. At this time, Yan Gongsheng met in the provincial capital.

7. Fan Jin went to visit his teacher Zhou Jin. Because Fan Jin was going to Shandong to teach, Zhou Jin instructed Fan Jin to pay attention to Xun Mei and make him enter school after arriving in Shandong. At that time, Xun Mei had passed the test with Wang Hui. The two met Chen Li, a fortune teller, and fortune-telled Wang Hui’s future.

8. After Wang Hui returned to the provincial capital, when the court ordered to make up for the lack of Nanchang prefect, he took office. After arriving in Nanchang, he deliberately refused to accept the seal, and he did not officially take the post until the Taishou gave the money. Later King Ning rebelled and captured Nanchang, and Wang Hui surrendered to Shun.

9. On the way back to the provincial capital, Lord Lou and the two saw Zou San, the son of Zou Jifu, the servant who looked at the grave for his family, and said he was living nearby. So the son of Lou came into the house to visit. Xi Zhong learned that Yang Zhizhong was in a deficit due to account management and was sent to prison. The son of Lou decided to save people. After returning home, he asked his servant Jinjue to take the silver to the county to explain it. The photo was taken at Jiawei in Lou Mansion and Yang Zhizhong was released by the county magistrate.

10. The son of Lou did not find Yang Zhizhong for the second time, and met Lu Bianxiu on the way back. When it comes to Yang Zhizhong, Editor Lu is disapproving. A few days later, Chen Li came to visit. At this time Zang Gongsun lived in Lou Mansion, and Chen Li proposed marriage for the daughter of the Lu family. The old lady sent a letter to let Young Master Lou handle it at his discretion. According to Lu Bianxiu’s meaning, Zang Gongsun entered Zulu Lu’s family. Choosing a lucky day, the wedding was held.

11. After marriage, Ms. Lu is both talented and beautiful, but Gongsun Zang’s literary talents are very general, but there is no alternative. When Zou Jifu came to Lou Mansion, he talked about Yang Zhizhong and decided to visit again. After meeting, we talked very happily.

12. When the son of Lou was about to visit the right not to use, the newly arrived Master Wei came to visit. Seeing that there are so many trivial matters, Yang Zhizhong suggested that the servant bring the letter to invite. On the way, the servant learned that the right should not be used as a person who is doing nothing and doing nothing. I wrote two letters before I came to Lou Mansion. And bring a knight.

13. Gongsun Zang met Ma Chunshang, who started a tutoring class for others. He was very inspired by listening to him talk about the tips for entering a higher school. The servant of the Lou’s family, Huancheng, had an affair with the maid of the family’s maid.

14. After bargaining, Ma Chun gave out 92 taels of silver and wrote a redemption document to Shuanghong for Gongsun Zang, before he retrieved the stolen box. The messenger took most of the money. Huancheng and Shuanghong go far away. After the matter was sorted out, Ma Chun went up to Hangzhou. After arriving in Hangzhou, I went around for a few days until I met a “fairy man” named Hong Hanxian in Ding’s Ancestral Hall.

15. The fairy understands that Ma Chunshang is currently embarrassed and intends to help him. Given a few pieces of black coal, Ma Chunshang brought them home and made silver after refining them with fire. The immortal also asked the rich Young Master Hu to pay ten thousand liang of silver to prepare materials for alchemy. It is said that the “silver mother” can be trained in 49 days, and the stone can be turned into gold at that time. Subsequently, the fairy “drove the crane west.”

16. Because Kuang Chaoren’s third uncle wanted to occupy his father’s house and couldn’t afford to be ill, his mother was washed away with tears all day long. After Kuang Chaoren returned home, he did his best to serve his father and comfort his third uncle. And make a small business with the silver given by Ma Chun to make up for the household. A fire broke out in the village, and the Kuang Chaoren family was forced to move to a rented house. Once when the county magistrate passed by, I saw Kuang Chaoren studying hard, and I appreciated it very much. As a result, he passed the exams continuously until he passed the Juren.

17. After Kuang Chaoren entered school, he visited the teacher continuously. Soon, his father died of illness. For some unknown reason, the magistrate was dismissed from office, but the people embraced the magistrate and surrounded the officials in the province. Someone was sent to arrest the leader, which caused Kuang Chaoren. Kuang Chaoren went to Hangzhou to avoid disaster. I got acquainted with the folk sage Jing Lanjiang and a group of his friends. These people often get together to write poetry.

18. The owner of Wenhan Tower, where Kuang Chaoren lives, asked him to help select some articles. Ma Chunshang only took seven days to complete the work that only took two months at the beginning, and he received some compensation (elect gold) for this. Jing Lanjiang brought Kuang Chaoren to meet some new literati friends through Hu Zhen (Mr. Hu San)’s birthday. They held a poem meeting together, but some of them had really mediocre literary talents. On the night when I went to the provincial capital to hold a poetry meeting, I was drunk and walked at night, and was held by the night patrol officials. This article embodies the stinginess of the son of the rich man, Hu San Gongzi, the false talents of the literati, and the ugliness of drinking.

19. Kuang Chaoren met Daddy Pan’s younger brother Pan Ziye. He was very refreshing, flexible and dedicated to solving problems for people to make money. Lotus, the girl of the big family, ran away and was held by the government to send it back to her place of origin.

Through various relationships, Pan San cleared the government and got things done. Shi Meiqing wanted to sell her younger sister-in-law to someone else, but sent his wife out by mistake. The other party refused to return. Shi Meiqing sued the officer, but she didn’t have the formalities for selling her younger sister-in-law. She wanted to pay some money but the lawsuit was settled. Pan San also settled the matter. . Jin Dongya’s son wanted to take the exam, but he didn’t have any knowledge. After careful planning by Pan San, Kuang Chaoren took the test and passed the test smoothly.

As a result, Kuang Chaoren got two hundred taels of silver, so he bought a house, and Pan San guaranteed the media to introduce Father Zheng’s daughter to become a relative. Kuang Da wrote to his younger brother, asking him to go to Wenzhou to take the exam and pass the exam. At the same time, his teacher, the magistrate of Yueqing County, was framed, verified and released, and was promoted to the job, and sent a letter to Kuang Chaoren, inviting him to pass. Pan San finally committed too many crimes and was taken to prison.

20. Kuang Chaoren found the teacher. The teacher admired his talents and wanted to marry his niece. He lied to be unmarried and became a relative. Once back to Zhejiang for business, I visited home by the way. I didn’t want my wife to pass away because of her unaccustomed life in the country. An old friend Jing Lanjiang found him and asked him to visit Pan San who was in prison. Because he had an affair with Pan San, he refused to say that he could not visit the prisoner because he was working for the court.

After finishing the work, he came back to Beijing on the boat and met Niu Buyi. And brag to them about his talents. Niu Buyi lived in the nunnery in Wuhu County, but unfortunately died of illness. Ask the old monk to take care of the funeral before his death. The monk and his neighbors did so correctly. It embodies the ugly attitude of Kuang Chaoren after he became an official, disregarding his wife’s affection, not remembering old friendship, so as to brag and exalt himself.

21. Niupulang was studying in the nunnery and met the old monk. When the old monk was away, he peeked at the personal collection of poems left by Niu Buyi. Because he had the same surname, he wanted to impersonate Niu Buyi, so he changed his name to Niupu, with the word Buyi. Self-engraved hand chapter. Father Bu has a niece. His mother is dead. His father has been doing business abroad all the year round. He negotiated with Father Niu to marry Niu Pulang.

Upurang is not good at doing business, and since he took over his grandfather’s grocery store, he has been losing money. Father Niu got angry and died of illness when he learned about it. My father-in-law Bu was old and died after finishing the funeral of Father Niu. The disciple of the old monk became the admiral of the nine sects and sent someone to take the old monk to Beijing, leaving Anzi to be taken care of by Niupu.

22. Because Niupu pretended to be Niu Buyi, Dong Ying came to visit here admiringly. In order to show his momentum, Niupu asked the two uncles to pour tea and the other to clean up. After the reception, they complained to each other for not knowing the etiquette, provoked Bu Xin and Bu Cheng to drive Niupu out of the house and seek a house by himself. Niupu had nothing to do, so he wanted to go to Dong Ying. I met Niu Yupu on the boat. Because he was of the same surname, the bluffing Niu Yupu recognized Niu Pu as his grandson.

Later, I met Niu Yupu’s beloved brother Wang Yi’an on the way. Wang Yi’an was beaten by someone during the meal, which reflected Niu Yupu’s character. After arriving in Hangzhou, Niupu went with Niu Yupu to visit Wanxuezhai. While walking by the pond, he accidentally fell into the pond and was placed on the table by Niu Yupu.

23. When Niu Yupu went to Wanjia, the Taoist priest told Niupu the details of Wanxuezhai. Wan Xuezhai was originally the housekeeper of the salt merchants’ family. Later, he started his own business, so he hates others for mentioning this matter most. Niu Pu told Niu Yupu that if Cheng Mingqing was mentioned in front of Wan Xuezhai, he would be able to hold Wan Xuezhai and get more benefits. Unexpectedly, it caused Wan Xuezhai’s anger and drove Niu Yupu out.

Niu Yupu moved to Niupu and found him and beat him up. Niupu happened to meet the boatman surnamed Huang, because he said he had a good relationship with Dongzhixian, he was respected by Huang and married his fourth daughter. Dong Zhixian was promoted to Beijing. He didn’t know that Niu Buyi was dead, let alone that Niupu was a fake. He told Feng Zhuoan that Niu Buyi was in Ganluan, causing Niu Buyi’s wife to come here.

24. Milk Milk didn’t know that her husband was dead, and thought that it was Niu Pu who killed her husband, so she pretended to be Niu Buyi, so she sued. However, Xiang Zhixian thought it was just the same name and refused to be tried, and sent back to his place of origin for trial. The boss thought that the magistrate of Xiangxian was not doing his job properly and wanted to join him, so he was rescued by the actor Bao Wenqing. When Bao Wenqing returned to Nanjing, he wanted to find a few people to form a small theater troupe.

25. Bao Wenqing was walking on the street and met an old man who repaired musical instruments, so he asked him to help repair the musical instruments at home. During the period, it was mentioned that Mr. Ni had been a talented scholar for more than 20 years, and his family was poor. Four of his five sons had already been sold. The last one is also difficult to feed. After discussing with Bao Wenqing, both sides wished to adopt Bao Wenqing and renamed Bao Tingxi. As a result, Bao Wenqing took her son around to start acting. One day, he met the former prefect of Xiangxian on the street. He has been promoted to the prefect of the local government. According to the introduction of the prefect, he betrothed the daughter of the gatekeeper of the house to Bao Tingxi.

26. Bao Tingxi’s wife, Mrs. Wang, died of dystocia. Promoted to the prefect of Fujian Province. Bao Wenqing returned to his hometown of Nanjing because of being too old, and died of serious illness shortly after arriving home. Theatrical troupe teacher Jin Cifu came to propose to Bao Tingxi. Old lady Bao asked Aunt Gui to find out about the woman. Aunt Gui found the matchmaker’s husband Shen Tianfu. Shen Tianfu told him that the woman was a pungent person, but he had some savings. Talk about it. The wife, Mrs. Wang, has a very strong vanity, and the matchmaker tried her best to exaggerate Bao Tingxi’s wealth, and Mrs. Wang agreed.

27. After marriage, because there is a mother-in-law in the Bao family, the husband is not a member, and there is no shop in the name, these facts are revealed. Mrs. Bao couldn’t bear it, and on the advice of her daughter and uncle, she drove Bao Tingxi and his wife out of the house.

Bao Tingxi’s elder brother, Ni Tingzhu, has been working as an assistant to Master Ji in Suzhou Fuyuan. When he came to Nanjing, he found Bao Tingxi and gave him some money and asked him to buy a house. Because I was going to Suzhou soon, I asked my brother to find him in Suzhou in a few days and give him some money to do business. Unexpectedly, Bao Tingxi learned that her eldest brother had died of illness after arriving in Suzhou. Fortunately, I met Ji Weixiao on the way here, so I went to Yangzhou to find Master Ji.

28. Ji Weixiao is now marrying his second wife. All celebrities came to congratulate. After Bao Tingxi arrived, Ji Weixiao asked him to bring a letter to his friend Ji Tianyi because he had to return to Nanjing. Ji Tianyi was penniless in Nanjing at this time. Zhugeyou asked him to help him find a book picker, and wanted to carve books together to become famous. Ji Tianyi found his friend Xiao Jinxuan, but Xiao Jinxuan’s knowledge is not high. Just to earn Zhugeyou’s silver. The three people found a monk’s residence as a residence and began to arrange book engraving.

29. It happened that the monk official had just been promoted, and he wanted to celebrate with a wine, and many friends came to join him. Zhuge Tianshen (Zhugeyou) saw Du Shenqing on the road and took his friends to visit. Everyone admired Du Shenqing because he won the first place in the exam. Du Shenqing left everyone to eat. Du Shenqing has no sons and is determined to take a concubine.

30. Ji Weixiao and Du Shenqing talked happily. Du Shenqing talked about the lack of a confidant. Ji Weixiao deliberately teased him, telling him that he was a man of good looks and optimism. Du Shenqing believed it to be true. After going there, he realized that it was a joke. The person he was looking for was Lai Xiashi. Xia Shi was a black, ugly, fat and strong Taoist priest. Du Shenqing discussed with Bao Tingxi and called a large number of actors to hold the Mochou Lake Pavilion Conference to select people with complete color and art. Finally, the top three were selected, namely, Zheng Kuiguan, Ge Laiguan, and Wang Liuge.

31. Through the actor conference held, Bao Tingxi saw Du Shenqing’s generosity and wanted to borrow some money to re-establish a troupe. But Du Shenqing introduced his cousin Du Shaoqing to him, saying that he is a more generous person. As long as he knows the old man Du and promotes him, he can lend him money. On the way to find Du Shaoqing, Bao Tingxi ran into the fourth grandfather Wei who was also visiting.

As expected, Du Shaoqing was even more generous. He not only entertained guests with good wine and food, but also gave them medicines and cures. He was not afraid of power and clinging to the magistrates of the county. Even though he had no money, he made new clothes for Yang. The tailor’s dead mother bought the coffin.

32. The fourth grandfather Wei was about to go home. Du Shaoqing gave a jade cup. Because of generous donations and no money at home, he asked the housekeeper Wang Hu to sell a piece of land for more than one thousand taels. Old Uncle Lou’s grandson is going back. Du Shaoqing gave one hundred taels of silver. The servant Huang Da’s house collapsed. Du Shaoqing gave fifty taels of silver for repairs. San Ye Zang received three hundred taels of silver from others. Asking for silver, Zang Sanye was afraid of a lawsuit, so he asked Du Shaoqing to borrow three hundred taels.

Zhang Junmin’s son wanted to take the exam, because it was a fake nationality. Du Shaoqing gave him one hundred and twenty taels of silver to clear his relationship. The magistrate Wang lost his official position and had nowhere to live. Although he was going from the future, he still vacated a room for him. He moved in and lived; Bao Tingxi saw that others could borrow money, and finally opened his mouth, saying that he was going to form a theater troupe, but also borrowed a hundred taels. Old Uncle Lou’s illness became more and more serious. Before returning home, he told Du Shaoqing to learn how to manage the family, and to lend money to divide people and responsibilities. Some people came to cheat money and would not be grateful. Du Shaoqing is still generous. Sold another piece of land.

33. Du Shaoqing moved to Nanjing. All the friends came to visit one after another, and Du Shaoqing also returned to pay respect. Mrs. Li, the protégé of Mrs. Du, wanted to recommend Du Shaoqing to be an official. Du Shaoqing knew that he was ignorant, and did not want to be restrained by officialdom and pretend to be sick. Chi Hengshan and Du Shaoqing discussed the construction of an ancestral hall for Wu Taibo (the son of King Zhou) in order to inherit traditional ritual music and raise funds from friends.

34. Xue Xiangshen invited friends, including Chi Hengshan, Ma Chunshang, Zang Gongsun, Xiao Boquan, Ji Weixiao, Yu Hesheng, etc. Du Shaoqing refused to go away. During the period, Mr. Gao talked about Du Shaoqing’s inability to be an official, and wasted all the wealth accumulated over the past dynasties. Chi Hengshan and Du Shaoqing went to visit Zhuang Shaoguang to discuss the construction of the ancestral hall. Zhuang Shaoguang was recommended by Governor Xu to enter Beijing for his post. In the inn, he met Sun Shoubei, who was escorting the payment. Peer. Sun Defense’s horse team encountered the ringing horse, and was repelled by Sun Defense’s friend Xiao Haoxuan with a slingshot.

35. Zhuang Shaoguang should call upon the emperor. The emperor greatly admired his talents, but he was not familiar with the officialdom and offended the Taibao. When the emperor wanted to reuse him, the Taibao said that it is not suitable to use people who have not entered the school through formal channels. So the emperor gave silver taels and Yuanwu Lake to allow him to return home to write a book. On the way back to his hometown, Zhuang Shaoguang took the night to an old farmhouse. Unfortunately, the old farmer and his wife died. Zhuang Shaoguang spent his money to bury him. On the way home and after arriving home, bureaucrats and squires from all walks of life came to visit him because he was summoned by the emperor, and Zhuang Shaoguang was overwhelmed. Moved to Yuanwu Lake bestowed by the emperor. Lu Xinhou immediately visited the lake, because Lu Xinhou had collected banned books and was chased by the government. Lu Xinhou surrendered himself, and a month later, he was rescued by Zhuang Shaoguang through dredging the relationship. Chi Hengshan and Du Shaoqing came to him to discuss the need to find a sage priest to Taibo’s ancestral hall.

36. In Changshu, there is Dr. Yu who was only a scholar in his 50s. He is extremely loyal and has done a series of charitable deeds: Entrusted by his friends, he will fulfill his promise after arriving at Nanjing Guozi Prison and give the martial arts to take care of him. Chu Xin and Yi Zhao advised Dr. Yu to hold a birthday in spring in order to collect some gift money for the spring outing, but they were rejected. Dr. Yu’s old neighbor Tang Xianggong came to him and told him that the house where Dr. Yu let him live was demolished due to lack of money. Dr. Yu was not angry, but also gave him money to rent another house. Ying Tianfu sent a prison student who had committed a crime of gambling. Dr. Yu not only died of his crime, but also ate and lived with him. After a few days, he was put back home. Therefore, Dr. Yu was selected as the chief priest of Taibo’s ancestral hall ceremony.

37. Dr. Yu led the crowd to hold a grand ceremony, and the villagers watched. After the ceremony, Gongsun Zang saw Zhang Tiebi, who turned out to be Zhang Junmin. From a ranger to a doctor, Zhang Junmin saw his misdeeds revealed and left.

Wu Shu told Du Shaoqing about two more good deeds of Dr. Yu. One is that when Dr. Yu was invigilating the exam, he discovered that the candidate was carrying a cheat sheet. Dr. Yu not only did not check it, but also concealed it for him, and gave the candidate enough face, and refused to admit it afterwards.

One was that Dr. Yu gave the girl to the housekeeper Yan for nothing, but the housekeeper did not appreciate him and wanted to take the girl away. Dr. Yu gave a settlement fee of ten taels of silver. Wu Shu met his filial son Guo Tieshan, who had lived in seclusion because his father had rebelled with King Ning. After decades of searching, Guo Xiaozi is still looking for him.

38. Dr. Yu and other celebrities from Jiangnan pooled twenty taels of silver and asked a friend in Xi’an to revise the book for help, and help him continue to find his father. Xiaozi Guo found Youzhi County, and Youzhi County gave it a gift and repaired a book. After he arrived in Chengdu, he could find his friend Xiao Haoxuan for funding. Xiaozi Guo went to sleep and ate all the way, but he met Mu Nai, who was robbed, persuaded him to return to righteousness.

After arriving in Chengdu, I found my father, and he has become a monk in the nunnery. My father resolutely refused to admit it. Xiaozi Guo lived nearby and worked daily to deliver food to his father. Xiaozi Guo once lived in Haiyue Zen Forest when he was in Xi’an. At this time, the old monk was going to visit Mount Emei and take a look at Xiaozi Guo. On the road, I met Zhao Dao, who was robbed. Because Zhao Da was driven out of the gate by the old monk before, he held a grudge against the old monk. An old woman who sells liquor pointed a way out and asked him to find a teenager nearby.

39. The young man who can save the old monk is Xiao Yunxian, the son of Xiao Haoxuan. He followed the old monk back to the nunnery, shot Zhao Da with a slingshot, and escaped with the old monk on his back. I met Guo Xiaozi on the way. Guo Xiaozi’s father has passed away. Guo Xiaozi will be buried in Huguang by his father’s bones. The upright Fan Bing seized Qingfeng City, and Jingli sent Ping Shaobao to suppress Fan Bing.

Xiao Haoxuan asked his son Xiao Yunxian to join the army in order to gain fame. On the way to the army, I met Mu Nai who was going to join the army, so he took Mu Nai with him. Ping Shaobao ordered Xiao Yunxian to take the lead to attack the city. After the army was behind, Xiao Yunxian sneaked into the city with a plan, and cooperated with the army to cooperate inside and outside to win Qingfeng City.

40. Xiao Yunxian stayed in Qingfeng City to rebuild the destroyed city, reclaim wasteland, appease the people, build water conservancy, and ask Mr. Shu to teach knowledge to young children. After the city was repaired, Xiao Yunxian reported the cost to the court. However, the court said that there was a false report and asked Xiao Yunxian to bear seven thousand taels on his own. Later, the prefect of Sichuan was transferred, and the new prefect promoted Xiao Yunxian as a defensive place, and went to Nanjing to take a post.

The boat met Shen Danian, who had taught in Qingfeng City. He was about to send his daughter Shen Qiongzhi to Yangzhou to marry the salt merchant Song Weifu. Unexpectedly, Song Weifu was a concubine. Shen Danian filed a lawsuit. Because the Song family secretly dredged, Shen Danian was escorted back to Changzhou with his daughter. He fled to Nanjing without permission.

41. Wu Shu and Du Shaoqing met Zhuang Zhuojiang and others in Nanjing. The fathers of Zhuang Zhuojiang and Du Shaoqing were old acquaintances, but they were the nephews of Zhuang Shaoguang’s relatives. Several people visit each other, play and compose poems. After seeing Shen Qiongzhi’s sign, I went to get to know him. Attracted Shen Qiongzhi to visit Du Shaoqing’s home. At this time, Jiangdu County officers came to capture Shen Qiongzhi, and Shen had to go back with them. On the boat back, I met Li Laosi with two prostitutes and went to Tang Laoliu.

42. Li Laosi led the two prostitutes to Master Tang Liu. Tang Lao Liu was very happy. Tang Zhentai’s two sons were going to Nanjing to take the exam. Passing by, the cousin Tang Laoliu received them. During the dinner, the two sons talked about the procedures and pomp in the examination room. After the exam, the two sons invited the troupe to act, and they also found the actor to drink and have fun. The second son of Tang was stripped naked and locked up because of a dispute with others. The list was unveiled 20 days later, but none of them passed the exam.

43. When the Miao people rebelled, Tang Zhentai wrote to his two sons, asking them to return home as soon as possible to help put down the rebellion. In Guizhou, Tang Zhentai sent troops to defeat the Miao soldiers according to the instructions of their superiors. However, the leader of the Miao people, Bie Zhuangyan, and the captain Feng Junrui escaped. Zang Si inquires about Bie Zhuangyan’s plan to come to the city for revenge, and Tang Zhentai design wins Bie Zhuangyan and Feng Junrui. When Lei Taishou played the court, Tang Zongzhen was demoted to three ranks and left his post to go home.

44. After Tang Zhentai returned home, he was very angry when he saw that Tang Laoliu looked like a bad weather. When he saw that his two sons were too poorly educated, he wanted to consult Mr. Shu. Xiao Baiquan introduced Yu Youda, but Yu Youda refused to apply because of the arrogance and rudeness of the eldest son Tang You. Yu Youda’s parents have passed away for many years. He and his brother Yu Youzhong have not been buried because they could not find a good place. Yu Youda went to visit friends in Nanjing. When discussing feng shui with Du Shaoqing, Chi Hengshan persuaded him not to believe in feng shui too much. He also cited Shi Yushi’s example to prove that feng shui was not credible.

45. Yu Youda, who is in Nanjing, received a letter from his brother at home, asking him not to go home for the time being. It turned out that Yu Youda had collected money in Wuwei Prefecture and helped in a life lawsuit, but he used the name of his younger brother Yu Chi. Now that the case happened, the guards went to arrest Yu Chi. Yu Chi helped his brother repeatedly deal with the errands on the grounds that he had never been to Wuwei State. After being sent off, someone asked Yu Youda’s cousins, Yu Fu and Yu Yin, to help watch Feng Shui, and Yu Youda and Yu Youhong were invited to accompany them. Yu Fu and Yu Yin talked eloquently, but Yu Youda disagreed. The two brothers went to Zhang Yunfeng for help choosing a place and a date to bury their parents who had passed away for many years.

46. ​​Yu Youda had nothing to do, so he went to Nanjing to visit Du Shaoqing. In Du’s house, he met Chi Hengshan, Zhuang Shaoguang, Dr. Yu, Wu Shu and others. It was the Double Ninth Festival. He climbed up and drank and wrote poetry and music. Yu Youzhong wrote to tell his elder brother Yu Youda to go back, saying that it was his cousin Yu Huaxuan who wanted to ask Yu Youda to teach his son to study.

Because the squires such as Peng Laosi and Fang Lao Liu exploited the common people by relying on their money, the government sent Ji Weixiao down to inquire. Tang Er Bangmao was sure that it could not be Ji Weixiao. He thought that if he really came, he should first visit Peng Laosi, Fang Laoliu, etc. instead of visiting Yu Huaxuan first. It was confirmed in hindsight that it was Ji Weixiao, showing the snobbery mentality of Tang Er Bangmao and others following the flames.

47. Father Cheng came to Yu Huaxuan and said that the countryside had a lot of land. Because the Fang family was prestigious and didn’t want to sell it to the Fang family, Yu Huaxuan agreed to buy it. He also wanted to stay with Dad Cheng for dinner. Dad Cheng said that there were many things to do and that the Fang family would invite him to dinner in the future. Yu Huaxuan inquired that Dad Cheng was talking big, and made a fake invitation for Fang’s family and gave it to Dad Cheng, teasing Dad Cheng once.

After the county’s festival of filial piety was built, the Fang family, Peng family, Yu family, and Yu family would send tablets of the deceased female elderly people to the temple. Due to the fact that Fang and Peng’s families are so powerful, the people from Four Mile and Five Townships followed Fang Peng’s team, including relatives of Yu and Yu’s families. However, only a few people from Yu and Yu gave the tablets, and they were deserted. When Fang and Peng’s family feasted in the shrine, Yu and Yu’s family gathered together and ate some wine and food.

48. Yu Youda was selected as a tutor in Huizhou Prefecture. After taking office, Wang Yuhui, a 60-year-old talent, came to worship. During the conversation, I learned that Wang Yuhui had been writing books and speaking, and his family was poor. After Wang Yuhui’s third son-in-law died of illness, his daughter would also be martyred. The father-in-law, mother-in-law, and mother all persuaded him to do so. The third daughter died on a hunger strike, and a grand sacrificial ceremony was held in the county.

After burying his daughter, Wang Yuhui was impatient with the grief of his old wife and wanted to go to Nanjing to relax. Yu Youda wrote to him to find Du Shaoqing, Zhuang Shaoguang and others. After arriving in Nanjing, the few people we were looking for were not there, but they met Deng Zhifu, the nephew of an old friend. He came to Nanjing to help the owner sell salt. The two went to see the Taibo Temple in Nanjing together, and they couldn’t help sighing about Dr. Yu’s Chongwen style when he was in Nanjing. A month later, Wang Yuhui handed the letter written by Yu Youda to Deng Zhifu, and asked him to pass it on to Du Shaoqing and others, and returned to Huizhou by himself.

49. Wan Li claimed to be recommended as Zhong Shu. When Wan Zhong Shu visited Gao Hanlin, Gao Hanlin invited Wu Shu to accompany him. Gao Hanlin looked down on the so-called celebrities such as Chi Hengshan, Zhuang Shaoguang, and Ma Chunshang at that time, because they had always been scholars and could not be admitted to Juren. They also look down on those who obtain titles by recommending them without going through the formal imperial examination channels. After Wan Zhongshu filled the vacancy, he was in the same office with Gao Hanlin’s in-laws, Qin Zhongshu, so Qin Zhongshu had to invite him to dinner at home. During the dinner, Wan Zhongshu was locked away by officials led by Fang Zhixian.

50. Father Feng Si reminded several friends that they should go to find out the reason for the capture of Wanzhong Shu. The butler went to inquire, but did not find out. Feng Si’s father went to find out by himself. It turned out that a general soldier in Taizhou was involved, and Wan Zhongshu was implicated. But the official document said Wan Li was a scholar. Under the questioning of Feng Si’s father, Wan Li only admitted that he was a scholar and defrauded him of money in the name of Zhongshu. Originally the lawsuit was not big, but if it involves fake official positions, the situation is serious. Father Feng Si dedicated himself to saving people, and asked Qin Zhongshu Tuoshi Yushi and others to recommend a real Zhongshu official title, so that after Wan Zhongshu was escorted back to Taizhou, there would be no problem in the lawsuit.

51. Feng Si’s father sent Wan Zhongshu back to Taizhou with the mansion. On the way, there was a young silk guest who was tempted by a prostitute and was stolen two hundred taels of silver. Father Feng Si taught to sway the boat back, found the prostitute, tricked the boat into the boat, and asked the silk guest to find her husband to get the money back. After arriving in Taizhou, Feng Si’s father told Wan Zhongshu to put all the responsibility on him when he was being tried, and Wan Zhongshu did so.

When Father Feng Si was tortured in the lobby, Father Feng Si, who was armed with martial arts, broke three sets of sticks one after another and did not confess. The prefect reported the situation. At that time, Chief Military Officer Miao had already died in prison, and his involvement was not significant, so Wan Zhongshu and Father Feng Si were released.

52. Father Feng Si went to Nanjing to find his friend Chen Zhenggong. Chen Zhenggong borrowed his money. Father Feng Si wanted to take the silver back to make a dish and go home. When I arrived in Hangzhou, I met Qin Erjiao and Hu Shangshu’s eighth son Huba. Stayed for a few days. When eating at Hu Ba Luanzi’s house, everyone saw Hu Ba Luanzi’s foot skills and broke the horse’s leg with one kick. They urge Hu Ba Luanzi to kick Feng Si’s father and have a look. As a result, Hu Ba Luanzi almost broke his toe. At this time, Chen Zhenggong and his friend Mao Erhu were selling silk in Nanjing.

Mao Erhuo introduced two lending businesses to Chen Zhenggong one after another, which was very rewarding. Later, because Mao Erbeard wanted to buy a pawn shop and he didn’t have enough money, Chen Zhenggong took the initiative to borrow one thousand taels from him. When Chen Zhenggong found the pawnshop, Mao Erhu had already transferred the store to others.

At this time, Father Feng Si came to Chen Zhenggong and promised to help him get the money back. They found Mao’s pawnshop, and Feng Si’s father overturned half of his house with his bare hands.

53. The empire looks coquettish and likes to make friends with precious friends. Her uncle introduced her to Mr. Chen Si, the cousin of Mr. Xu Jiu in the Guogong Mansion. The day before the meeting, Chen Munan chatted with Xu Jiu Gongzi, expressing the view that the status of prostitutes is higher than that of actors. When Chen Munan came to the Laibin Building, the girl was very happy and asked him to play more than a dozen games with his master Zou Tailai, who was playing chess with her. Chen Munan said that if an official can do it in the future, she will be redeemed for her.

54. Chen Munan came out of the hired mother to borrow money from his cousin. At this time, the third son of Xu was going to Fujian to take office, and the son of Xu Jiu went with him. Therefore, it took two days for Chen Munan to borrow money. When he returned to the Laibin Building, Ping Niang was ill and needed precious medicinal materials such as ginseng and coptis. Mrs. Dong, the landlord of Chen Munan, persuaded him not to spend his money on the girl, but Chen Munan refused to listen.

Sure enough, when Chen Munan had no money to use, Niangniang stopped paying attention to him. Chen Hefu’s son is also a fortune teller, he is a jerk and quarrels with his husband all day long. After an argument, he became a monk. After he became a monk, he had a quarrel with his fellow teacher Ding Yanzhi about whether he was writing a poem at the Yingzhan Lake Conference.

Ding Yanzhi took his only two or two dollars of silver and thought that he would hire a mother, and the hired mother came out. Qian Po was suspicious that the girl had collected the money privately, and asked for it. The two quarreled, but Niang Niang was not upset, and became a monk at Yanshou Temple.

55. In the twenty-three years of Wanli, after the older generation of celebrities gradually passed away, the trend of advocating literature in society gradually declined. Although some masters of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, such as Jing Yuan, Wang Tai, Ji Xianian, and Gai Kuan, have appeared, they are not allowed to re-use them when they are empty. Can only live hard in the field.

56. In the forty-three years of Wanli, floods and droughts were unfavorable, and the people talked about being poor. Henan Dao Supervisor Yushi Shan Yang said that it was because there were many talented scholars among the people, and the court did not entrust them to use them. There was nowhere to show their talents. The accumulated grievances merged with heaven and earth, which caused floods and droughts. Therefore, the imperial court is requested to conduct an in-depth investigation among the people, and grant degrees to those who are truly talented, regardless of life or death, in order to sort out their breath. The imperial court accepted that the wise men and celebrities who appeared in the text were given different degrees according to their talents.

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