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Frog Short Story

In addition, a small mistake made the section chief dislike it.

It doesn’t mean that the business partners have been affected, nor has it caused any damage, but it’s neat, neat, and persistent.

A frog swam in front of me sitting on a park bench and looking at the pond.

“Ah, I’m a frog too …”

The frog, swimming across in front of me, even though I couldn’t hear my mutter, suddenly turned around and approached the shore.

And the frog that went up to the shore opened his mouth.

“If you become a frog, it’s eh, eh, frogs are every day.”

“If you can become a frog so easily, you won’t have any trouble.”

Suddenly the frog started talking, but for some reason I answered normally.

“Easy, just jump into this pond and ask God, frog.”

“Are you serious……”

“Honma, Honma, Seriously, this …”

I thought about it seriously.

Every day, that bald chief told me that he didn’t like it, and I wondered if he would become a frog if he worked hard.

“Yeah, frogs, every day, chairs … oh”

A snake that suddenly jumped out from the side swallowed a frog.

“Ah … humans are ok …”

“Seyaro …”

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