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Tag: History

The emperor’s favorite concubine is leisurely

The emperor’s favorite concubine is leisurely Other names: 皇叔宠妃悠着点Author: Bamboo Nine Genre: Novel, Ancient, RomanceRelease: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Rumor has it that the nineteen emperors are cold and arrogant and don’t like women. Shang Liangyue […]

What is the flag of Myanmar?

The flag of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is the flag used by the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. The national flag of the Republic of the […]

What is the Irish War of Independence?

The Irish War of Independence, also known as the Anglo-Irish War, was a guerrilla war launched by the Irish Republican Army in Ireland to oppose the British government’s rule in […]

Why did ancient Egypt build Pyramids?

Pyramid is used to preserve the tomb of ancient Egyptian kings. It is famous for being tall and majestic. It is full of mystery and attracts tourists from all over […]

What are the patterns of Huizhou brick carvings?

The contents of Huizhou brick carving patterns are very extensive, including characters, landscapes, flowers and birds, animals, eight treasures, geometric shapes, characters, etc., which can be described as all-encompassing. Character […]

When was the York dynasty founded?

The York dynasty was a dynasty in the United Kingdom. In the second half of the 15th century, it competed with the Lancaster dynasty for the throne. The cause was […]

How did Ireland become a country

Around 7000 BC, a group of Orion came to the island of Ireland from Great Britain and became the first settlers. Then came the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age civilizations. […]

Introduction to the Gorse Dynasty

The House of Plantagenet (House of Plantagenet), also known as the House of Anjou in France. The royal family is a noble family that originated in Anjou, France. It ruled […]

Where is Flanders located?

Flanders is a historical place name in Western Europe. It refers to the southern region of the ancient Netherlands. It is located in the southwestern part of the Western European […]

Which country is the lowland country?

“God made the world, the Netherlands made the Netherlands“. This is a proud word that the Dutch love to say. Can God make the world? We don’t know. However, “Dutch […]

Live up to Ming and live up to Qing

Live up to Ming and live up to QingOther names: 不負大明不負卿Author: ShiguangGenre: Novel, Military History Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: In the winter of the ninth year of Wanli (1581 AD), Qingzhang was in full swing […]

Evil Emperor Sheng Chong, Feminine Concubine

Evil Emperor Sheng Chong, Feminine Concubine Other names: 邪皇盛宠,蛇蝎妖妃Author: Huayu ChengxianGenre: Novel, Traverse Overhead Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: She is a terrifying poison doctor killer in the 21st-century killer organization. She is born with secret […]

The meaning of the dragon’s head?

Chinese people believe that the dragon is an auspicious thing and the ruler of weather and rain. “The dragon raises its head” means that the yang energy is generated and […]

The legend of the Irish Headless Horseman

The headless horseman, the English translation of “Dullahan”, also known as “The Headless Horseman, Durahan, Gan Ceann”, is one of the most famous Irish folk legends of gods and monsters. […]