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Why the United States started the Gulf War?

The Gulf War is a milestone in the history of world wars, and has since opened the prelude to modern warfare. The reason for this war was that Iraq suddenly invaded into Kuwait and quickly occupied Kuwait, which caused dissatisfaction with the United Nations. Therefore, the United Nations asked Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait, but Iraq did not take the words of the United Nations at heart. It became more and more rampant. At that time, the United States had been planning to clean up Iraq and established a foothold in the Middle East when the Soviet Union was on the verge of collapse, and Iraq just gave the United States a legitimate excuse.

In this war, the price paid by the U.S. military was minimal, defeating the Iraqi army with hundreds of casualties. For Iraq, the most important oil industry was severely damaged in this war. It can be seen that the Iraqi economy was devastated very badly in this war, and the once impenetrable Iraq only lasted for 40 days.

The reason why the gap between the two is so large is that the U.S. military is already stronger than Iraq, so the U.S. can mobilize 50,000 troops to gather around Iraq in just seven days, and the combat deployment is extremely rapid. I didn’t expect the U.S. military to react so quickly. In addition, the U.S. military has the most advanced weapons and advanced combat concepts, especially the level of air combat. The gap between Iraq is so large that the air defense system was dismantled in just one day, and then it was defeated.

With the indiscriminate bombing of the US military, the US military has also achieved unidirectional battlefield transparency. The defeat is destined. It can be said that the millions of Iraqi troops were only defeated by the US air combat force, and the US army was only responsible for the occupation.

It is worth mentioning that Iraq and Iran fought the Iran-Iraq War for 8 years before. This was a decisive battle between the two Middle Eastern bosses. However, after 8 years of fighting, there was no victory or defeat, and the cost was huge, but the two countries were not dragged down. It can be seen that Iraq is not afraid of fighting a war of attrition, but it is indeed embarrassing to be defeated in 40 days against the United States. However, Iran is not the United States after all, and the level of war between the two countries is extremely backward. The weapons fought a medieval war.

The Gulf War included three main military operations: Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Interception at Sea. The coalition forces achieved a decisive victory at a relatively small cost, which severely damaged the Iraqi army. On February 27, 1991, the United States announced the end of the war to liberate Kuwait and a ceasefire at midnight that day. Iraq finally accepted the ceasefire agreement in April.

The Gulf War was the first large-scale local war led by the US military since the Vietnam War. In the war, the US military put a large number of high-tech weapons into actual combat for the first time, demonstrating its overwhelming superiority in air and electromagnetic control. Through the Gulf War, the United States further strengthened its military and political cooperation with countries in the Persian Gulf region and strengthened its military presence in the region. The Gulf War had a profound impact on the establishment of a new international order after the Cold War. At the same time, the new conditions and characteristics of combat under modern high-tech conditions it displayed brought many enlightenments to issues such as military strategy, combat tactics, and army building. .

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