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Tag: History

Why is Goguryeo so hard to fight

Goguryeo became famous because of Emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty and Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty. Emperor Yang of the Sui fought Goguryeo three times, directly losing millions […]

How did the Ethiopian Empire perish

The Ethiopian Empire is the predecessor of what is now Ethiopia and has a long history. The Ethiopian Empire still existed during World War II, even if it was already […]

What kind of city is Axum

Aksum is a city in northern Ethiopia. It’s known for its tall, carved obelisks, relics of the ancient Kingdom of Aksum. Most are in the Northern Stelae Park, including a […]

The genius doctor poison concubine black belly baby

The genius doctor poison concubine black belly baby Other names: 神医毒妃腹黑宝宝Author: Mu Yiyi Genre: Novel, Ancient, Romance Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: Passing through that night, the bridal chamber of the newlyweds. Yun Wanning was […]

The historical origin of diabolo

Diabolo has a long history in China. In Ming Dynasty Liu Dong and Yu Yizheng recorded in the “Emperor Beijing Scenery · Spring Field”: “The empty clock is hollow, the […]

The story of the clock in Chongwenmen

According to legend, when the Beijing city was being repaired a long time ago, evil dragons acted as strangers and sent water everywhere. Either you can’t beat a wall here, […]


SpoiledOther names: 宠嫁Author: Bai Yu Genre: Novel, Ancient, Romance Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: The high-ranking regent said: “My princess came from the countryside and has never seen the world. Don’t bully her!” The ladies who […]

How did Wanming Pagoda come

Wanming Pagoda is located on the shore of the Tuojiang River in the Shawan Huangtukan at the foot of Qinglong Mountain in the east of Fenghuang Ancient Town. It is […]

The origin of spring plowing

Spring plowing is an important day for the working people. Although spring plowing begins only after the startling sting, in fact, people start spring plowing gradually after the beginning of […]

Why does Jingzhe mean spring plowing

Jingzhe, one of the twenty-four solar terms, is located at the third. During the thrilling season, spring is sprouting, and nature has new vitality. The working people of China have […]

What is the Mongolian costume like

Mongolian costumes are also called Mongolian gowns, which mainly include robes, belts, boots, and jewelry. However, there are differences in styles due to different regions. Mongolian costumes have strong grassland […]

What is the Mongolian Philosophy?

In early Mongolia, due to low productivity, they did not understand natural phenomena and were dominated by nature, but they did not understand. Therefore, they worship natural objects and worship […]

Which nationality is Nanxi’s name?

Tujia folk songs have strong Tujia national characteristics and unique mountain and rural flavors, and are part of my country’s traditional culture. One of the folk songs of the Tujia […]

The origin of Xiaoman

Xiaoman, the eighth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms, and the second solar term in summer. Every year between May 20 and 22, when the sun reaches 60° of […]

Mongolians in Modern Times

In modern times, Outer Mongolia became independent as Mongolia, and Inner Mongolia became the earliest autonomous region in China. Tsarist Russia had territorial ambitions towards Mongolia in the 18th century. […]

Poisonous mother: evil emperor, spoiling the sky

Poisonous mother: evil emperor, spoiling the sky Other names: 娘亲有毒:邪皇,宠翻天Author: Beiye Genre: Novel, Ancient, Romance Release: UnknownStatus: Ongoing Description: She, a master of both medicine and drug in the 21st century, passed through into a […]

Mongolian Painting Art

Mongolian art has an extremely rich art heritage from primitive society to bronze culture, from religious art, folk art and the grassland painting school of the Liao Dynasty to literati […]

Mongolian Food Culture

The Mongolian food culture is rich and diverse. The Mongolian people’s eating habits are also very particular. When creating a rich and diverse food culture, corresponding food customs have also […]