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Who is better in the Maurya Dynasty and the Qin Dynasty?

As the two most powerful empires rarely seen in the history of the world, the Maurya Dynasty and the Great Qin Empire played a huge role in history. The Great Qin Empire was the first unified empire in Chinese history, and the Maurya Dynasty was the first empire in Indian history. The formation of these two empires was so close in time that people could not help but think of such a problem. Which of the two most powerful countries in the era is stronger!

Although two empires existed in the same era, the Maurya Dynasty appeared earlier than the Great Qin Empire. Compared with the Great Qin Empire, the Maurya Dynasty has existed for a longer period of time, probably lasting about a hundred years. But as China’s strongest Great Qin Empire, it only existed for more than ten years. Certainly some people would say that the Great Qin Empire appeared very early, but why did it last less than the Peacock Dynasty. The reason is that the time of the Great Qin Empire’s unification was relatively late, so it lasted less than the Maurya Dynasty.

Compared with the territories of the two, the Maurya Dynasty is still larger than the Great Qin Empire, because the Great Qin Empire only ends up in the Central Plains area. The Maurya Dynasty conquered places such as the Indian Peninsula and Afghanistan. The territory is far more than that of the Great Qin Empire.

Due to the vast territory, the populations of the two countries are also very large. Although the area occupied by the Maurya Dynasty is not as fertile as the plain area, it is also relatively superior. Therefore, the population of the Maurya Dynasty at that time was conservatively estimated to be around 50 million. After all, the territory of the Great Qin Empire was smaller than that of the Maurya Dynasty, so it was around 20-30 million.

After talking about the territory and population, let’s take a look at the economy and culture of the two. The area of ​​arable land in India is very large. At that time, India’s agriculture was very developed compared with that of Daqin, so the grain output was more than that of Qin. Not only agriculture, but also handicrafts and commerce are also very developed.

Just by building more than 80,000 pagodas in one breath, it can be seen that India’s economic strength at that time far surpassed that of Qin. In terms of culture, the two are evenly matched. The Peacock Dynasty formed the religious Buddhism with extraordinary influence so far, while the Qin State was contending with a hundred schools of thought at that time, and the culture has reached a very high level, so the two still have their own advantages in culture.

Excluding these soft powers, the foundation of a country’s prosperity is ultimately to rely on a hard-powered army. Qin’s army is full of millions, among which archers and cavalry are their most powerful weapons. At that time, India had a large number of cavalry and infantry, and there were almost a million troops, plus the help of local elephants, so the strength of the two armies was still the same.

In this comparison, the strength of the Maurya Dynasty is still slightly stronger than that of the Great Qin Empire, but the gap is not very large. In addition, the Maurya Dynasty is recognized worldwide as the world’s largest power, so Qin is at war with India. Among them, the Maurya Dynasty has a greater victory. However, the real beginning of China’s prosperity did not lie in the Qin but in the Han. The prosperity of the Han Dynasty allowed China to lead the world by two thousand years.

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