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What are the patterns of Huizhou brick carvings?

The contents of Huizhou brick carving patterns are very extensive, including characters, landscapes, flowers and birds, animals, eight treasures, geometric shapes, characters, etc., which can be described as all-encompassing.

Character theme
Celebrity iron affair, literary story and opera songbook, religious mythology, folk customs, folklore and other social life topics.

There are not only the elegant paintings depicting emperors and generals, the lives of nobles, the literati and inkmen, the journey career of the businessman Jia Yuanxing, and the students studying at the desk; there are also the woodcutter who chopped wood, the farmer waiting to be cultivated, and the shepherd on the back of the cow. The image of the working people in the mountainous areas such as the village girl before spinning the wheel and raising poultry and livestock, pushing carts, carrying water, and supporting; there are also children’s games, entertainment performances, lanterns, dragon and lion dances, and folk activities; celebration scenes, auspicious performances in operas.

There are quite a lot of people who are engaged in battles, wars, and martial arts, and these themes have absorbed the traditional styles of Huizhou tone and Huizhou printmaking. Some brick carvings can find traces in the art of the Huizi sisters in the conception, composition, and even traditional techniques. And common language. Huizhou brick carvings of foreheads, square frames, ingots and other characters carved with stories have plots and personalities.

Such as the Three Kingdoms “Guan Yun Changyu Reading the Spring and Autumn”, Water Margin “Wu Song Fighting Tiger”, Dream of Red Mansions “Daguanyuan Cherish Spring Painting”, Journey to the West “Bhikkhu Country Saves Baby”. Drama themes, “Guo Ziyi worships birthday”, “Liu Bei invites relatives”, “Ancient City Meeting”, myths and legends “Hehe Two Immortals”, “Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea”, “Ban Picking Banquet”, folk tales and folklore “Colorful Clothes Entertaining the Parents”, “Bull Horns” Hanging Books, “Hundred Evil Hall”, “Hundred Children Picture”, “Taibai Drunk”, “Fruit Harvest”, as well as farming, reading, fishing and woodsmanship, Shoufushou, Qilin giving children and so on.

Animal theme
There are many patterns of symbolic mascots in the gate tower, gate cover, bird cover, and corner edges: such as dragons, phoenixes, lions, tigers, unicorns, cranes and cows, horses, sheep, deer, monkeys, fishes, dogs, rabbits and geese , The fish in the frame on the door cover, and in the ingots represent “two lions grab a hydrangea”, “two dragons play with a bead”, “dragon and phoenix are auspicious”, “kylin gives children”, “deer and cranes in spring”, “Danfeng Chaoyang”, ” Five bats (Fu) hold the pick (shou), “Feng (bee), Hou (monkey) and generals (xiang), etc. There are many categories, everything is available.

There is a picture of a phoenix phoenix tree carved in brick in Yixian County. In a pavilion, under the phoenix tree, next to the Taihu Rock, a pair of phoenixes turned their heads to relative affection. The background is in front of the pavilion and the study room, with the bright moon in the sky, giving people a sense of tranquility and elegance. , The composition layout has traditional Chinese painting techniques, and the painting techniques are varied and rhythmic. It is simply a beautiful flower and bird painting.

The patterns of pure flowers are even more colorful, except for pine, bamboo, plum “Suihan Sanyou”, plum orchid, bamboo “Four Gentlemen”, peony, lotus, pomegranate, loquat, lychee, citrus, ginkgo, date, peanut, vegetables, etc. , Are all engraving objects emerging in endlessly. Most of these images use the techniques of folding branches, scattered flowers, clusters of flowers, brocade and overlapping flowers, continuous two squares, continuous four squares, etc., expressing the meaning of celebration, happiness and people’s good wishes. This kind of auspicious pattern that implies is used in Huizhou brick carvings. It is quite popular and has reached the state of “the drawing is intentional and auspicious”.

There are also ornaments like eight treasures, bogu, geometric shapes, text shapes, and still life paintings, which also occupy a certain place in the pattern of brick carvings. The piano, chess, calligraphy and painting are organized in the decorative ground surrounded by patterns or underlay. A dazzling array, full of fun.

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