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Out of Court 庭外 Episode 1 Recap

On a bridge, several cars collided and caused a traffic accident. Lu Nan was busy rescuing the people in the car, and at the same time he did not forget to call the police. At this time, another car hit, Lu Nan hurriedly protected a child, Then the media and firefighters and ambulance crews arrived one after another.

Lu Nan is a judge of the Criminal Court of the Supreme Court. After dealing with the accident at the scene, he went to the police captain Wu Han with his scars. Wu Han was busy dealing with the troubles of the victim’s family. Lu Nan had to go to the upstairs office to find Fu Ting and Qiao Shaoyan. , Fu Ting hopes that Lu Nan can help deal with a tricky case of intentional homicide.

This case happened nine years ago. Due to a fight, the victim Liu Fengjun was killed, but the murder weapon had the DNA of five people, and one more matched the victim Tian Yang. At this time, Wu Han came up after finishing the downstairs and told Lu Nan that although Li Mengqi and Tian Yang’s fingerprints were on the murder weapon, the two had no criminal record and no DNA records, so they were not found at that time, which also led to The case dragged on for nine years.

It wasn’t until the beginning of a few years when I was investigating other cases that Tian Yang’s DNA was found, and it was confirmed that he was the one who killed Liu Fengjun and dismembered him. Although Li Mengqi was an accomplice, he was not in the judgment because Li Mengqi was like a human world. As soon as it evaporates, this will bring the boss of the Supreme Court. In fact, it was Li Mengqi who did it. According to Tian Yang’s account, he only assisted Li Mengqi.

The place where Li Mengqi rented before disappearing was the place where people murdered and dismembered, but that place had long since been converted into an office building. Lu Nan listened to these poor clues and worried that Li Mengqi could not be found in a short time. The leader just left a sentence and hurried to find someone. At the same time, he also reminded Lu Nan that he should change into clean clothes and pay attention to his image at any time in the event of a car accident.

As soon as Lu Nan sent away the leader, there was a pair of glasses to complain for Lu Nan, and claimed that Wu Han knew the whereabouts of Li Mengqi, he knew that Li Mengqi was a big money in Jiangzhou, and the glasses were Ran Sen of Tianyang Company, and he is now a After seeing Tian Yang’s defense lawyer, Ran Sen felt that Tian Yang would protect the murderer Li Mengqi even though he died, which shows that the relationship between the two is extraordinary. Although Ran Sen’s analysis of this matter is eloquent and even suspicious of Wu Han, Lu Nan thinks that his analysis is nonsense, but he also thinks that Ran Sen can defend Tian Yang, which is also considered Tian Yang’s luck.

Qiao Shaoyan is a member of the Criminal Investigation Detachment, and he also approached Lu Nan privately and talked about Li Mengqi. At the same time, he also said that Chen Man’s body is similar to Li Mengqi, and he also knew that she had plastic surgery, so he suspected that Chen Man might be Li Mengqi. Lu Nan advised Qiao Shaoyan to go to Li Mengqi quickly instead of talking so much in front of him.

Since Ran Sen also suspected that Chen Man was Li Mengqi, and even suspected that Tian Yang and Chen Man were smuggling, not relying on the company to make money, and it was beneficial to find Chen Man’s clues, so Lu Nan and him searched for clues to prove that Chen Man and Tian Yang really They were related, so the two found Chen Man’s transshipment and smuggling base together. Lu Nan took Ran Sen’s business card and impersonated him to go in to inquire about the news. I went to a warehouse, my mobile phone and belongings were found, and Jansen was pushed into the office.

Brother Xiao who was sitting in the office could see at a glance that Lu Nan was not Ran Sen. At this time, two subordinates rushed in and told Brother Xiao that Lu Nan was a judge. Brother actually knocked out two of his subordinates and packed all three of them in a box. At the same time, he also reminded Lu Nan that if he wanted to go out, he had to be obedient.

Lu Nan put it in the box, but through the gap in the box, he saw the familiar Wu Han’s face.

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