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Just like what is the final outcome of The Blue Whisper (2022)

The Blue Whisper (2022) – 驭鲛记之与君初相识

The finale: Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi renew their love for three generations.

Ru Jun used the bodhi fruit to help Changyi open up the meridians and re-broken his tail. His spiritual power was restored as before. Ru Ling was not willing to admit defeat. She took out the last killer. Teaming up with Ji Yunhe to deal with Ru Ling, the three of them fought in one place, and the fight was indistinguishable.

The sound of the golden bell resounded in the sky. The disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion, the elders of Wanhuagu and the spiritual masters heard the bell. . Ji Chengyu swung his sword towards Kong Ming like crazy, Luo Jinsang stood in front of Kong Ming regardless of his body, and was pierced by Ji Chengyu. Luo Jinsang took his last breath to say goodbye to Kong Ming, Kong Ming tried to use the elixir to help Luo Jinsang regained his spiritual power, but he couldn’t do anything.

Luo Jinsang lay in his arms, and Kongming wept bitterly. Someone took the opportunity to sneak attack on Kongming, Ji Chengyu was pierced from the back to save Kongming, Ji Chengyu took out the little tiger doll, and then disappeared, Kongming was like a knife, knowing that Ji Chengyu was killed by Ruling Manipulate involuntarily.

Chang Yi and Ji Yunhe worked together to injure Ru Ling. Ji Yunhe completely destroyed Ru Ling’s golden bell. The disciples of the Immortal Master’s Mansion, the elders of Wanhuagu, and the imperial masters lifted the curse of the golden bell and fell to the ground like evacuated shells. Sorry, the immortals of Beiyuan won without a fight, and Qu Xiaoxing awakened Elder Donglian, Siyu and others.

Ru Jun took out the glass heart lamp and wanted to attack Ru Ling. Ru Ling summoned Lin Haoqing to deal with him. Ji Yunhe was worried that Ru Jun was in danger and hurried to save the siege. Lin Haoqing stabbed Rujun with his sword, Ji Yunhe tried his best to protect Rujun, and was severely injured by Lin Haoqing. Ji Yunhe reminded Lin Haoqing to be awake, but he had already been manipulated by Ruling’s curse, Ji Yunhe fought back desperately, stabbed Lin Haoqing with a sword, Lin Haoqing.

After regaining consciousness, he held the hilt of the sword and stabbed him deeply into his body. Lin Haoqing bluntly said that in this chess game, he couldn’t help himself. He didn’t even have the right to love someone. Fall off a cliff. On the other hand, Changyi went all out to drive Ru Ling into the exorcism array, and Ru Ling was successfully trapped by the formation.

Then Ru Jun used the heart lamp to completely destroy Ru Ling’s body. Before she died, Ru Ling threatened that her body would not die, and that she would turn into the wind to kill everyone, and then turned into a remnant soul wandering in the air. Ji Yunhe was worried about these remnants. The soul continued to harm the world, desperate to keep all these remnants in her body, she went straight to the volcanic flame cave, and wanted to use the heart lamp to connect the fire of heaven and earth to destroy the devil, and to perish with Ru Ling’s remnant soul.

Changyi came to stop it in time. Ji Yunhe made up his mind. Changyi wanted to jump with Ji Yunhe. Ji Yunhe asked Changyi to stay and seal the volcano. I want Ji Yunhe to promise that the two of them will stay together in this life. Changyi couldn’t help kissing Ji Yunhe and giving the shark pearl in his body to Ji Yunhe again. Ji Yunhe promised to be with Changyi for the rest of his life, and then jumped into the hot lava, Changyi Seal the volcano with your own hands.

Peace was restored between heaven and earth, the immortals of Beiyuan cheered together, and Kongming used all his spiritual power to wake up Luo Jinsang. Chang Yi stood on the top of the mountain, overlooking the frozen snow-capped mountains, and Ru Jun followed him to persuade him. But Changyi also understands that no one can stop Ji Yunhe’s decision, but her promise will definitely come true.

She just asks Tianjun to reopen the East China Sea and take good care of the Valley of Thousand Flowers. Changyi wants to listen to Yunhe’s words and no longer be trapped. Beiyuan, give up the position of honored lord and walk in the time of death. In the blink of an eye, three hundred years have passed, and Ru Jun appointed Kong Ming as the immortal master of the Immortal Master’s Mansion. Luo Jinsang rushed to report the good news of his pregnancy to Kong Ming, and Kong Ming happily carried her around.

Standing under the Bodhi tree, Ru Jun thought of her sister Ru Ling, who was frozen in ice, and she was filled with emotion. For example, Lord Xu Shen helped Shenjun Feilian and Shenjun Lei Ze to rebuild the fairy bones. Ru Jun was ecstatic when he learned about this, and couldn’t wait to go. Tell Xue Sanyue that Ru Jun remembered that Lishu’s loneliness was related to her death. If the illusory lord said that Lishu had escaped from death many times, he might be able to do it this time, and if the illusory lord met the moon god, and the moon god would turn to him. He revealed a piece of good news and wanted to help Xue Sanyue and Li Shu renew their relationship.

After Xue Sanyue returned to Wanhua Valley, she lived a peaceful life. She raised a little black cat. The little black cat is well-behaved and sensible, and won the favor of Xue Sanyue. On this day, a mortal came to Xue Sanyue to ask for directions. This person and Lishu looked exactly the same, and Xue Sanyue was very pleasantly surprised. It turned out that all of this was arranged by Lin Haoqing, who escaped from death.

He found a person who looked very far away in the mortal world, and arranged for him to follow Xue Sanyue, watching their relationship continue and making them happy, Siyu felt distressed Lin Haoqing lost both legs, but Lin Haoqing was very content. Siyu knew that he was worried about Ji Yunhe and Changyi, and wanted to send someone to inquire about Changyi’s whereabouts. Siyu pushed him out to bask in the sun.

Ever since Ji Yunhe was frozen in a volcano, Changyi has traveled to the world, remembering the wish Ji Yunhe made on the day he got married, Ji Yunhe wanted to be an ordinary couple with Changyi in the next life. After the magical energy of the volcano disappeared, Ji Yunhe came to meet Changyi. The two sat on the cliff overlooking the sea. They had endless love words. Ji Yunhe suddenly proposed to compete with Changyi for swimming. Travel as much as you like.

The end

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