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Glory of Special Forces Ending

Finale: Yan Poyue won the Warrior Medal. (特战荣耀) Glory of Special Forces (2022)

Yan Poyue entered the village pretending to be a shepherd, and successfully connected with the informant. Hearing this news, the command team thought the task was easy, but Lu Tu felt that the organizing committee would not let them succeed so easily. Soon, Yan Poyue and others discovered that there was an ambush in the village. Jason judged that the mission failed and asked for support, but was stopped by Pei Tayan, and the mission had just begun! Yan Poyue fought with one enemy and ten bloody battles.

Pei Tayan did not wait for a new plan, and rushed in to cooperate with Yan Poyue to fight. Soon they found the target S on the tower, and quickly broke in to capture it. The terrorist’s plane bombed the village, Guo Xiaoxiao and others were on their way, and it would take ten minutes for the quick response troops to arrive.

Everyone received a mission again to go to the target location to rescue the crew, but at this time it was tantamount to suicide, Yan Poyue offered to go, Guo Xiaoxiao, Xiao Yunjie and Pei Tayan decided to go together. Xiao Yunjie was particularly worried when he saw that only the Chinese were there, and he was afraid that the credit would be taken away, so he could only tell Sergey to come to rescue them. The four of them gradually approached the target. It was very quiet here, and the quietness was not right. Guo Xiaoxiao judged the possible sniper position of the other party, several people are responsible for suppressing, and Pei Tayan is responsible for investigating.

The sniper was too far away for Guo Xiaoxiao to suppress the firepower, so Yan Poyue flew over to look for the sniper under cover. Before the sniper was found, the crisis was lifted, and Yan Poyue immediately withdrew to respond to the ground troops. Pei Tayan said that he owed Yan Poyue his life. If this was an actual battle, his life would be abolished, and now the command was handed over to Yan Poyue. Yan Poyue took the biscuits from Pei Tayan’s hand, and the previous grievances were suddenly forgotten.

Yan Poyue thought that the mission was not over yet, and before he had time to think about the next topic, the car was ambushed. The car couldn’t hold it any longer, and everyone got out of the car in a hurry. Yan Poyue left Mao Lang to take care of the wounded Pei Tayan. The artillery fire was intensive, and Yan Poyue decided to stay behind to cover their retreat, otherwise the mission would be over! Gu Meng felt that Yan Poyue was crazy, but Lu Tu understood that what he was thinking of now was not the mission, but the completion of the mission. Yan Poyue commanded Sergei, Xiao Yunjie and others to retreat, while Yan Poyue left behind cover.

He made the same choice as Sergeant White, who was attacked in the desert, because it was the best choice. In order to protect Sergey, Xiao Yunjie was shot by an enemy sniper, and then they were pursued by terrorists, and the situation was equally critical. Guo Xiaoxiao was shot in the foot, she decided to draw out the sniper on the opposite side, and successfully hit the other side. At this time, the other party’s female sniper Catherine Hu Cai appeared, and Guo Xiaoxiao also won her respect.

Yan Poyue did not return for a long time, and the signal disappeared after repelling the last wave of enemies. The organizing committee has been looking for Yan Poyue, but there is still no news. Yan Poyue walked alone in the desert for a long time, until the night fell and the sun rose, and Yan Poyue returned to the base with victory.

The organizing committee decided that Country A was the winner, but Yan Poyue didn’t care about the result, because they had already completed the task well, and they didn’t need to prove anything to others. Lu Tu affirmed that rankings do not mean anything, they have become stronger after going through trials and growth. In particular, Yan Poyue won a special medal for warriors, in recognition of his fearless courage and sacrifice in the game.

Back in China, Yan Poyue spoke on behalf of the participants of the Warriors Competition. Integrate faith into blood and bury ideals deep in their hearts. From the moment they step into the Chinese Armed Police Force, they bear faith, responsibility and glory!

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