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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 26 Recap

Bai Fengxi met with her brother, Feng Shuyue praised her sister’s good eyesight, and Hei Fengxi was indeed a clear master who cared about the people. In fact, Feng Shuyue came here for two things, one is for peace talks, and the other is to see how Hei Fengxi treats Bai Fengxi. During the conversation, Feng Shuyue looked at Bai Fengxi intentionally or unintentionally, and it can be seen that Hei Fengxi really likes Bai Fengxi, because if he likes someone, he is always watching, and he is worried that Hei Fengxi knows Bai Fengxi’s true identity.

Bai Fengxi is not worried at all, because Hei Fengxi can stay awake in other things, but he is confused about himself, maybe because there is nothing else in his mind except Bai Fengxi.

The two brothers and sisters were chatting happily, Hei Fengxi suddenly came, and Bai Fengxi hurriedly hid. Hei Fengxi came here to ask Feng Shuyue why his eyes always stayed on Bai Fengxi. Feng Shuyue deliberately said that he also fell in love with Bai Fengxi at first sight, and Hei Fengxi didn’t want Feng Shuyue to tell him that he had thoughts about Bai Fengxi. Very unfortunately, Feng Shuyue really wanted to ask Hei Fengxi for Bai Fengxi, and asked if Hei Fengxi was willing to give up the love.

Hei Fengxi made it clear that Bai Fengxi was not an affiliation, but a person who accompanied her. It did not belong to anyone, but only to herself, and she treated Bai Fengxi as an object. Feng Shuyue deliberately said that if Bai Fengxi and him were in love, whether Hei Fengxi could agree to let Bai Fengxi leave, Hei Fengxi would naturally respect Bai Fengxi.

Feng Xueyue mentioned that her younger sister Feng Xiyun is unparalleled in the world, and all men in the world want to take a look. If Feng Xiyun likes Hei Fengxi, who will Hei Fengxi choose among the two, Hei Fengxi only talks about Bai Fengxi Unique in his heart, no one can compare. In this conversation, Feng Xueyue saw that Hei Fengxi has no distinction between high and low, and that he hides in his heart the people he loves, as well as the people, with a free and benevolent heart. One day, Hei Fengxi will understand why he is tempted today.

Bai Fengxi catches up with Hei Fengxi and wants to hang out together, but Hei Fengxi is angry and Bai Fengxi refuses if he has something to do. Bai Fengxi pretended to turn around to leave, and Hei Fengxi was anxious to hold Bai Fengxi. Since Bai Fengxi begged him to go shopping together, he reluctantly agreed. Bai Fengxi found that there were many smiles on the faces of the people.

These smiles were given by Hei Fengxi, and it was Hei Fengxi who pushed away the dark clouds on their faces. Bai Fengxi sighed with emotion that in the current situation to protect the people, there is only the court, and there are still a small number of people in the rivers and lakes who are saved by happiness and enmity. If Hei Fengxi always behaves like this, she is willing to walk side by side with Hei Fengxi.

It suddenly started to rain heavily, Hei Fengxi quickly helped Bai Fengxi to cover the rain, and then took shelter from the rain. Hei Fengxi went to buy an umbrella, and watched Hei Fengxi running with the umbrella in the rain, Bai Fengxi felt that the rainy day was not bad, but the umbrella was too small, and he was afraid that it would rain, but Hei Fengxi squatted down on his back It’s romantic and sweet.

Heifengxi takes advantage of the wind and writes the moon to see the Liangcheng water canal. If the canal is connected, the Liangcheng can be the center in a long time, and the ships can come and go, and the trade will flourish. Heifengxi must rule by drawing the ground and be side by side with Fengxueyue. Fengxueyue said that Qingzhou will definitely be the best ally of Heifengxi.

When the King of Jizhou woke up, he was moved when he saw the dynasty accompanying him all night, and reminded the dynasty that if it could win the world, it must be kind. The dynasty promised the father and king that he would have the world in his heart, and that if he had no chance to assist him, he would not fail the world. The King of Jizhou has committed a crime, declared the dynasty’s loyalty and benevolence to the world, helped the dynasty to block the long mouth in the temple, and only hoped that the dynasty would not forget today’s words.

The subordinates reported the matter to Yu Wuyuan, and Hei Fengxi got rid of Yu Ming in Liangcheng, and also negotiated with Feng Shuyue, and now Liangcheng is building a dam. Yu Wuyuan must get rid of Hei Fengxi, otherwise he will destroy his plan, and at the same time arrange for his subordinates to collect information on Youzhou. Now Jizhou is the world of the dynasty, and the dynasty will soon go to Youzhou to choose a son-in-law.

After the recruitment list for building the dam was posted, only a hundred people signed up to participate. The reason why the people in the city were reluctant to participate was because they could not buy food with their wages. The minister suggested that Heifengxi should provide food first, and the people would naturally participate in the construction of dams when they saw that there was no harm in life. Hei Fengxi ordered to convene the people and exchange them for food at the market price and send them out.

Bai Fengxi offered a proposal to Hei Fengxi. If he wants to rebuild the hearts of the people, he must compensate the people. He will compensate the people with the money he looted from the people. He will send some officers and soldiers to hide the money under the canals, and then send some people to spread the money. With these news, if the people dug up money, they would naturally be willing to dig a canal. Bai Fengxi was really surprised by himself, and Hei Fengxi decided to try this method. When the people heard that they could dig the canals, they really flocked one by one. In order to thank Bai Fengxi, Hei Fengxi decided to cook tonight.

Zhang Zhongge’s investigation into Ru Yuxuan did have illegal transactions, and he was related to many officials in the DPRK and China, but there were not many clues. King Yong analyzed that Hei Fengxi’s surname was Feng, and suspected that Hei Fengxi was a descendant of the Yongzhou royal family. Since he grabbed the tail of Yinquan Shuixie, he pulled it out and ordered Zhang Zhongge to secretly arrest Ruyuxuan’s shopkeeper for interrogation to see if he could be caught.

Black abundance. King Yong received information about Liangcheng, and he was naturally delighted, and decided to let Hei Fengxi temporarily manage Liangcheng, but Jiafeng was indispensable. Feng Ju arranged for Li Jiaxian to publicize Hei Fengxi’s great achievements in Liangcheng. After all, what the emperor was most afraid of was that someone would gain the upper hand, and Feng Ju wanted to kill him.

Bai Fengxi went with Hei Fengxi to inspect the construction of the dam. The people called Bai Fengxi Mrs. Jun, and Hei Fengxi was secretly delighted, but Bai Fengxi was shy and did not deny it. The canal finally closed, and the crowd cheered. Ren Rusong received the news of Ruyuxuan’s accident. Ruyuxuan was related to Yinquan Waterside and Heifengxi’s identity.

Bai Fengxi went to the town to practice a doctor, and Hei Fengxi smiled and Bai Fengxi was not idle for a moment. An old man sprained his foot while transporting food a few days ago. Bai Fengxi went straight to help the old man with diagnosis and treatment, and asked the old man to use the medicine for bruises. The people were distressed, the pharmacies in the city were closed, and they could not buy medicines. At this time, Hei Fengxi came, and he also brought some medicine to Liangcheng, and asked the people to bring the prescription and go to the house to get the medicine.

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