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Successfully transformed seawater into potable drinking water

MIT Researchers Successfully Build a Portable Water-Cutting Seawater Machine the size of a briefcase Weighs less than 10 kg, uses less power than a mobile phone. Small, portable solar cells can be used instead of batteries. The current prototype Produces drinking water at the rate of 0.3 liters per hour. Uses only 20 watts per liter of energy in the future to improve the device to be more user-friendly.

More energy efficient. Other portable seawater desalination systems on the market today It is a machine that requires a high-pressure pump to push water through the filter. It is large, consumes a lot of power, and requires frequent filter replacement.

But MIT’s seawater-to-drinking water machine doesn’t require a filter, is small, easy to maintain, low power consumption, and uses a technique called Ion Concentration Polarization (ICP).

The ICP process applies electric fields to two membranes placed above and below the water channel. when water flows through an electric field between the two membranes The membrane repels positive or negatively charged particles, including salt molecules, bacteria and viruses.

The ICP technique still hasn’t lost all of the salt. An electrolysis process must be added to remove residual salt ions.

The operation of this seawater machine is for drinking fresh water. It is an automated system where the user presses a single button. There is a smartphone app that can be controlled wirelessly. Reports real-time data on energy consumption. and the salinity of the water. Drinking water produced from this device They are of higher quality than the standards set by the World Health Organization.

Portable Seawater Desalination Equipment It can be used in remote areas and where resources are limited, such as coastal communities, small islands, fishing boats, marine cargo ships, etc. It can also be used to help refugees fleeing natural disasters or for long-term military operations. It is another device that is a technology that changes the world. Help make the world a better place!!!

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