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The 6 highlights of the Japanese drama “Don’t Say It’s Reasoning”

The 6 highlights of the Japanese drama “Don’t Say It’s Reasoning” (Sugata turned into an explosive detective)

The winter Japanese drama “Don’t Say It’s Reasoning”, which was broadcast on January 10, has been widely praised since its launch. Masaki Suga, who plays the protagonist in the play, appeared with an explosive head, and his exaggerated appearance attracted the audience. Entering a murder case, and will assist in handling the case, just watching the main axis of the plot, I feel that this drama will be quite exciting! Let’s take a look at the highlights of “Don’t Say It’s Reasoning”~

  1. The TV series is adapted from the popular comic of the same name

Adapted from the popular manga of the same name by Mura Yumi, “Don’t Say It’s Reasoning”, the manga won the second place in the 2019 Grand Awards after its launch. The reasoning work of the world as seen by the readers, as of July 2021, the local circulation in Japan has exceeded 9 million copies! Now it is going to be adapted into a TV series, and Sugata Masaki is also invited to star in it, so that fans and audiences who love this work are looking forward to it~

  1. Sugata Masaki’s explosive head shape attracts heated discussions

Sugata Masaki, who can play his role to the fullest every time, made his debut in “Don’t Say It’s Reasoning” after marrying Komatsu Nana. His protagonist Jiu Neng is an eccentric college student who loves curry rice. He seems to be indifferent to his surroundings. Caring, in fact, is amazingly observant. Sugata had long hair for the play and curled it into an explosive head. The styling and the original characters are very reductive. Although the hairstyle is exaggerated, many people praised it, thinking that Sugata managed this hairstyle very well!

3. College students are involved in murder cases and assist in the investigation

In the play, Jiu Nengzheng, an ordinary college student, will be involved in a murder case as a suspect and will be taken to the police station for investigation. He is always calm and uses his observation skills to notice important clues and help solve the case. Under such circumstances, he became a detective and solved mysteries one by one. As the case developed, the plot always reversed and reversed, making the audience confused and addicted!

  1. Yongshan Yingtai was surprised to appear in Chengda Easter Egg

The Japanese drama “Don’t Say It’s Reasoning” not only has a wonderful plot, but even the actors who came to make a cameo appearance are superstars. In the first episode, Kenichi Endo was invited to make a cameo appearance in the Yabu Police Department. In the second episode, even Mrs. Yongshan Ying came! Eita plays Kumada Sho, who works in a university research room. Because of a bus hijacking incident, Jiu Nengzhen was involved in it and locked in the same space, but Eita is very calm, which adds another mystery to the case. .

  1. Subway pillars become super eye-catching

After the restoration of Jiu Nengzhen’s classic explosive head shape, it caused a lot of discussion among netizens. The crew also used this as a propaganda to put on coats and scarves on the subway pillars of Shinjuku Station, and also added the explosion head shape, which looks like from the back. It’s the same as Jiu Neng, not only that, but also put a large advertising screen board at Shibuya Station, and successfully set off a discussion and pilgrimage among netizens again!

  1. The first episode was highly rated + widely praised

A few days ago, when the first episode of “Don’t Say It’s Reasoning” was broadcast, it not only achieved a high rating of 13.6% in Japan, but also aired to the top of Twitter’s hot search list! After reading it, netizens also expressed positive comments. They felt that the plot did not drag the drama, and the reasoning case was exciting and full of reversals. It has now been broadcast to the fifth episode, and it is expected to have a total of 10 episodes. People who like reasoning dramas must not miss it. !

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