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Inventory of contrasting roles in Korean dramas

Inventory of contrasting roles in Korean dramas (Korean star contrasting acting skills)

Although it is said that acting skills sometimes have to complement each other, but there are some Korean stars who act in and out, always in a single play and role, without much breakthrough, but some Korean stars have different roles in each work, quite contrasting! The Korean net is hotly discussing the contrasting acting skills of Korean stars, Kim Ha-na’s “Kill Heel” interprets the domineering sister, Kim Hye-hee’s “Snowfall” is super annoying, and Choi Woo-sik’s “That Year We” and “The Witch” are too different?

Korean star contrast acting: “Kill Heel” Kim Ha Neul

Kim Ha Neul’s previous works “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, “Back to 18” or “The Road to the Airport”, which boldly challenged the theme of an affair, all give people an impression of intellectual maturity, and because they are more partial to love The theme of the drama and the delicate acting skills, so Kim Ha Neul also has the title of the queen of romance dramas!

Kim Ha Neul will return to the small screen this year with the new drama “Kill Heel” (also translated: “Super Heel”). The plot is based on TV shopping and tells the story of the strong desire and competition of people who want to succeed. It is surprising that Kim Ha Neul is full of aura, not only is she still capable, but also full of aura, and she is full of gunpowder with Lee Hye Young and Kim Sung Rong!

Kim Ha Neul plays the TV shopping host Woo Hyun in “Kill Heel”. Although she has an impeccable life and career, her sales performance is mediocre. Because she has never been able to rush to the top, she has become impatient. Behind her elegant temperament, she has Traumatized, with strong sisters Huiying and Jin Chengling, the sense of momentum is to the extent that the audience is torn apart!

Korean star contrast acting: “Snowfall Flower” Kim Hye-young

Kim Hye-young is also a representative of reverse acting! Previously, he played Jiang Yirui, a famous high school student with a strong desire to win, snobbery, and outspokenness in “SKY Castle”. The cute and lively Yin Duanwu is performed with reverse acting skills, but he is not pretentious at all, and his natural and superb acting skills are impressive.

Recently, she also played Kim Zuo-yi, a strange North Korean woman who bravely divorced in order to find happiness in “Yushi and Zuoyi”, and Gui Fenyu, a dormitory operator who seemed to have the lowest favorability in “Snowfall Flower”. The two works are almost at the same time. On the line, and the role contrast is quite large, I have to say that Kim Hye-hee’s acting skills are really what it looks like, and there is no established image at all!

Korean star contrast acting: “That Year We” Choi Woo-sik

Choi Woo-sik, who has recently gained popularity and topics with “That Year, Our Summer”, has always given people a sense of youth, looks weak, and has a cute dog image. As Choi Xiong in the play, this is even more the case. The characteristics are brought into full play, and the chemistry with Jin Duomi, who has a cat-like appearance, is so high that many people have entered the cat, cat and dog CP after watching it!

Choi Woo-sik himself is also very aware of this trait of his own. He once mentioned in an interview that the most difficult thing for him is to be sexy. Now he wants to gain muscle and change his cute image, and he is also studying how to show his sexy side. The image in “The Witch” can be said to be very sexy!

Choi Woo-sik previously played the role of your son in the movie “The Witch”. In the play, he always wanted to get rid of Gu Ziyin played by Kim Da-mi. The two had many wonderful fight scenes and exciting action scenes in the movie. The son also has a cold and sexy image! In the previous Netflix movie “Time to Hunt”, Choi Woo-sik also played the role of Ji-hoon, who yearns for freedom and attaches great importance to loyalty. The image of the ruffian in the play is also very contrasting!

Korean star contrast acting: “In My Name” Han Shaoxi

When Netflix’s “In My Name” was previously broadcast, many people were amazed by Han Shaoxi’s acting skills! In the play, the weak and beautiful impressions in “The World of the Married” and “Irresistible Him” ​​are completely abandoned, and the action martial arts and delicate inner drama acting skills are perfectly interpreted.

Han Shaoxi played Yin Zhiyou in “In My Name”, a character who concealed his underworld background, sneaked into the police to become an undercover policeman, and secretly searched for the murderer who killed his father. A large number of action and martial arts scenes were all played by Han Shaoxi himself, breaking away from the glamorous impression of the past and turning into a handsome and ruthless sister. The acting skills are really amazing!

“In My Name” is the first time that Han Shaoxi has challenged the action theme, not to mention that there are many action scenes of fisting to the flesh. In the play, Han Shaoxi is almost always unkempt. From the first episode to the last episode, every scene The martial arts dramas are very exciting, and because of the contrasting charm in this “In My Name”, Han Shaoxi successfully tore off the glamorous image in the previous drama and became a new generation of action actresses.

Korean star contrast acting: “Vincenzo” Yu Zeyan

Taekyeon, who was born in 2PM, actually turned into an actor very early. He has also appeared in dramas such as “Dream High” and “Cinderella’s Sister” before, but they are all more sunny and positive roles, and the image that Taekyeon himself gives. It’s very suitable, not too challenging. It was not until the 2017 horror cult-themed “Save Me” that Han Sang-hwan, who helped the heroine escape from the cult organization, had a breakthrough in acting skills!

Last year, Yu Zeyan even starred in “Underworld Lawyer Vincenzo”. At first everyone thought that Yu Zeyan’s role was a typical affectionate male lead. Unexpectedly, the middle part of the plot ushered in a reversal, and Yu Zeyan turned out to be the big character in the play. Boss! The reversal acting skills are also frequently searched on the Korean Internet. The brand-new dark image is amazing, and it also allows him to successfully transform!

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