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2022 Popular Drama Character Index TOP

In February, there are super many new dramas. In addition to the continuous broadcast of “This Life With You” and “Mirror Twin Cities”, there are also “Hello, Sharpshooter” and “Old Glazed Tile”. Many sweet pet dramas are online, Lin Yi He and Hu Yitian played the campus male god again. In addition, the costume drama “Yan Yu Fu” also attracted attention. The roles of Xu Zhengxi and Qiao Xin in the play are very attractive. The following popular drama character index list TOP 10, “Yan Yu “Fu” Qiao Xin fifth, “Mirror Twin Cities” Zheng Yecheng fourth, the champion occupies the hot search list!

TOP 10 in the hit drama character index list: Jing Tian plays Feng Shizhen in “The City of Streaming Light”

Jing Tian’s role setting in “City of Streaming Light” is very interesting. Like in “Sto”, it is set by a strong woman, but the two roles are completely different. “The City of Streaming Light” Feng Shizhen is smart and versatile, and has a taste of black lotus. On the surface, she thinks that she is used by Mrs. Rong as a tool to compete for favor, but in fact she is using the other party to do what she likes and invite you to enter the urn. Just to gain the trust of the difficult Mrs. Rong.

Feng Shizhen obtained the business information of the Rong family step by step. He was a proper commercial spy. He was well-rounded, with a high IQ and a high emotional intelligence. As soon as he entered the Rong family, he would take men, women and children one by one, concentrate on his career, and work hard to complete tasks. The high-IQ male protagonist gradually fell under her hard and soft means! Who can not love such a heroine, she is more handsome than the silly white sweet setting!

TOP 9 of the hit drama character index list: Ma Sichun plays Li Xiaonan in “Jiang Zhao Liming”

Ma Sichun is back after “You Are My Fortress”. This time, Li Xiaonan played in “Jiang Zhao Liming” is a hidden black lotus flower. She works diligently, actively and responsibly, running around selling houses during the day and setting up stalls in the night market Selling noodles and marrying Su Rui, a good man praised by everyone, she does not know that behind the halo of happiness is violence, debt and derailment.

At first everyone thought Li Xiaonan was a weak, helpless and pitiful heroine, but she didn’t expect that she actually knew that her husband was cheating for a long time, and she set the overall situation to attract the scumbag and the junior to enter the game. people! The popularity of the suspense drama “Jiang Zhao Dawn” is very low, but the evaluation is very good, the Douban score is approaching 8! Ma Sichun’s acting is very stable!

TOP 8 of the hit drama character index list: Chen Yuqi plays Shao Xue in “There were glazed tiles in the past”

You can see Chen Yuqi everywhere recently! In addition to the continuing hit of the costume drama “Mirror Twin Cities”, the youth drama “Glazed Tile in the Past” was also launched during the Spring Festival. She played the naughty, cute and quirky high school student Shao Xue in the play, who was heartless and little The root tendons, lost all day long, either being scolded by my mother or being scolded by my mother on the way, the lively character image is much more pleasing than in “Mirror Twin Cities”.

Many netizens feel that Chen Yuqi’s acting skills in “Mirror Twin Cities” are very worn out, her eyes are hollow and her expression is stiff. She doesn’t have the aura she had in “Sweet Honey Ashes Like Frost” before. She seems to be more suitable for a lively and outgoing role. For example, Shao Xue in “Old Glazed Tile” is full of cuteness.

TOP 7 of the hit drama character index list: Jin Chen plays “We Who Can’t Love” Zhao Jiangyue

Jin Chen once again challenged the role of the royal sister in the workplace after “The Great Girl”. “We Who Can’t Fall in Love” Zhao Jiangyue is the new general manager of Linke Technology Branch. She is a fashionable, capable and glamorous workplace elite. Years of efficient work and an absolute ideal thinking mode with clear goals have made her also a loveless person. of patients.

Zhao Jiangyue looks shrewd and capable on the surface, but she is funny and cute in private, and she has played many tricks with the cunning and black-bellied little wolf dog Gu Jiaxin, which is sweet and funny! Jin Chen is very suitable to play this kind of glamorous workplace royal sister. I feel that Zhao Jiangyue, the domineering female president of the second grade, is herself!

TOP 6 of the hit drama character index list: Lin Yi plays Zheng Su-nian in “Once Upon a Time with Glazed Tile”

Lin Yi once again played the role of the school boy god! “Old Glazed Tile” Zheng Su Nian has been very good since childhood. He inherited the will of his elders and chose to become a cultural relic restorer. He is the most reassuring child of the elders in the alleys. He is mature and stable, treats people kindly, especially for Shao Xue is extraordinarily gentle, always following behind Shao Xue to help her deal with the aftermath, gently enlightening Shao Xue when she is sad, and taking precautions for her when Shao Xue forgets the east and the west. She is like a protective umbrella!

2022 iQIYI TV drama popularity list TOP (10)

iQIYI recently released a sweet pet drama “Twinkle Twinkle Star”, which was well received, and was discussed more than “Hello, Sharpshooter” and “Old Glazed Tile”. At the beginning of 2022, Tencent will offer “Knives in the Snow” and “Knives in the Snow”

Lin Yi is really suitable for playing the male god of the campus. Before, the image of the school tyrant in “To Our Warm Hour” and “Good Time, Beautiful Time” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Chen Yuqi’s childhood sweetheart CP combination is very sweet!

TOP 5 of the hit drama character index list: Qiao Xin plays Qiu Yan in “Yan Yu Fu”

“Yan Yu Fu” Qiu Yan is also a very popular heroine recently, and the character setting is very pleasing. In a society where men are superior to women, Qiu Yan’s mother is more patriarchal than women. As a woman, she has a clear head, an advanced mind, and is independent and self-reliant. On the day of her wedding, her husband died violently on the spot. The truth, walk out of your own way, live without relying on men, really is a big heroine!

“Yan Yu Fu” is a house fighting drama similar to “Do You Know If It Should Be Green, Fat, Red and Thin”, and Qiu Yan has ideas that are not found in many other so-called big heroine dramas. She has a radiance that transcends the times. The character setting is really cool! It’s a pity that everyone felt that Qiao Xin’s acting skills were a bit unsustainable, and her lines and expressions were not in place, which weakened the powerful character setting.

TOP 4 of the hit drama character index list: Zheng Yecheng plays Zhen Lan/Lang Gan/Stinger in “Mirror Twin Cities”

Zheng Yecheng played the role of a triangle in the costume drama “Mirror Twin Cities”! The stinger, Langgan and Zhenlan are the three generations of grandfather and grandson. Among them, the prince of Kongsang, Zhenlan, is cheerful, unrestrained, gentle and affectionate, and silently loves Baiying without asking for anything in return, while Zhenlan is the reincarnation of Langgan, the founder of the Kongsang dynasty. , but the two have completely different personalities. Lang Gan’s love is paranoid and crazy, domineering and strong. One second, he was still the emperor of Ni Wanwan, and the next second he directly switched to the battle mode. , but the soulful eyes are so poking, super handsome!

Finally, there is the mysterious and insidious stinger, the black-bellied BOSS who hides behind the big picture. Zheng Ye has become this character and wears old man makeup, so he is completely unrecognizable! Many netizens feel that Zheng Yecheng’s male supporting role is much more attractive than the male lead played by Li Yifeng. His acting skills are very good, and his original lines are also very stable!

TOP 3 of the hit drama character index list: Hu Yitian plays Shen Qingyuan in “Hello, Sharpshooter”

Hu Yitian is back in the youth sweet pet drama again! “Hello, Sharpshooter” Shen Qingyuan is a talented shooter. He left a psychological shadow after accidentally injuring his teammates into a vegetative state in his youth. He was entangled and paranoid. He met Tang Xin, a sports reporter who was warm and sunny. Atrium, after discovering Tang Xin’s influence on himself, he frequently made straight balls and confessed that the image of a cold and estranged handsome man is all fake!

Hu Yitian has been the queen of youth sweet pet dramas since “To Our Simple Little Beauty”. From “Secret Love of Oranges in Huainan” to “My Times, Your Times” are all classic representatives, but the editor still prefers He played the cute detective in “The Detective of the Republic of China”, and the nonsensical character image is even cuter!

TOP 2 of the hit drama character index list: Li Yifeng plays Su Mi in “Mirror Twin Cities”

Li Yifeng’s Su Mi in “Mirror Twin Cities” is also a topical role! Su Gu is a mermaid boy whose true identity is the reincarnation of the Emperor of the Sea. In order to save the clan, he was forced to frame the crown princess Bai Ying, but for Bai Ying’s transformation into a man, he has been deeply affectionate for hundreds of years. The taciturn domineering sea emperor.

Because it is Li Yifeng who starred in a costume drama again after many years, “Mirror Twin Cities” has attracted a lot of attention, but Su Mi’s role is similar to his previous roles in “Gu Jian Qi Tan” and “Qing Yun Zhi”, and there is nothing new. His acting skills were also criticized for being unnatural, his eyes looked hollow, and his ancient costumes were also disliked and a little fat. Although the topic was high, there were many negative reviews.

TOP 1 of the hit drama character index list: Qu Chuxiao as Zhang Wansen in “A Twinkling Star”

The hottest character in the drama recently is this one! “Twinkle, Twinkle Star” Zhang Wansen is called secret love ceiling by fans of the show. He is a gentle and innocent little milk dog who silently guards Lin Beixing. He and Lin Beixing met by chance when he was a child. The love is buried for ten years. In the past ten years, I never had time to tell Lin Beixing that I like you, and then passed away unexpectedly. The messages that were not sent on the mobile phone were regrettable.

Fortunately, God gave him a chance. Lin Beixing accidentally traveled through and met Zhang Wansen again. Every time she traveled, she made up for a little bit of Zhang Wansen’s regret, and finally found that there was such a boy who had loved her for ten years, and this love was as brilliant as a sea of ​​stars. Every girl hopes to meet a Zhang Wansen when they are young! And actor Qu Chuxiao’s popularity has skyrocketed with this role. He was involved in a domestic violence scandal before, which caused his image to drop to the bottom. Now, his image has been completely washed out due to the role filter.

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